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  1. I am not sure if it's intentional or a bug, but once you put a bandage on your wound and leave it dirty until the wound has been healed, the infection is still visible on the health panel. Additionally, the player will get the pain moodle the more dirt/mud they have on their body.
  2. Definitely looking forward at this as I have been staying inside the base and thought "Why can't I risk my health on something else?". To be honest, this should be activated as an option due new people might get confused.
  3. The picture above says it all. I have been surviving a pretty long time and not to mention, how long it took me to build a base that is highly secure on the woods. So upon surviving, I managed to get 96 available skill points which is too much for me as I haven't level'd up my missing skills yet. When I killed zombies in the town or at the center of a town, I noticed that the "Next skill point" bar was filling really fast when I hit zombies with my blunt weapons. Weapons like Stone Hammer, Golf Club, Pool Cue, etc. are a massive skill point farming machine's which are easy to farm and gain skill points. To my point of the suggestion: I honestly think, increasing the EXP for the next skill point should be done. I played the mode 'Survival' and I wasted my 5 days of playtime to level up my primary skills and thus the "Skill point available" are too much to be spent with. Oh, and my survivor survived about 1 year 6 months 2 days 1 hour. (Which I am ready to play the pre-made setting "8 Months after the Apocalypse" on Sandbox)
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