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  1. You need to enable the beta access version called IWBUMS. Info on that is here on the forums.
  2. RicoUK

    Hydrocraft Mod

    No, that is the point of it (for multiplayer) If in single player, use the cheat menu mod and terraform option to delete or infinite carry to pick up.
  3. Add an option so that zombies grip on more. Too easy to run through zeds Perhaps a speed modifier setting too, as higher sprinting levels are ridiculous.
  4. Maxed aim and thought a silent approach using the x-bow would be fun. Seems the weight of arrows makes this difficult, as well as it taking too many shots even at max aim to take down zeds. Always wondered why it wasn't used, this is probably why.
  5. Add exertion to using sheet ropes for sure.
  6. Could do with a correct map and corrected cords for pz map also. Your is on Redboid and others and causes some confusion.
  7. You should post these in your own buildings thread dude, so he can come choose what he needs. Also, the Pile-o-Crepe HQ.. seems very odd with beds and a bar, and an empty first floor?
  8. I like it. If shit hit the fan we'd be living and learning these survival techniques all over again. It's not as if you would HAVE to use it to survive, it's a feature not a necessary skill set you'd rely on as part of the core game if you didn't so choose (based on current game play) Hope to see the updated graphic, perhaps it will ease some of the concerns too
  9. I'd have to echo the chatter about the specialisations here for MP. It would be great to have more of a need for a metal worker when its get implemented, rather than every player being able to be a pro carpenter, medic, metal worker, engineer etc etc. The possibilities to expand the team work element would be great. For single player though, well I'm sure the designers can think of something.
  10. I think even a small update to fix the sound issue would be great!
  11. Nah I think Dreaded has it right. With all the added maps and limited players due to a whitelist, it will create a good challenge once supplies dwindle and groups have to branch out farther. If you want it easier there are many servers for that. We need more hard core servers!
  12. Cool, perhaps ill be Daryl with the crossbow!
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