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  1. Loving the updates fam! I don't even play Zomboid without Nolan's car mod anymore, so the real thing will be sweet. In your next game waiting for the corpse disposal update, you may want to give the Cremation Mod On Steam a chance. You make a fire, and add the corpse for fuel. No massive spreading fires.
  2. I maintain that getting freebie points IS a good reason to like a trait. Seriously though, with your point I'd go with SMOKER. Gameplay-wise I love the idea of HAVING to go out, and I find it deliciously ironic that all the non-smokers died before you did. Seriously though, you'd have to be a bad ass as to making feeding an addition a priority in the Zombie Apocalypse:
  3. I don't know what you want the campfire for, exactly. But, until fire is revamped, the only thing I can suggest for fire-free heating and cooking is a trip to some place with an old wood-burning stove:,0.11171092516551262,521.4814814814815 Dismantle that bad boy and haul it back to your base for reassembly and cocktails. Given the distance I'd either have nolanri's car mod or wait for the car update as places with a wood stove are usually a ways off.
  4. Forget raising funds for Zomboid--we need a ToonBoom animated series starring Spiffo--with teeshirts and plushies. Get some animators, some voice actors--maybe a fast-food tie-in. It'll be the premiere YouTube series. EDIT: Saw this in the Mondoid. MOAR:
  5. I'm definitely less hyped, but like most modern medicine it has a dastardly side effect--now I need more 1980's music. In all seriousness, thanks for the update. Looking forward to vehicles.
  6. Lemme Set the Mood: I was playing with nolanri's car mod + Hydrocraft + Quick SMGs, and a couple other goodie mods and looting the storage warehouse in Southern Muldraugh. I had a military truck outside, and I was filling hiking bags with loot for weight reduction, and then putting the full packs into the truck... with 450 capacity that was A LOT. And I was being thorough, ESPECIALLY since the MREs and Guns/Ammo spawns were just too good in the crates. 2 Generators even spawned inside--and since I had Delta-Chans gasoline pump power Mod I needed one for my base and the other to take to gas stations . Yeah... lots of loot. Loot for days. The energy drinks (mod) and energy bars (mod again) were like the only reason my character didn't pass out (albeit he could've slept in the truck). Life was good... ...too good. I was being discreet, only making noise to sledgehammer down the walls to get into inaccessible storage places. That didn't stop zombie migration from gathering at the street to the northwest. Screw it. The loot was too good. My character had been running on scraps and junk for too long. I had made a legit impenetrable base at the Logging Company: No, really: thanks to another mod--Fricken Heavy Fridge, I had placed a ring of fridges around all the entry ways. Fridges that were INDESTRUCTIBLE. Zombies could NEVER, EVER, EVER smash my base. I'd spent the first few weeks organizing and building a second and third story on the tertiary warehouse with a third story rain barrel collection and dirt-poured farm. And with the corpse burning mod I was able to have a wood burning stove that I got from the shack by the lake to use zombie bodies for heat and cooking. I play the game inuitively, working my situation awareness to navigate the game's city like it was my own. I had spent IRL DAYS getting this set up. I was a Zomboid veteran from 1.5d. I knew my stuff. I mastered the mods. My setup was tight. I was prepared. I. Was. Complacent. Terror from Those that Can No Longer Feel Fear My second-to-last trip I was carrying the first generator to store in the truck. I nonchalantly noticed a second horde of zombies was milling the in the street to the southeast. Whatever. I was one trip away from driving back-- ThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThup Sonuva@#$%^, it was the chopper! The zombies to the southeast starting heading to the storage center fence. OK, no biggie. I've been playing Zomboid for years. Standard procedure: I dropped the generator, booked it inside the storage center. Shut the door. I was out of site-- THUMP @#$%! The shamblers were hitting the southern door. GREAT. I took a quick look through the glass door to see how many from the horde were trying to get in. There were... It was... All. Of. Them. ThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThup OK, time to get to the other doors, slink out the back, double-back around-- THUMP-THUMP What the-- THUMP-THUMP-THUMP ThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThup That horde to the Northwest I'd seen a day or two earlier had apparently stayed put... until now. In horror I looked through the glass panes of both the western and northern doors to see that each was blocked with a mass of zeds as large as the mob to the south. I had a baseball bat in my inventory and some energy drinks. Aside from my pack and my clothes THAT WAS IT. THUMP-THUMP-THUMP ThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThup I had spent DAYS putting everything else in the truck. There was no way a nearly trashed bat was going to get me out. THUMP-THUMP-THUMP ThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThup My intuitive style of playing was working against me now: The same skill that let me navigate Muldraugh like it was my own neighborhood was feeding me a situational awareness adrenaline rush. I could try opening one door and seeing what zeds I could kill except the bat wouldn't last. I was too cornered to let them in and run past. THUMP-THUMP-THUMP ThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThupThup I couldn't smash down another wall and escape--I'd already put the sledgehammer in the truck. EVERYTHING. WAS. IN. THE. TRUCK. THUMP-THUMP-THUMP Well, at least that @#$%ing helicopter was gone. THANKS A LOT %#$HOLE! THUMP-THUMP-THUMP THUMP-THUMP-THUMP In a panic I rechecked the crates. I remember finding a melee weapon I'd intentionally left (Hydrocraft crowbar, I think). Nowhere near enough. I knew I was @#$%ed. I started loading everything in my Alice Pack (mod) bag to drop it on the floor to leave it there for the next game. So there's my naked character (the blue color for the sweater and pants matched--that's too good to just lose!) and I'm about to drop my Alice Pack... then I look inside. THUMP-THUMP-THUMP There's my uzi and mp5... and ALL THE AMMO CANISTERS FROM THE WAREHOUSE! THUMP-THUMP-THUMP I had separated the guns and ammo from my main inventory for a run on the gas station! I run to the storage center's southwest corner. I put both weapons in my main inventory, unload every canister, and then reload the uzi. I'm over-encumbered to the point I can't really move, but it's WAY past trying to run now. THUMP-THUMP-CRASH! Fear I've Never Felt All of that exposition was for this ONE MOMENT. After DAYS of boring myself to death with tedium, I'd been in a panic for the past few minutes. Now, I was out of time. A horde of zeds came pouring in and bolting right towards me. I started firing. I wasn't aiming really, except in a THATAWAY sense. The uzi flared, Zeds dropped. CRASH!-CRASH! So did the Western and Northern doors. I shot to the North were the Western and Northern doors led to reduce their numbers, then turned to fire as the zeds from the south regrouped. I swear that with the doors gone, my gunfire attracted two zombies to replace every one I killed in that first salvo. SHOOT. RELOAD. TURN. SHOOT. RELOAD.--SHOOT. RELOAD. TURN. SHOOT. TURN. SHOOT. RELOAD. SHOOT. TURN. I was stuck. Trapped. Adrenaline pumping. I couldn't escape, so I couldn't relax. And I could still fight for my life, so I couldn't let myself give up. My brain just kept pushing the DON'T DIE! button over and over again. I've never felt that way in Zomboid before or since. I'm glad I live next to a busy street, because my vocal, profanity-laden exclamations of dismay were flowing quite freely. My uzi's condition dropped to zero, and I'd used the mp5 until there were no more zombies. The floor was completely covered in corpses. I slowly made my way to the truck--not because I was encumbered (the ammo was used up) but because I was certain there had to be more zeds... but I'd gotten them all. I left the generators (and the zed body loot) for another run. I don't remember how that game world ended, but I do remember that, after this incident, I didn't even leave my impenetrable fort until the power shut off and I needed to pickup that generator.
  7. DEFINITELY agree, even if in the short term it's just a super large door we need to manually open and close (which is good for when the power goes out).
  8. Grats on Victor's arrival! All joking aside, you could hand him a coding book and in two weeks he'll be better at coding than I am. XD Glad to see vehicles moving along! I don't even play PZ without nolanri's car mod anymore so seeing the official release of vehicles edging closer is great!
  9. Same thing with some of the steel doors. I've never been to IRL Muldraugh KY but at every warehouse where I live the steel doors and reinforced frames can't be done in short of smashing a truck through.
  10. Regardless of specifics PLEASE keep up the good work nolanri. I seriously 100% won't play PZ without the cars mod working anymore. I don't do MP but I just might have to look into that now that I can get in a car.
  11. I've used this mod right alongside hydrocraft with no issues.
  12. Seems I misunderstood then. For me, the debuffs are playing more like a "reset the world" bug than a feature. Maybe the debuffs would be best for different difficulty settings then: Like how on lower difficulties you get a bat and a schoolbag and an xp modifier, maybe these random effects (panic, exhaustion, injury, not having your own house key) should be on difficulties above normal.
  13. Maybe have starting injuries be taken as a negative trait to give you extra points at start? Then it's my choice and not just a random handicap. Like maybe: -1 Cut: You cut yourself getting back into your home. You don't think it's fatal but you need to treat this... NOW.
  14. No worries nolanri. I love the mod. I seriously don't want to play Zomboid without it.
  15. Lots of good stuff. I'll upvote and add (in the spoiler): (we skipped some numbering, so bear with me) 156. Difficulty percentage system: Allow your sandbox options to have a PLUS or MINUS difficulty range (like with traits): Zombies would have a percentage of difficulty based on mixed and matched lore. Power and water shutoffs affect difficulty with shorter times adding difficulty % and longer times reducing it. etc., etc., et. al., ad infinitum. Then your death notice would say something like: You lasted 12 Days 11 Hours at 112% Difficulty. You could even set difficulty ranges: i.e. <100% = Easy, whereas 300%+ would be Extra Hard. 157. To piggyback off #100, maybe allow difficulty modifiers in sandbox to act like a negative trait that allowed you to pick up more positive traits. You could pick the generic X1.5xp boost from standard difficulty settings or use them on other traits. 158. More types of canned foods (Canned pasta for carbohydrates, etc.). Even add catfood. Seriously, those cat foods have real meat chicken, tuna, and some of them have shrimp and lobster! [ The felines eat better than I do! Don't tell me cats don't rule the world. >:( ] With the calorie system in place more sources of varied nutrients matter more than ever.