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  1. Hydrocraft Mod

    OK, I experienced it for myself in IWBUMS 39.49/50. I went to the same garage/storage units in Muldraugh that you did and saw what you saw. All the crates and cardboard boxes did not contain HC items. However some of them did contain ORGM Legacy weapons and ammo. I think the issue might be specific to garage/storage units.
  2. Hydrocraft Mod

    Try disabling all mods except for Hydrocraft then create a new world and see if HC items spawn in. It's possible the 39.45 update broke one of the other mods and somehow HC was also affected. In my world I ventured out to unexplored cells and found HC items spawning correctly. You can also try a clean install of the HC mod: 1. Delete the HC mod folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\498441420 2. Login into steam and unsubscribe and resubscribe HC. Obviously make a backup of any files you changed in HC mod beforehand.
  3. Hydrocraft Mod

    Umm I just created 2 new SP worlds on the IWBUMS (39.45) branch with Hydrocraft, AIZ Enhanced 2 (map mod) and a bunch of other minor mods. In one world I spawned in west point and the other world spawn was in New denver. As far as I can tell the hydrocraft items spawned in those worlds in all the places you spoke of. I even found a chainsaw and pruning sheers in the sheds (*sigh*). Can you give us more details about your world? Is it MP? What mods do you have? I wonder if the issue is in existing worlds? Need more data...
  4. Hydrocraft Mod

    I wonder if this is related but when I deconstruct some electronics I don't get electrical experience nor the components back. I'm on IWBUMS 39.45 as well. Ah I'm scared to explore new areas now! Definitely don't want to miss out on rare loot like car batteries or the super ultra rare chainsaw, I have *never* found it ever since Hydro included the mod into HC. I'm also looking for pruning sheers and the garden apron. More rare items. I hope they are not bugged.
  5. Hydrocraft Mod

    Nolan (yeah the same guy who creates all those fantastic mods) updates that website periodically after each HC release. I think all he does is use some kind software to read/parse/import the HC files. So in theory all of the info should be correct. But that doesn't mean the logic is 100% correct. Think about it, if 1 Mystery Packet can produce an infinite number of mystery packets instantly, why even bother scavenging or killing zombies for them? Mystery packets can contain endgame seeds so I think getting them all right off the bat can be game-breaking. Of course you do need level 10 farming to plant them though...(which isn't hard to do actually). Ah I remember farming 1000s of zombies just to get that hemp and rice seeds packet. God, that was frustrating! Perhaps you can send an IM to Hydro to show him how you get these duplicates so he can fix the issue. Like I said earlier, I should try finishing the pizza as-is but you get 'more' food when you cut it with a pizza cutter. I don't know all the numbers but you get 4 slices of -25 hunger each after using the pizza cutter. I think the whole pizza is -60 or -70. So you could say that code is missing to give back the pizza stone when you cut the pizza.
  6. Hydrocraft Mod

    When you make the pizza it becomes uncooked pizza and you lose the pizza stone. After cooking it you can eat it or cut it with a pizza cutter to get 4 slices of pizza at -25 hunger each slice. I've never seen the pizza stone appear again after these steps. Perhaps I should try just eating the pizza as is after baking it. From what you're describing it seems like your actions are creating duplicates of the tree fieldguides, magnifying glasses and mystery seed packets! That looks like a bug to me! Whenever I 'Gather Flora' the 3 books are in my inventory and the only things that appears are their respective foraging items. How are you gathering flora? Opening multiple mystery seed packets should *not* generate *more* mystery seed packets! Looks like a very game breaking bug lol! Did you modify HC files in any way? Perhaps those modifications results in weird side effects! I do agree that when you mine, gather flora, catch bugs and forage (normally) you do get a lot of unwanted items encumbering you very fast. Too bad there isn't a way to mine or forage for specific items. Eg. I only want to specifically mine for iron ore or forage for hickory branches.
  7. Hydrocraft Mod

    Yes one unit is one square. At that time, 'square' slipped my mind so I just called it unit. I thought about calling it a block but this isn't minecraft. The modded parts mainly use the lua programming language even though the main language is java I believe. The filename is: solar.lua and yes you can edit it with Notepad++. I sometimes edit the files to meet my preferences - mainly minor things though. For instance when I make a pizza I want keep the pizza stone, instead of losing it.
  8. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hi I owned a solar generator in a previous game and placed it on either level 3 or level 4 of my base and it was able to reach the first/ground floor. As for your original question, I remember reading a dev's response to someone's question about the generator coverage. They replied it was 20. Now I don't know remember if if the diameter is 20 or it was the radius. But based on my old base, I think it was 20 units on all sides of the generator/solar generator. Also if you look at the code for how the solar generator works (plugin/unplug) you'll see that it uses the generator class, meaning it has the same radius as the generator. Are you playing on the stable 38.30 branch or IWBUMS branch? I had an issue on 38.30 branch where my solar and normal generators turned off whenever I left the area and whenever I loaded a game. Did that also occur to you? I'm not that far in on the IWBUMS branch right now but that issue (with normal generators for now) does not appear in the IWBUMS branch. Edit: Actually the solar generator is still plugged in but there is no power around it. You actually have to unplug/plug it back in for power to work again.
  9. RELEASED: Build 38.30

    Pandorea, just an update. I switched to the IWBUMS branch (to try out the new vehicles) and the issue is no longer there even though I am using all the same mods as before except for one. The mod I excluded this time was the driving cars mod since the IWBUMS branch contains the vehicles update. However, previously during my testing when I disabled the driving cars mod on the stable 38.30 branch the issue was still there. So I think something was changed in the vehicles branch to fix my generator issue. Anyways, I must say the new vehicles feature is exciting/impressive! :). *pats the backs of TIS team* Though it is weird to find car keys on the ground (almost everywhere) and I still haven't found a wrench yet...sigh.
  10. RELEASED: Build 38.30

    I just gave you a (piece of) pie which apparently means that I am looking at the reported issue! :). Just kidding. What you said makes perfect sense.
  11. RELEASED: Build 38.30

    Hi Pandorea thanks for the update and clarification. Yes I looked back at the timestamp and it seems you did react to my post with a pie. I did not know that a piece of pie meant 'we will look into it'. Are there ones for 'Not reproducible', 'Known bug', 'Already fixed in another branch', 'Known issue but no longer applies due to feature changes in upcoming build', etc? Anyways, I thought those reactions were similar to emoticons which don't mean anything. Perhaps I didn't poke around long enough to find the definitions of those reactions. I still think a direct answer/reply is easier/more straightforward since you can also request for more details about an issue (when its still fresh in the users mind) and then we can communicate back and forth if needed. With this you'll also have a concrete history to work with in the future. Plus it'll also help new users who just want answers to problems and aren't familiar with the system. Glad to know the issue is fixed in a future build. That's good enough for me as long as I'm properly informed. Thanks.
  12. RELEASED: Build 38.30

    Wow this is the reply I get? A couple of things. 1. So I am reporting a possible bug in the game and the DEVELOPER is telling me to keep it to myself from now on? So I shouldn't report (possible) bugs to you anymore? Ok got it! Wait then what are players in the VEHICLES/IWBUMS branches doing? 2. I don't know who Sasha is and haven't seen him/her look into my issue. Is Sasha part of the team? If they are you could've communicated to me that you already looked into it and found nothing. Instead you only reply when I raise a complaint. 3. Any/all bug reports SHOULD be looked into by a software/gaming company. At my company we take customers complaints/issues seriously. Everything is logged into our bug tracker system. I didn't tell you to drop everything you're doing and look into this issue right away. Our standard reply is, 'We got your complaint/issue. We'll look into it as soon as we can.' At least we acknowledged the customer's input! 4. I didn't tell you to patch the stable build. I just told you about an issue I ran across. You have limited manpower, I get it. You could've just said, 'OK PPanda, we got it. We'll look into it later.' Instead you just left me in the dark. 5. At my previous company we had about 16 people and only 3 people in tech support. The previous company followed the same rule as my current company (30000+ people). We actually care about our clients inputs. 6. Before I made this post I looked for similar issues in the 38.28 branch and found generator issues in MP. And as you know some issues have crossed over from SP to MP and vice versa. I then asked Hydro about this issue and he said he's seen it and said most likely vanilla issue. 7. I didn't tell you to install Hydrocraft to test this. It's obvious you should see if this is a vanilla issue since there already issues with generators in MP. As for me testing it, disabling mods will sometimes break your world and make it unplayable so it is not as simple as 'disable' mod. I had to create a new world to test this and had to run around trying to set everything up. It took time since the public doesn't have the same tools as developers. On that note I already found some issues with custom settings (new world creation) but hey I guess I'll keep them to myself now...
  13. RELEASED: Build 38.30

    OK, I created a brand new world with no mods installed. I can confirm that this issue does not exist in the vanilla PZ. When you leave the area and come back the freezers and fridges are working. The issue does appear to be mod-related, perhaps Hydrocraft. I'll let him know. What I am disappointed about is the response or LACK of response by TIS when I posted this possible issue 3 days ago! This is the official RELEASE branch and there was no reply/feedback from you guys? I had to get help from a NEWBIE member. I spent about 30mins - 1 hour setting up everything for my tests whereas you (TIS) could've done the test in 5-10 minutes and posted your results. I know that a lot of attention is being worked on for the 39.x release but you should take more responsibility for what is already released to the public. VERY disappointing...
  14. RELEASED: Build 38.30

    So I came back to PZ recently and my SP game updated to 38.30. Is there an issue with generators not powering areas after you've left them? I turn on a generator with 100% fuel. I leave the area and come back. The generator is still running but the items in my freezer have melted and are no longer frozen. Happens every single time I leave the area. Even if I travel 1 or 2 screens away, the area that I left does not have electricity even though the generator is running. Restarting the generator fixes the issue. Yes I have mods (Hydrocraft) but this sounds like a vanilla issue. Also, this did not happen in 38.22 with the same mods installed. Is this a known issue that is only fixed in 39.x? Thanks.
  15. Something in the Air

    @Legoland99 Isn't it obvious or are you just trying to start something? He is refuting your statement towards his post (which appears valid and seems to give feedback to the developers) and being mature about it. Your image/reply to his reply is however, not mature. Good day.