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  1. Crowbar, knife, shotgun on back, two pistols on hip. Be nice eventually if we could use metalworking to reinforce a bat to give + dam + durability. Until then it's the crowbar life.
  2. I wouldn't know. But the zomboid reddit seems pretty busy.
  3. I read that it's coming.. One of the updates or interviews mentioned it, I'm 80% certain.
  4. Well deserved. I think players gravitate to reddit these days rather than individual game forums. Lots of traffic there.
  5. I don't get the same spooks I did when first played, but it can still get tense. It's a tense game. But the jump scare noise almost took me out of my chair a few weeks ago.
  6. Mailboxes, book stores, auto shops (maybe), school libraries.
  7. You can pop the hood and check out the car's details. If the engine is in poor shape the car will turn itself off at times. If the battery is shot it won't start, etc. Anyone can swap a battery. Mechanic 4 lets you fix engines.
  8. One fence thing Ive noticed is that shooting through the fence won't kill any who are too close to the fence. They are immune.
  9. Congratulations. Been playing on and off since pre-Steam. You guys and gals have come a long way.
  10. If you lure some zeds it and kill them there they might spawn with the key. Opens every lock in that place.
  11. You can still farm shotgun shells by unloading the shotguns you find on zombie cops. No more shotgun shells in supermarkets or warehouses I think.
  12. I had a weird experience where seven zombies sat quietly in a locked shed. I had hearing perk and didn't hear a thing. I took the door down with an axe and they never made a sound until they leapt out on me.
  13. Louisville is pretty amazing. Drove through a slice and saw an office park, hospital, massive cemetary and finally wound up downtown with 7 floor skyscrapers and a glass style luxury apartment. Never left the car because zombies are everywhere. I was just glad to get out alive.
  14. Rarity is up but found one in the north warehouse in Muldraugh.
  15. Went to Louisville for the first time on a driving tour. Wow. Scary stuff and I was quickly lost. Relieved to leave. One report: Likely reported already but I think making a water barrel / box allowed me to keep the garbage bags. I'll have to double check. Single player.
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