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  1. Jab, I was told by ORMtnMan to come here for a newer version of modelloader even though I got the top one with the one that says mirror next to it, Any help given is greatly appreciated. (The issue I have is the 3D models of the guns won't load.
  2. Maybe you should be able to loot cars for loot e.g guns/ammo in military vehicles and maybe a pistol in a police car, just something that you might find in real life if a real apocalypse happened, you would probably find pistols in cop cars etc. Also if NPCs are added you should be able to weld metal onto the cars to reinforce it like barricading doors and windows and you should be able to acquire bulletproof tires in case NPCs try to open fire on your wheels, anyways fantastic suggestion jjw.
  3. For people who aren't happy about the factions thing, I have changed my mind to that if you have a scout in your faction, you can send your scout around town to find bases/factions if they manage to find a faction, you can order them to pretend to join them to get info on them via radio for the realists, and your scout will reveal information every few weeks or so? and then you can see how many people they have killed and if they are bandits/heroes also about the allies will attack the enemies if they attack you, this will only apply if your ally is not allied with that faction, and if your ally is neutral with that faction it will be a 50% chance they will help you attack them, if they are enemies with them its probably around 80% chance of attacking with you. @jjwpenguin Changing the push animation to a punch animation is an absolutely amazing idea, when I am taking on a group of zombies with a melee and I want to get really close to them, all my character does is push them and then stab/whack the ones that are at a moderate distance and this drives me round the bend when I am taking on hordes as I get scratched and start bleeding etc all because I cant punch them to do some slight damage as when you push them I don't think it does any damage but it stops zombies from attacking you for a short time. Also the NPC relation thing is a really good suggestion to add as not all NPCs like each other etc.
  4. Okay everything works now, thanks for the help!
  5. So I replace the zombie folder with the zombie folder in the ModelLoader file? Also what do I do with the media file?
  6. Hi Jab, I am a little confused of how this works, I installed your mod and ORGM gun mod but somehow the mod isnt in the mods box when I start PZ up, also what do I take from the folder, and where do I put it?
  7. Also about the NPCs, you should be able to ally with a faction or become enemies with a point system (50 for neutral, 0 for enemies, 75 for allies) and you can order NPCs to attack a faction but this will bring your points down. If you attack once you lose 20 points an attack is where you can attack their structures and kill some NPCs If you raid once then you lose 25 points a raid is where you destroy all structures kill all the NPCs and steal their loot and food Also if you attack a faction that is allied with another faction, that faction will attack your base/bases and will steal your loot, and its the same with the player, if you are allied with a faction you can order them to attack a faction in the towns. And on sandbox mode there should be a box to customize the NPCs just like the custom zombies thing if the normal NPCs aren't your liking. I'm scared now of NPCs because them gunshots and dogs will attract zombies, then I have to kill them for making noise or just recruit them..
  8. Wait so I need to put model loader into the gun mod file? because the gun textures aren't appearing.
  9. Amazing idea Albie! There should be a driving skill for different vehicles, maybe the skill should be required for different vehicles, trucks being the hardest as they are massive and heavy and maybe bicycles for level 0 or maybe level 1 and military cars maybe level 4 or maybe 5 if its a tank/apc and emergency vehicles maybe level 3 as they can go at high speeds and there are buttons to turn on sirens, also if you honk your horn you should attract zombies to your vehicle or if you simply drive past them they can hear it and maybe follow you for a while, also about the NPCs and character there should be a masonry skill so that you can build stone structures and NPCs should be able to level up masonry skills, masons having the highest, also you should be able to armour up cars with the mechanic skills level 0 for wooden barricades on the windows, and when you're leveling up to about level 2 it starts to increase the health if you build new ones and make it look done more professionally just like carpentry skill, and if you get level 4 in mechanic you can add stone protection that has alot more protection then wooden barricades, etc and if your like level 6 you can add metal armour, and if you max the mechanic skill out you can add bulletproof survivors from bandits shooting your vehicle or bulletproof windows, but their sizes vary so a small window for a tiny car, and a huge window for a truck or a bus, great ideas once again guys feel free to post suggestions.
  10. Okay I managed to get your mod working but not jab's I got the second link for his download as the latest one didn't work.
  11. I just got this version but theres a mod that works for 32.17 and I need to downgrade to that? how do I do that?
  12. I just got the IWBUM thing and it didn't go to build 32.17 how do I get it to downgrade to 32.17?
  13. Thanks for sharing your interest Dimitri!
  14. I think I have seen a few of your posts around here somewhere!
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