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  1. Peetfighter


    UHT milk was only introduced in the USA shortly after the fictional outbreak of Project Zomboid. I've done my research.
  2. I agree completely with your feedback on the music, it's simply unfitting and I have actually created sound packs in the past to remedy this but since the FMOD sounds update this is no longer possible. Also the white text with black background makes this annoying to read.
  3. Peetfighter


    @RobertJohnson There is 1 thing I've always wanted to see in Sandbox. Simply the removal of points when picking traits, make us able to pick all the positive traits without having to pick a single negative one. Thanks for considering.
  4. Haha, I remember playing PZ for the first time and I tried to collect water this way.
  5. A remake of the Commandos series. I need that in my life.
  6. I can tell you that the password I used before this was unique as well as the one I'm using now.
  7. Peetfighter


    So, just to get it straight. Build 39 SHOULD be the 1.0 release build or somewhere close to that, right?
  8. Maybe? It's not like there isn't a shortage of clothes in Knox County is it?
  9. This forum has the best 503 error screen I've ever witnessed. :D

  10. I've been playing with a Veteran character for a while and it has been very helpful with accurately shooting zombies. The only times I panicked was when a zombie corpse started crawling towards you but that was a very minor issue.
  11. Good, except I'd use scissors instead of an axe to cut it.
  12. Fair enough but there was no mention whatsoever in that news post, sucks being the only one who wants it so much. >_>
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