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  1. I did watch the stream not all of it as it was 5hrs but I was there for the majority. I did see the post and I do understand now that the game itself will not allow this, but we can dream. Thanks for your clarification.
  2. Third one, basements would be lots of fun being able to build bunkers or have them scattered around the map. Just have it so when your in one the outside is just black. And with the tall buildings you could just have it so once you reach a certain height the surroundings are invisible outside of the building.
  3. It's currently impossible to make it. The game engine doesn't allow over 7 floors and the city would be way too huge and your PC would melt from it. I honestly think with the new expanded mods that allow more atmosphere to the game, and multiplayer servers. Building an entire map based on the walking dead. Or your home town or a small version of new york would be quite exciting. Considering you can already build up 7 like you said, what's stopping us from going to 14? Modding has always been to add, to give something a chance that wasn't possible. To expand among the game, and give people tools they may never really use, but are there.
  4. I think that this mod is perfect to add some new zombies. considering all the "Added loot" And power-ups you might make it become to easy, and that fear might fade. So adding a random spawn of faster zombies, or even new ones entirely would surely spice up the fun and survival factor
  5. Well sense this is my first post im not sure how all these are done, but simply put. HOW, HOW HOW HOW have people not come up with the idea for multi story houses? For one it would add a new twist to the game itself, large sky scrapers and such. New homes and getting caught up in one, no way you as zombies are coming from above and below. So you have to climb out the window somehow lowering yourself to the ground, or die trying. Something amazing On the PZ website is them adding creative mode, so we as a community would be able to make those large City's we have always wanted. And with this mod we can actually make larger homes, taller, maybe even basements and bunkers? But for the beginning just multi story would be a wonderful start, let me know what you think!
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