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  1. Something in the Air

    @Legoland99 Isn't it obvious or are you just trying to start something? He is refuting your statement towards his post (which appears valid and seems to give feedback to the developers) and being mature about it. Your image/reply to his reply is however, not mature. Good day.
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    I am a software engineer with 15+ years experience so yeah I would say I know some coding. I understand all about quality and wanting everything in software including the kitchen sink but time/schedules is always factored in. Also, you did not understand my ETA examples at all. Not much else to say to except about your 'rushed hunk of crap' comment but look at the most recent builds, including the vehicle branch, the IWBUMS branch and most importantly the release branch where there have been serious if not game breaking bugs. Some of these bugs were caused by new features. You can go defend the state of game all you want. For others like me we just want answers when they promised things years ago and some of these things haven't even seen the light of day. Over and out.
  3. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Ok, I understand now. You want cars to be so feature rich so that you can enjoy the game more with the challenges it will provide. I on the other hand see it as a side feature, something that is nice to have but not required, unless you plan to travel to other cities. I guess I'll be in the group that will have 0 mechanical level and just fuel the car and drive it when necessary. If the car breaks down I'll find another car. So you are right we do have different ideas about this new feature. What if the developers decide to add all the features I mentioned and also add a ton more features to cars. But here's the thing, what if they can't get everything working until winter 2018? Spring 2019? Summer 2019? Surely your patience must have a limit. I am sure most of us do. Given unlimited time game developers can do anything. The question is will the fans stick around until then.
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Expect cars to be released summer 2018 if they implement all that. Either you're trolling or didn't understand my post. Let me make things clear. My list (of suggestions) was to show that we can always take things too far. The poll is to decide what we the current users think should be on their priority list.
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    AKAIK they already allow cars to carry tons of loot, I think the capacity is around 200, probably different with larger/smaller cars. So if you think that is OP then let them know. Yes I already mentioned enabling physics and different car varieties is a good feature. You might be a car enthusiast but some of us aren't. We might not want any new car features. How many of us have the same thoughts, I don't know. Which is why I suggested doing a poll. You want more features? I can list a crap ton of features with cars (some might already be in game): 1. Winter is in the game right? Lets have winter, summer and all year round tires. Different tires work differently depending on the terrain and month. 2. Tires get worn out. We should have to rotate tires every few months or x miles. 3. In winter there should be ice on the road. Cars should slip and slide on ice. 4. When it rains cars should also slip and slide. 5. When slipping and sliding the way you turn controls how your car slides. Pressing the brakes should also lock up the brakes. 6. There are different types of ice, slush, compacted or black ice. Each type should have different effects on driving 7. Cars should have odometer readings. A car has lots of mileage should require maintenance more often and have more issues. A brand new car (0 mileage) should be able to run a long time without any issues. 8. We need to fill/refill windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid, etc every so often. 9. Need to change car batteries every so often. 10. If player leaves headlights on all night, car battery gets drained and car needs to be jump started to work. 11. Car batteries capacity should be vary. 12. Driving into objects should no only damage the car but also the object. E.g. streetlights, houses, benches, walls, doors, etc. 13. A car should light on fire if you through a molotov at it or if fire spreads to it. 14. A car should take damage only at a certain spot if you fire at it with a firearm. Same with melee weapons. 15. Damage caused by an axe should be noticeable while damage by a knife should only leave small dents. 16. Damage to a tire caused by melee weapons should pop that tire. 17. Cars can be taken apart so that we can upgrade/maintain another car. 18. Zombie bodies (on the ground) should inhibit or at least slow down driving. 19. Running over bodies or hitting zombies should make the car bloody. 20. Driving on dirt should make cars dirty. 21. Driving on dirt when it rains should make car tires muddy. 22. Muddy car tires should leave muddy tracks on the road. 23. Rain should wash away muddy tracks. 24. If you don't wear seatbelts and you're driving really fast and suddenly hit an object, you get thrown from the car. 25. Zombies can break windows in cars and attack you through broken windows. 26. Cars can be rienforced with wood planks or metal sheets later on. I'm not a mechanic and these are some of the ideas I can think of. Imagine what a real mechanic can add to make it more realistic. We can make the cars feature as realistic as real life. Should we? No. My point is that we should not turn this into a driving simulator with zombies. I hope they also took into consideration spawning/availability of items related to cars. Not sure what you mean by pain in the ass to make NPCs now. They already have a branch for separate features like cars, why not have a branch for NPCs? My suggestion was to finish up cars and make a new branch for NPCs to at least start working on it. I don't know if you've been to the steam forums but a lot of people ask 'Where are animations/NPCs' more often than 'Where are cars?'
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Having different types of cars is a given/required for this type of feature so I'm glad we have different types. I hope that at the least someone can be able to start the car (obviously if the key is there), put gas in it and use it even if they have level 0 mechanic.
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    I haven't completely followed the Cars build/branch but I think you guys are making it much more complicated than need be. Tire condition? Wheel friction? Low condition brakes? Come on! Cars should only serve two main purposes. One, to allow us to travel long distances and two, to allow us to carry lots of loot. I understand that you want more than just the basics like in the driving cars mod, which even though is very unpolished, it gets the job done. Enabling car physics and the possibility of different types, colors, capacities and speeds are good extras (actually the different varieties should be a given). Anything else is unneeded except for perhaps features that compliment the existing skills, e.g. metalworking - perhaps allowing us to armor the cars. Also, from what I've seen so far, the newer builds (with all these extras) are causing some issues with the cars branch. You are just making it harder on yourself. I think you should just polish current car features and remove any outstanding bugs and move on to NPCs which I think will be a much more needed addition to the game. Perhaps make some kind of poll on what the current users want...
  8. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    @Robert/Enigma I'm having this strange issue where houses and trailers I've already looted are burnt when I pass by/revisit the area a few months later. I did not use the stoves/microwaves in those homes. I am not sure if this is new to this build but I don't recall seeing this before.
  9. Hydrocraft Mod

    That did the trick! I guess I am used to HC items not being placeable like normal furniture. Thanks for going out of your way to figure it out!
  10. Hydrocraft Mod

    Both are in my inventory and the context menu shows 'climb through' when I select the window frame. There is no broken frame. I created the window frame from scratch - wood frame -> level 3 window frame.
  11. Hydrocraft Mod

    Just tried it with crowbar in inventory and crowbar as the main weapon. Also tried the wooden window in the inventory and 2ndary. Doesn't work. I still see 'climb through' in the window frame.
  12. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hi how do you install a new glass window? I created the wooden window using the glass pane. I have the wooden window, nails and a hammer in my inventory but there is no option to install the window in the window frame.
  13. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    Thought we moved on from this topic. Assuming that bleach was the only thing that can clean rags/bandages and such. Did you play PZ recently where they had the never-healing bleeding bug? Since the bleeding never stopped, my character accumulated up to 5 injuries at the same time and every 6-8 hours I had to clean those bandages each time. Imagine cleaning 5 bandages 2-3 times a day. Don't you think I would've used up all my bleach in a few days? What if in the future the bleeding bug is reintroduced? (this actual happens in real life where a new feature or bug fix reintroduces an old bug). Also, remember PZ is ongoing until you die. How often are new maps created? Of course, if you have loot respawn enabled (which I don't) you can find more bleach. And what about MP servers where there are 10+ players? Do you think there is enough bleach for everyone? Again if loot respawn was enabled you can restock your bleach supply but I don't think that would be enough for servers with many players. Ready to move on to the next topic...
  14. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    I saw this issue several times in IWBUMS early on and pointed it out to them many times. Now that it is more prevalent perhaps they'll look into it more seriously. I think it's a tough one though...
  15. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    Of course I read your post. In your original post you mentioned that zombie ripped clothing should only be cleanable with bleach. I'm only debating whether or not that is a good idea. I did not agree with using bleach to clean rags (bloody or not) - just use water. I agreed that zombies do sometimes drop clean clothes which you can rip into clean rags and use if you want. My point was that if you were forced to clean rags for whatever reason bleach should not be the only option as bleach is very limited and is also used to clean your base. If we can somehow make bleach in the game then I'm OK with your idea but that isn't possible at the moment. Anyhow I think we are getting a little off topic. You can post your suggestions to the suggestions forum and the developers can continue from there. I think adding this feature will be more trouble than its worth though. Just my opinion.