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  1. I think you mean you're at level 5 metalworking. Cars and mechanics skill is only for builds 39 and higher. Ah I see the problem, HC was updated to support cars/mechanics skills so he changed some recipes' requirements to having mechanics skills. Unfortunately that seems to break games with builds 38.x and below which used metalworking skill instead. Good job! Now people who (still) play 38.x will know how to fix it.
  2. I looked at the code for this: recipe Make Mine Cart { SkillRequired:Mechanics=2, HCMetalwheel=4, SheetMetal=5, HCSteelrod=8, HCSteelpole=2, HCSteelbeam, HCWeldingset, keep WeldingMask, keep HCWorkgloves, CanBeDoneFromFloor:true, NeedToBeLearn:true, Result:HCMinecart, Time:1000, Category:Engineer, OnGiveXP:HCMechanicsWelding_OnGiveXP, } Looks like you need level 2 mechanics. He probably forgot to add the requirement to the display. Guessing other recipes require certain mechanic levels as well...sigh.
  3. Looks like solar generators are broken again after the most recent IWBUMS update. Same issues as before: 1. Solar gen is on/connected freezer has power. Exit game. Reenter game. Solar gen on/connected but freezer has no power. 2. Solar gen is on/connected freezer has power. Leave the area. Run back to area. Solar gen on/connected but freezer has no power.
  4. What you get depends on the mine type and your forage levels. The dark mine contains the highest ores/minerals in the game. The normal mine - with or without pulley only mines up to a certain level of ores. That's where foraging comes into play. The higher level foraging you have higher tier ores you get for that mine. So in other words increase foraging levels. You'll need foraging anyways for other skills for HC end-game. The best way to get iron/steel is to recycle items. There are tons of recyclable items in the hardware stores.
  5. @Hydro. I did some tests on SP. The new changes to potted plants are working, at least for strawberries, cabbages and tomatoes. This is a welcome change now that we don't have to micromanage them all the time. Sleeping bags and Dome Tents are also working indoors and outdoors, though I haven't tested them outdoors while it is raining. As for Solar Generator. In SP you still need to make sure no other vanilla generators are in the area. If vanilla generators are in the area, the solar generator will stop working (eg no power) if you either leave the area and come back OR if you leave/reload the game. If no other vanilla generators are in the area they work normally. I don't have another solar generator so I can't test what happens if you have multiple solar generators in the area. Speaking of solar generators, I think you should make electric clamps (that one used to create the HC battery with clamps) craftable. How about have a level 6+ electronics requirement to make the clamps. I have a bunch of other minor bugs which I'll list later. One thing that's bothering me is the time on some actions. Some minor actions like 'Shuck Corn', 'Soak/Dry Jute Stems', takes 1000ms (10 min in game). I think it's overkill. When you plant/harvest some of these craps they drop 4-10 of them. It takes me 1 in-game hour to shuck 6 corn? I think the times in some of these actions (especially in Herbalism.txt) should be reduced.
  6. First, I don't think you understand what I mean. Yes according to the UI you have a 50% chance to repair for wood glue on a weapon the first time you repair it and it goes down after each time. However repair chance also depends on your carpentry skill (and other things according to the wiki) and my carpentry is at level 10. So I'm sure the 50% repair chance is part of the repair calculation. Second the issue is the UI shows fake success even though the repair failed. Perhaps it is a vanilla bug where the UI shows a successful repair by increasing the durability on screen even if you failed to repair the weapon. Last I know Hydro made changes to repairing items including allowing items to be repaired using his materials. Perhaps that changed bugged out weapon repair in general.
  7. @Hydro Just wanted to confirm that potted plants are now working in SP, at least for strawberries and cabbages. Will do additional testing including other plant types but they are finally progressing to the normal size/ready stages. Haven't checked yet but did you fix weapon repair? I don't mean the bug where you cannot repair weapons with hydrocraft repair items. There is a bug where if you repair a weapon say with wood glue (or some other vanilla repair material) the weapon's durability stays the same. The weapon UI says it's been repaired (count increases and green bar increases) but when you actually use the weapon the durability is the original durability before the repair. Doesn't happen all the time but happens a lot of the time especially when repairing axes. I found a bunch of other minor issues but I'll wait till things settle down with the major issues first. Just a FYI, converting vanilla car batteries to 'battery with clamps' was *very* clever! I just hope there are enough clamp cables in world (perhaps we an make those in the future?). Also, being able to recycle car parts/tools was a fantastic idea as well.
  8. My vanilla generators were within a few cells of my solar generator. No a barbecue does not count as a generator. You should do additional testing. Go to a large empty area and place the solar generator and see if it works when you leave/enter the area. Then place the vanilla generator right next to it and see if the solar generator still works when you leave/enter the area.
  9. Arcane, I ran into this issue also. The work-around is to remove ALL vanilla generators from the area. The solar generator should then stay on when you leave/enter the area and when you reload the saved game. I have over 20 large fridges/freezers being powered by my solar gen so I don't think there is a limit. In vanilla the more devices that are connected to your gas generator there are, the more gas it consumes. Since the solar gen doesn't consume gas there shouldn't be a limit. The only thing that would affect power is range.
  10. There's already a mod that allows you to create ORGM ammo in Hydrocraft. However that mod only creates the ammo for the old ORGM version which was renamed to ORGM Legacy.
  11. @Hydro I don't want to be that guy to tell you how to do your job but you accepted the responsibility when you included her mod in your mod. When she made any changes she should've tested her changes with your mod to make sure it works, and not just on her server. You in turn should have tested it yourself under various scenarios as well. You've put a lot of work in your mod, don't ruin it by accepting buggy code. Sorry if that sounded harsh to Leliana but after 3 updates and quite a few complaints here and on the steam forums that's how I see potted plants as they are now. Also don't forget that this mod is owned by you. You are allowed to make any changes to merged mods/code as you like unless you signed some kind of contract forbidding you from making changes to mods developed by others that are included in HC. In other words, you should be able to change/improve/bug fix certain aspects of the mod.
  12. @Hydro, OK, potted plants for SP STILL IS NOT WORKING. I don't get it. We've had 2 or 3 updates since you've incorporated this feature into your mod and every time there is the same issue with it. Let me ask you this - is working for you? If it is then please tell us how you are making it work on your end? Which plants actually make to the (final) ready for harvest stage after watering them several times? I know some recipes require materials only available through potted plants so this issue is preventing players from progressing. And yes when 10.2 came out, I planted cabbages in my planter and watered them for 4 days straight when they became dry. It never progressed to the next stage after being watered several times. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? They're on the ground. When a potted plant becomes dry, I right-click it and water it. The potted plant appears in my inventory as a small potted plant. I place it back on the ground for the next watering. At this point I think you should revert potted plants to way they were if you cannot figure out this issue. Perhaps have a timer like with the animals or increase the water/fertilizer requirements. Let me ask other users. Did anyone get this to work with the default HC settings? (eg. not changing any code to make it work).
  13. Yep as of this writing HC 10.1 requires level 5 trapping to get donkeys. Check out the website: http://undeniable.info/pz/wiki/recipelist.php and search for 'Track' to find the other animals and their requirements. So far the highest requirement is level 5 trapping. I only use the donkeys for their ability to carry bags. Add 2 Fine Leather Alice packs to a donkey for 91 storage (if you have the organized trait) and 100% weightreduction . They can be used in primary and/or secondary slots.
  14. Not sure what you mean by nothing personal, I didn't create those HC videos. Like I said before I've tried the trapper route to increase my cooking skills and it was too inefficient/slow for me for the following reasons: 1. Requires veggies as bait to catch the larger animals. 2. The veggies can turn rotten inside those traps but you can't tell until you check. 3. Animals can escape those traps while you're checking on them. I think the wire/cage trap reduces animal escapage chances. 4. Bait is eaten but no animal is there. Possibly due to animals escaping before you check the traps. 5. Certain traps only catch animals at certain times. 6. Due to #5 it's more efficient to check/rebait animal traps more than once a day. 7. Animal caught is inconsistent. Could be groundhog, rabbit or the nutria all with different sizes. Cabbages provide a consistent -25 hunger giving 2 portions each in recipes. Makes it easier to perform calculations to get the xp needed for leveling. I am only informing you (and others) that there is an easier route if you want to level cooking very fast. However if you're in no hurry to level cooking, then any method will work, no matter how slow they are. I mainly level cooking so I can make cheese and its variations: smoked cheese, cheddar cheese, waxed cheddar. What a sight it is to see that -120 hunger smoked cheese wheel with 90+ days left till rotten! :). In my current game I only leveled trapping to level 5 so I can search for donkeys. Cows and pigs are my go-tos for meat. 1 cow can fill up 20 frying pans with 1 portion per frying pan. 5 pigs can fill up the same 20 frying pans with 2 portions each pan with leftover bacon and ham to be used elsewhere. The rest of the portions can be filled with cabbages, tomatoes or other veggies. In the end each frying pan has enough to provide -119 or -120 hunger.
  15. I think I mentioned it before somewhere on this forum to watch Nomis Plays and Johnnyoooes channels for HZ gameplay. You could really learn a lot about the mod from them. I farmed thousands and thousands of cabbages and stored them in fridges/freezers. At that time I had 10-15 frying pans so I was able cook in batches. For me trapping was too much work (and inefficient) to level up cooking. You have to get the bait (veggies) then constantly monitor the traps. Plus some of the animals got away. This was when I setup 20 trap boxes! Since you need veggies as bait for the bigger animals might as well mass produce veggies, plus you level up farming as well! Like you said, to each their own. But sharing techniques/methods is not a bad idea.
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