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  1. I had to drive through Kentucky recently so I detoured through Muldraugh. The basic geography of the main strip is pretty accurate. Woods on one side and a strip of shops on the other. The court of the Golden Manor Inn was the only thing that seemed game familiar in that area but I didn't turn off the main road. West Point on the other hand is very different. Socioeconomically depressed without any section of higher end housing that i could see. No real downtown either. The bank was a small one story brick home that had been converted. A quaint looking old-timey bank. In WP I saw an inflatable Santa wearing hunting clothes and an inflatable snowman carrying a shotgun. North of West Point the small race track was visible from the road to the right. Then it begins to seriously diverge from the game. Within a few minutes of driving there a huge power plant visible to the left and a huge cement factory to the right. Probably major employers in the area. I didn't take any pics because...google probably covers it. But it was funny to see it first hand. Near Ft Knox there is a George Patton museum and I wondered if it held vintage firearms. Maybe something for modders to think about.
  2. This is a small location spoiler but I don't know how to hide spoilers. . . . . . .Blah blah blah. Ok, the military base has animal cages.
  3. Yes, they seem to come and go. When the new patch dropped I lost a car in the driveway that I didn't use. Then it came back on reload. Then I lost four cars after I walked away and walked back. No reload iirc. Haven't seen if they'll come back. EDIT: Should be clear this is IWBUMS
  4. I had an issue with mouse clicking in combat bringing up a menu and throwing combat off. Plugging in another mouse resolved it I think. Just in case anyone has a similar issue.
  5. I had entered the police station and found a shotgun and shells when a large group of zeds trapped me behind a door. I readied the shotgun, threw open the door, and... click. Forgot to load it.
  6. I seem to be getting killed (twice) when trying to fight and a menu comes up, preventing smooth character control. Something that didn't happen in .40 iirc. Is there are way to disable those click menus coming for sitting on the ground and the like? Maybe I just need to switch the the key instead of clicking into combat stance.
  7. chainsaw gloves (I have two pair made with kevlar in my RL garage)
  8. If you play Veteran and have desensitized it's harder to lose boredom iirc. Normally fighting or seeing zeds would lose the trait. I think..
  9. Since 41 released I haven't seen a single attachment for a pistol. Not sure if that's an issue or you just haven't rolled it back out yet. I must have collected twenty pistols and raided half a dozen gun stores and police stations. If anyone is having trouble finding magazines the best way, for me, is getting them from handguns on zombies. With the lucky trait most of my magazines (~15) came from there. Won't help with rifle magazines though. I only have one of those.
  10. I'm sure it's been mentioned but walking around can get a little janky when I'm eating. I'm not sure if it's when i'm also holding the mouse button. Maybe.
  11. Aggro was bad but I was training in a distant field so it didn't matter. In that first run I fired guns in need only around 3 times and completely left the area afterward. It was just for escapes.
  12. I don't think guns are garbage now. My best run was an Apocalypse mode Veteran who went two weeks before I retired him. He had around 600 kills, mostly with a shotgun for training purposes. He was up to level 5 shooting in two weeks of game time. Spawning is a known issue iirc. But there is more ammo than ever. Ammo in survivor homes and sometimes boxes of ammo on fallen zeds. Remember to pause between shots. You're aiming. Maybe other moodles were modifying your chances. My next guy was also a Vet and he was bit on day 8. He went out in a blaze of glory and, wow, he couldn't shoot well. I think it was because he had many bad moodles including pain.
  13. Fixed Zombification from tree scratches. That's the real apocalypse mode right there.
  14. Had a similar issue to that reported by other with the puddles causing stuttering. I have an older system. I5 2500k with a 790 card. So I just turned them off for now.
  15. The fancy two story restaurant by the river in Riverside has a problem with the balcony. Opened the 2cd story balcony door, walked out and I fell through. Found two generators with 10% condition. Just thought I'd mention in case it's not intended. Makes instant generator starts harder. Fine with me.
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