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  1. I'll add amusement parks (I'm talking portable carnival size)--with rides you can scrounge parts from, and concession stands with food. EDIT: This is what I mean. This plus hotdog vendor type mobile concession stands too
  2. Zombie Garfield approves the day change.
  3. Virindi_Screenwriter


    If I'm appealing to Appalachian stereotypes, I'm going for a rum runner: Killin' zombies and Makin' moonshine! ... You know what, forget stereotypes--That's my new Zombie Apocalypse Survival strategy. High octane alcohol would be good for everything from painkiller to disinfectant. sings: "Rye Whiskey Rye Whiskey please don't let me down! I'll take me a drink and then I'll roam around!"
  4. If editing the walls was too much scripting, I'd even be happy with a new item: spiked barricades to put in front of walls. Metal barricades could deliver damage as they take durability loss. And maybe even have wooden version of spike barricades with less durability that deliver less damage.
  5. I agree that the chopper event should stay... But in the name of lore there should be some logic and reason there: Maybe some news reports about how the military is keeping tabs, looking to drop supplies, ANYTHING other than: Look Out Sucka, Run From Da Choppa! In the name of realism too whenever there was a need for choppers on American soil (riots, etc) helicopters would avoid areas they were being fired upon. Maybe the event could be changed: Choppers have different missions (survey, luring zombies away from the perimeter, supply drop offs). If you're friendly the chopper events keep happening with a 1/3 chance of a goodie crate dropping. If you Fire at the chopper with a rifle only the lure mission will happen. Or at least have the copter shoot at the zombies--clear the area and gimmie some corpses to loot.
  6. Yay! My name is symmetrically capitalized! Thanks!
  7. Hey nasKo, Not to hijack the thread but, if you could please, change my name to capitalize the first "v" to Virindi_Screenwriter. That would be great!
  8. CONTAINMENT: You are an independent contractor for a Private Security Company. Your contract with the government has given you this assignment. Your job is to avoid detection and place transponder beacons at randomly placed sections of the map for tracking and deployment runs. You start with a military backpack, MREs, fully automatic military grade weaponry, etc. You start each round next to a "goodie crate" dropped by a PSC military surplus helicopter. The crate has supplies and a mission map. Each round has X many successful transponder placements to finish it. At the end of every round you get a walkie-talkie call giving you the location for a new "goodie crate" dropped by chopper at a random place close to your position. Transponders change in function each round. The function of the transponder has different effect on gameplay. Ideas for transponder functions include (but are not limited to): alt1-ATTRACTOR BEACONS: The military is trying to see if it can lure zombies with signals, concentrated chemical blood essence, etc. Placing and activating the beacon instantly attracts zombies to it, giving you scant time to escape. Essentially activates the alarm meta-event. alt2-CHOPPER BEACON: The military needs to save fuel for limited overhead flights for its choppers as sight-to-sight radio-relay becomes more unrealistic. Place these beacons to coordinate the flyovers. Will call military helicopters, essentially creating the chopper-attracting-zombies meta event. SURVEILLANCE BEACONS: These beacons allow synchronization with overhead camera satellites. Doesn't attract zombies or make noise, BUT these must be placed on a flat roof of a former survivor building. Good luck with that. npc1-RESCUE BEACONS: You find survivors whom have called for help and are holed up in a house. Clear the rescue box of zombies, and place a beacon for chopper rescue pickup. |Obviously requires NPC implementation| npc2-DEPLOYMENT BEACON: You need to clear an area for a drop-off for a special operations team. When successful friendly NPC soldiers appear to secure and claim the building. |Obviously requires NPC implementation| STERILIZATION BEACON: The outbreak is out of hand. The only way to stop the spread is to burn away the contamination. Placing the beacon initiates a countdown. You have X seconds to get out of the area before the beacon releases a living firewall of self-igniting accelerated incendiary deployed from a horizontal spray. RECOVERY BEACON: Sensitive materials were left behind in buildings throughout the area. Loot the building and retrieve the materials. Place the recovered materials in the beacon, and then deploy and activate the beacon for pickup.
  9. Loving the updates fam! I don't even play Zomboid without Nolan's car mod anymore, so the real thing will be sweet. In your next game waiting for the corpse disposal update, you may want to give the Cremation Mod On Steam a chance. You make a fire, and add the corpse for fuel. No massive spreading fires.
  10. Forget raising funds for Zomboid--we need a ToonBoom animated series starring Spiffo--with teeshirts and plushies. Get some animators, some voice actors--maybe a fast-food tie-in. It'll be the premiere YouTube series. EDIT: Saw this in the Mondoid. MOAR:
  11. I'm definitely less hyped, but like most modern medicine it has a dastardly side effect--now I need more 1980's music. In all seriousness, thanks for the update. Looking forward to vehicles.
  12. DEFINITELY agree, even if in the short term it's just a super large door we need to manually open and close (which is good for when the power goes out).
  13. Grats on Victor's arrival! All joking aside, you could hand him a coding book and in two weeks he'll be better at coding than I am. XD Glad to see vehicles moving along! I don't even play PZ without nolanri's car mod anymore so seeing the official release of vehicles edging closer is great!
  14. Regardless of specifics PLEASE keep up the good work nolanri. I seriously 100% won't play PZ without the cars mod working anymore. I don't do MP but I just might have to look into that now that I can get in a car.
  15. I've used this mod right alongside hydrocraft with no issues.
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