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  1. oh i see means this is confirmed that they will do it, i cant wait for the next build guys
  2. woudnt be cool if we watch channels on tv in our camp house etc, like u need dish and cable and supplises like drill screw driver and nails and also need experiance so we can put dish and cable to connect to the reciver and also need av to change source of the tv, i think it would be very cool if they do it.
  3. the character should run not quite good like he should hold his leg while walking or like hard to walk
  4. oh i see dats why we cant see them, thanks for knowing me, makes me really love this game more
  5. ye baycon its uncomplete game but still better than all survival zombie games
  6. i do own it, i used to crack it before when it wasnt part of the steam so i buyed today and seemed the server was kinda low but still ur right worth a money, i can bring my friends to play when the servers are dead
  7. well so sad i guess i have to wait for the full game to release thanks for the reply guys, no matter what i just love pz and i will always do
  8. thats the reason i want to know why is dat?
  9. it used to be filled with players but ur right the fans really check about the updates and the forums look alive and ppl still talk about it
  10. is it because the game is early access?
  12. damn i thought new denver would be updated :/
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