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  1. Look at state of decay 2. Backed by Microsoft money and three years in development on top of an older title and they still have NPCs that basically stand around at base. They appear to fiddle around but it's all cosmetic. Function wise you can ask one to follow you. That's it. They abstractly affect the stats of your base and take no actions. Like cards in a deck game. The "enemy" enclaves are three people standing around. If you get close they shoot at you. That's it. The bar is very low and I expect Zomboid will clear it and retain the crown. With a solid NPC mechanic the game could be completely unique. With just abstracted off camera NPC actions SOD 2 could be vastly improved. But no.
  2. feral_donkey

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    possible small bug: repaired trunks on two different vehicles with small metal sheets. Trunk condition improved but capacity didn't change. Tried with duct tape and had similar results. Maybe i just don't understand what is supposed to happen.
  3. feral_donkey

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    possible balancing issue: 3 months later and I'm still finding and eating melted ice cream. Tons of calories and never rots.
  4. feral_donkey

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Small bug: I used a car to block the alley by the dentist office in downtown West Point. I mistakenly believed the car door was aligned with the alley but instead I popped through the wall and was stuck behind stairs. This was in the bld adjacent to the dentist's office on the other side of the alley. Also, anyone know of a way to spawn a sledgehammer? Else I'll have to go back a save.
  5. feral_donkey

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Yeah, I gained 1.4 cooking levels, 1 fishing level and most of a foraging level from watching tv in the first few days. I had fast learner and that might have helped. but it seems like staying on that channel is a good idea in the first few days. I was wondering if there was a way to give the other channels a reason to watch. In the RPG Call of Chthulhu there was a skill called Cthulhu Mythos that gave you broad knowledge of various creatures and weird things. Maybe watching the news about the infection could give you experience in Zomboid Mythos as you listen to various experts. Which would grant.....? + critical chance? - infection chance? And maybe you could improve it other ways too. But of course you can just have two or three TVs so maybe that's not balanced.
  6. feral_donkey

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Been playing the vehicle branch for the first time and it's great. One niggle might be the cargo space of vans. I'll have to double check the numbers but it seems like the passenger van with six seats has more space than the cargo van without them. 5 spare seats x 20 = 100. Plus the cargo area. Well over 100. But the cargo only van carries maybe 80 or 90. We have a mini-van in real life and with the four rear seats in place the cargo space is smaller than a car trunk. When you pull the four seats out it's a cargo van, which I do for trips to Home Depot. Unless i missed something and these vans are of different sizes I think they should have similar total capacity with or without seats. A minor nitpick to a great update.
  7. I agree with the above comment but I think that's a longer term scripting solution than is being discussed here. It would be nice if the zombie apocalypse was just the first cliff to fall over, then the water and power shutdown cliff, then another, then another. One after the other just piling up the bad news in a tangible way. Maybe each game wouldn't involve every event but once another one came along you'd know things just became more difficult. Difficulty wish-list wise: Yes to feral animals (dog packs are a natural), nuclear plants melting down and inflicting radiation sickness, etc. I like the idea of especially violent NPCs mentioned above. Not just local NPCs with a bad attitude but experienced depraved bands taking up residence. Like the scary wanderers in McCarthy's "The Road". A simpler idea might be to just ratchet up the threat of the natural world by increasing the effects of temperature and the need to make fire, insulate, etc. Cold winters. Distract players more with the harshness of the survival simulation and a zombie is bound to catch them unaware.
  8. Sounds good to me. I havent played in a few months due to the low difficulty for experienced players. I figured at some point balancing would show up on the agenda again. I was counting on NPCS to bring the difficulty up. I know I can stay alive but keeping NPCS alive? I expect trouble.
  9. feral_donkey

    If And When What Would Be Your Plan

    Sea and coast would be best imo. Put soil on top of a container ship and farm. Shipping containers themselves would make an excellent and easily constructed instant wall around a large area. Stack them two high and that's a very hard thing to get over. So large dock areas would be valuable for several reasons. That said, I don't believe in zombie apocalypses. lol.
  10. feral_donkey

    Profession/Trait Discussion

    In this new version an eagle eyed cop might be fun. Get a rifle and you can really thin them out at range. The only trait that matters to me is Strong It just makes everything easier. Hit hard, carry more, open windows faster. Playing without it would just make looting inefficient. I can fully load two big packpacks and carry one in my left hand. As far as classes nothing beats Construction worker's thick skin. That will be a hard one for other classes in future to match. The lucky scratch or bite is just too dangerous. Maybe thick skin should be an expensive trait rather than class related.
  11. feral_donkey

    The new Ranged Weapon System

    This isn't really something you find on civilian weapons... pretty much ever. Requires a rail system and they're quite uncommon. Further, none of the weapons we have in the game would be compatible with that style mounting system. I just know what I read. Robert mentioned .223. Amazon has a $20 set of canted ironsights for an AR-15 with 1,100 reviews. Just one product. http://www.amazon.com/Front-Degree-Rapid-Transition-Backup/dp/B006X9DLQM Just an idea.
  12. feral_donkey

    The new Ranged Weapon System

    One idea for an upgrade might be canted ironsights. They are a secondary sight on a rifle that let you aim at close targets without using the optics. That might take away or reduce the minimum range on rifles. I use them in Battlefield 4 all the time. I use the scope for distance shots but when moving into a building or around a corner I turn the rifle and bring up iron sights. With a x6 scope and canted iron sights you've got all your ranges covered. Maybe rarity would balance it.
  13. feral_donkey

    Does PZ really even need cars?

    Not really on my list. I'd rather have quality NPCs given a choice. But working or not some car models littered around would add to the realistic look.
  14. feral_donkey

    Weapon you wanted added to the game the most

    A scoped hunting rifle with maybe some improved firearms mechanics to justify it.
  15. feral_donkey

    Does anyone actually play Westpoint?

    WP is very convenient. Within a few weeks you can clear the downtown entirely in v23. And the large number of two story buildings make scavenging safer. But I'm not a new player so I can't speak to that aspect.