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  1. Everything is possible. no exclusions. but some thing are less likely to happen and some more. So there is always a chance
  2. Overcomplicated. And who cares about fat % when you have neighborZ knocking at your front door? Calories burning mechanics is sttill good as long as its hidden from player. I mean imagine a typical day at PZ: Go to warehouse across the town. Meet a Z horde and run around them panicing like crazy for some time. Jump over a few fences and finish off a dozen Z with your bat. Get to warehouse and find new shiny and very heavy generator. Carry it back to safehouse half way and drop it because of the same Z horde. Find out that you are bleeding at bondage yyourself. Go to bed. The question is how many calories did you burn ? Nah... at the end you just either feel hunger or not.
  3. ther is no yes and no in this world. Just degrees of maybe.
  4. Did some research. I think its doable for high level farmer (knows required hydration level) and mid level mason-carpenter (construction itself). Some inter-skill crafting here )) Automation is still an issue but that is debatable point because we have trapping which is kinda auto.
  5. MP - only starter weapon ? Could be useful for PvP KOS servers. But atm kitchen knives are more available as it is 1 component, about same range and bleed DOT. And afaik burns are not introduced yet (could be wrong)
  6. farm it minecraft style ) IRL you can overhydrate many crops to their rooting death. Also impelmenting ANY automaton is a bad idea because imo its is survive-until-u-die unlike many other happy-endgame content survival games.
  7. "ChaosLegion, why don't you go ahead and try this at home? Perhaps on a friend who annoys you. Let me know the results :)" Unexpectedly I have no zombie friend at home. But you could purchase dead body at your local morgue and try to burn its face at least to the skull. Also let me know how long will it take you to incenerate skull to get to its brain and if it is plausible in combat situation. Cheers.
  8. you cant seriously think of burning to death even single zombie with hairspray. I mean you have to boil brain in head to kill it that way. p.s. i think hairspray stun bomb are there already. dont quote me on that though
  9. For now ingame mechanics is not completely present and we have little idea whats coming. Most our ideas require complete rework of crafting and medical stats, which devs will never do for ropes alone. So for now i vote to either remove ropes or make it single use.
  10. Weather and sun destroys nylon rope.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Osman Also, climbing a rope intended for mountain climbing - 9 to 10mm nylon rope- without gear, like a harness, is a lot harder than you'd think due to the extremely thin diameter. Thicker rope specifically made for engineering purposes or physical training, like the rope climb, is much thicker (which allows for the use of your legs to assit you in climbing), heavier and extremely rare. That said, these realism arguments are most of the time pretty pointless from what I've seen. It always comes back to it being a game where game mechanics will be employed. Talking about rope types won't make a difference. We could argue about all sorts of shit, but people need to keep in mind that it's a game. Welcome to gaming. This tppic is about rope nerfing and my arguments are about why durability is wrong and non-realistic. I am trying to make suggestions and gather facts while you just saying no. Suggest something instead. p.s. When i was a child there were swings attached to tree branch with rope And it lasted for years. Outdoor. -30 to +30C. Rain and snow. Sun and moon. Years...
  11. for those who don't use farming as a source or fail at farming. i made it about 7 month in without farming, only looting and foraging every now and then. there is a reason but still i would like it reason or not. also for items like bags, this becomes more useful. foraging, trapping and fishing are there for you little-cute-crops hater. )) also hunting is coming I believe and if you fail at everything then you starve to death. NPC traders are also a posibility. As for bags and stuff I agree with Trojan_Turps. It is finite.
  12. imo what you are doing here is a mind game. Sheet ropes are weak, but real rope durability is something beyond my imagination. It would last for years, mostly suffering from weather and decay, then you using it. Same for ladders. And if it is nylon (invented at 1937)..... jeez 1cm diameter rope would break at 1400kg load. Not bio-degradable. One of the most durable fabric-type materials. Very common. (I have like 10m rope in my house for some other reason) welcome to rl
  13. These are motion detectors, not zombie detectors. Anything bigger than a cat and moving will set them off.
  14. It has no impact on gameplay then. Sorry. Why dead rats? You gonna swim in potatoes in a few months anyway. Worms ? Go farming. Frogs? Decaying squirrels? Whats the point ?
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