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  1. Yes, they seem to come and go. When the new patch dropped I lost a car in the driveway that I didn't use. Then it came back on reload. Then I lost four cars after I walked away and walked back. No reload iirc. Haven't seen if they'll come back.
  2. They must be in now because they were in the patch notes. One of the devs also said they were still wonky iirc. No doubt they'll become more common over time as they get fixed up and the map expands. Edit: As far as the military base goes I only found clothes, a regular rifle, and standard ammo And that was with the lucky trait.
  3. I had an issue with mouse clicking in combat bringing up a menu and throwing combat off. Plugging in another mouse resolved it I think. Just in case anyone has a similar issue.
  4. I had entered the police station and found a shotgun and shells when a large group of zeds trapped me behind a door. I readied the shotgun, threw open the door, and... click. Forgot to load it.
  5. I seem to be getting killed (twice) when trying to fight and a menu comes up, preventing smooth character control. Something that didn't happen in .40 iirc. Is there are way to disable those click menus coming for sitting on the ground and the like? Maybe I just need to switch the the key instead of clicking into combat stance.
  6. Repairing does seem to be an issue for rarer firearms like the 38 revolver and M16. Maybe metalwork should create gun parts at some level of skill and with the right magazines.
  7. chainsaw gloves (I have two pair made with kevlar in my RL garage)
  8. If you play Veteran and have desensitized it's harder to lose boredom iirc. Normally fighting or seeing zeds would lose the trait. I think..
  9. In the initial build I had massive lag with puddle reflections on when it rained. but otherwise it's fine for me. So if it rains and it lags just turn that off and restart the game. i5 2500k. 790.
  10. Yeah, I have a red one with a black stripe.
  11. With a ranger jacket and a motorcyle helmet you can get, iirc, 115 bite and 125 scratch to your neck.
  12. Nevermind, I have watering cans.
  13. I gifted a copy once. Plan to do it again eventually. It's a good way to spread the word either way.
  14. On Apocalypse mode with lucky I have 15+ magazines for pistols and 1 rifle magazine after five weeks. They are pretty rare. I wonder why the rifle magazines are smaller. Weren't they 5 round in 40? Now they are 3 + 1 at best. Maybe to balance multiplayer shootouts?
  15. Since 41 released I haven't seen a single attachment for a pistol. Not sure if that's an issue or you just haven't rolled it back out yet. I must have collected twenty pistols and raided half a dozen gun stores and police stations. If anyone is having trouble finding magazines the best way, for me, is getting them from handguns on zombies. With the lucky trait most of my magazines (~15) came from there. Won't help with rifle magazines though. I only have one of those.
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