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  1. On the large ware house in the noth-west of mudraugh i found a power bug. After installing an outddor lamp on the second floor, it wont switch on, it has a lightbulb. Something similar with the garages south (or just in general ?) i placed a wall on top and placed an outdoor lamp on that wall. I somehow expected it to get power since there are other lights on that garage on ground level, but it got no power.
  2. If you put floor over the top of a staircase it it creates a one-way entrance, you can go up through the floor but once on top you can not go back down the stairs. I expect to get stopped when my head hits the floor thats blocking the staircase, zombies can do his too.
  3. There is a bug with the sledgehammer, you can't destroy pillars, windowframes and doorframes, it only works on the ones you built. Stairs and upper floors you build are also very buggy...
  4. Can we please be allowed to saw logs while they're lying the ground (not in containers) ?
  5. Very nice, i was just about to request those But there is something that always annoyed me: Zombies always stay on player-made walls when they hit them until they destroyed it or you distract them. I think that is a bit unfair, because a zombie would probably seek for a wall-hole rather than destroying player-walls where they don't care about normal walls. This would only make sense if the zombie could see you through/on top of the wall...
  6. I just found an error on the map: the huge industrial buildings on the field east from the city are missing their north and west walls.
  7. The weight reduction thingy is ok, but i don't like the idea that i have to equip my bag just to store or get items from it. Too many steps to do something very simple... The time it takes you to move stuff is enough to "balance" this, and on top of that you have to stand still to move your stuff. I don't need a ton of baby-steps in my invetory-management. I would add animations (max 2s each) where the player puts his bag down and picks it back up when he uses it. You would stay like that while you have a bag selected from your "bag-list". Its basicly your idea, but it automates the extra step of equipping/unequipping the bags.
  8. Who ever finds the key-maker shop (or is it locksmith ?) first has a small jackpot Comnbination locks you find in other houses have a 90% chance to have a random combination. If you can figure out the combination you can use it and set a new combination, i suggest only 3 digits. Doorlocks should each have their unique key which allows the carrier to lock/unlock the door. Key's to house doors are somewhere inide the house and can be added to your bunch of keys. The lock is in the doorknob, so if you use the kob of random houses without finding its key, you end up with a not lockable door and someone who has the key could potentially lock you out. Toilet doors (without a key lock) drop knobs that can only be locked/unlocked from the inner side of the door. If you didn't find the key to a door you can use pad/combination lock instead.
  9. I also like it, once you have good friends among the NPCs you could continue as one of them if you die. Your old (if zombiefied) self could also wander off to places you visited a lot as it has vague memories left in it...
  10. Good idea, you could find little key-safes which are like a small bag that only opens with the right key. The same way you could put padlocks/combinationlocks on selfmade doors crates or closets. In order to open it you would need the key/combination or destroy it which takes time and makes noise. The hidey holes visibility could depend on your farming (earth holes) or carpentry (under woodfloor/ in walls) skill. To find hidey holes you really have to look at their position for a bit (~15secs.), then it slowly shows a small icon...
  11. I hope that in some near release the sledgehammer will regain its ability to destroy any wall as it was before the map-streaming update. For real physics, i don't think it would be easy to put into this game-design. Too poor supported things in the air could just break down in a dustcloud and leave rubble on the ground which could be a container for lootable planks/bricks/metalpieces.
  12. And please make the roofs walkable (at least the flat ones), you can fall into a closed garage and get stuck very easy...
  13. This game needs ladders, also craftable ones that could break depending on your carpentry-level.
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