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  1. Ah okay thought u might be working on something too haha and I don't play minecraft so I dont know what's bleeding over from it xd
  2. Nice to hear you're making progress:) hoping you find them haha. Curious about what you mean with surival worlds could you tell something about that?
  3. I used the TommyGuns weapons mod before, and the samuraiSword was used from the TommyGuns folder. Adding tommyguns_items to the module will look it up in that folder. The prefix is used is the same as you would use PizzaZombies prefix for example "PizzaZombies.MysteryBox" to use the mystery box, or Base.Shotgun. and line #36 is table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["post"]["all"].items, "PizzaZombies.Perkmoney"); in my luafile. I'm clueless about why there would be an error in this line.. Did it occur at the post office? Did a few tests but never seen that error come up, neither did I find any of the items I used Hydrocraft.HCLoading.lua as an example, but apparently there is some trick to get this working. Weird that the print doesn't show up.
  4. I haven't developped the mod any further, due to lack of interest and got some other things going on where I rather spend time on xd. I'm glad to hear you like it. I tested it at build 32.16, so I'm not aware of the error that occured to you and therefore can't answer if you lost some functionality. You can make the machines spawn in the PZMachineDistribution.lua. But I'm guessing that doesn't work though because else you wouldn't ask the question haha And yeah I balanced the wind katana to do just that. It's also the easiest blade to obtain
  5. i will add the link yes forgot about that No you don't require a new save game I think. Mods are reloading during game startup.You should back it up for safety ofcourse. about the rewards: I guess the power-up rate is too high once you are set with a decent gun. Will try to balance this more. Maybe give less chance on power-ups after a certain amount of kills with the same weapon is a simple solution for that off the top of my head, to stop snowball effect. I have thought about the zombie spawn, but that would be a negative power-up and doesn't match, I think. that would be more suiting to simulate increasing number of zombie waves like in Nazi Zombies. Working (slowly) on a tranzit area to add in muldraugh. I myself play with zombies on "high" so there are enough to kill xd. The bonus zombies is a good idea though and I'm going to look into that! But if more people would like to see more zombie spawn I should be able to implement that too.
  6. Cheers for that! You're right I hadn't read that Was in a hurry to get the mod finished before bedtime haha. My compliments on your mod great arsenal of weapons! Lots of fun
  7. A friend and me thought it would be fun to implement COD Nazi Zombies elements into the game. I've made a mod that gives you money after a kill, which can be used to buy a weapon in the mystery box and ammo. I've added all weapons from build 1.238 into the box, and ammo from the primary item that is being held can be bought. I hope you don't mind me "advertising" my mod here, but because it's so dependant on this mod that I thought I'd share it. Else I'll delete the post http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/15774-pizzazombies-kill-rewards/
  8. Will do that tomorrow when im home on my cell right now enjoying a beer
  9. I will do that hadn't found that mod i'll check that one out!
  10. UPDATE 25/7 Okay I made some drastic changes after discovering ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod by ORMtnMan. All guns from build 1.238 are in the Mystery Box, and all types of ammo can be bought from the Ammo Locker. Gun Attachments have been disabled, hadn't got time for that yet. Mystery Box gives equal chances to all the weapons and the box won't disappear after gambling. This way it's fully functional. The way I'd use it is to set up a base and then unpack the machines and go out hunting Adds more reasons to actively go out and kill zombies. ***************IMPORTANT*************** ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod by ORMtnMan needed for full functionality (Build 1.238) http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/11164-ormtnmans-real-guns-mod/ download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/pa94unuw4q47jyv/ORGM+1.238.zip TESTING OPTIONS For direct view of all functions, start items have been added. Go to lua/PZStartItems.lua and delete the items or just drop 'em xd ***************CREDITS*************** Money Sprites - WolfeClaw/Hydrocraft http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/Hydrocraft Katana - TommyGuns by tommysticks http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/TommyGuns. Ornaments sprites - http://www.iconarchive.com/show/xmas-icons-by-pixture.html all other sprites - PizzaPepperoni supports the samuraiSword from TommyGuns by tommysticks. http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/TommyGuns. Is compatible with the money from Hydrocraft. http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/Hydrocraft Used coding from the following mods: Hydrocraft by Hydromancerx - http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/Hydrocraft CheatMenu by ethanwdp - http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/cheatmenu/ NamedWeapons by tommysticks - http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/NamedWeapons/ ***************MOD DETAILS*************** Description: Adds more reasons to actively go out and kill zombies. Version: 1.0 Only Single Player working at this point. Mod includes: - Random weapons box including all weapons from ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod. - Ammo Locker containing all types of ammo. - Medical supplies containing all medical supplies. - Money Exchange for changing money to 100 dollar bills. - Packapunch to upgrade sword to 4 different stronger swords. - Each sword can be upgraded after 4 different stones have been rewarded. - 5th ultimate sword can be made with all 4 swords and moonstone. - Money rewards after zombie kill to use above machines. - Wallets can be openend for money. - Power-Up rewards after zombie kill. Rewards explained: With each kill a reward will be given. 83% of the time this will be a money reward. After a kill you have a 1% chance to receive a random stone. 4% chance to get you primary refilled with ammo-, Your hunger and thirst stats have a 3% chance to get restored. 2% for a random XPboost, primary weapon repaired and your mental or physical health recovered. Receive 1 boxes of bullets for the weapon you carry as bonus (1%). And lastly a 0,5% chance on a full restore. Future ideas, plans and fixes: * Will be implemented if there is demand for this mod. Suggestions are welcome. - Add custom sprites to ornaments. - Add different sets of start items with adding professions. - Reward when a certain amount of kills has been made with the same weapon - Timed Power-ups, for instance 30 second instakill or god mode. - Balancing adjustments. - Crafting a mysterybox with high carpentry, planks, toy bear and money. - Crafting Machines with metal sheets and some other stuff. - Find stones with scavenging to give the mod a wider questrange. Download: http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/PizzaZombiesWeaponsBoxKillReward/
  11. thanks for the info! I think "lessons learned" link will be helpful. Had a busy weekend haha I still have to try to work those ideas in.
  12. Yeah the primary is equiped with the weapon I killed with. There must be a problem converting it from single player to multiplayer. Tried adding: if primary then local pModData = primary:getModData(); without the ~= nil, it still gives the error object tried to call nill in numberKills, which makes no sense to me after removing that line.
  13. Thanks for the advice! But I was aware of the chain story I think I just don't know the different functions I can use and such. The code is all in here haha it ain't that much. just what is below + the zombrand function. And the one similar was just based on RoboMat's Hydrocraft mod, combination of a recipe and use OnCreate: to activate a function which i added in the HCExtra.lua file in the same way the others are in that file. code: Console: Console:
  14. I removed the player: because if i didnĀ“t i got an error in that line#. I know next to nothing about lua. I was trying to get it working by trial and error, but when that failed i was hoping to get a quick solution on this forum, since i found a lot of information on here. And not to spam it with codes. So I don't know what to do with your reply either. The thing I had in mind was exactly what the now working single player variant is doing: Spawn 1 item in player inventory after a zombie has been killed through ZombRand. I have made something simillar using an item instead of a zombiekill to get a weapon in inventory and it worked in MP right away. I thought it would be easier to accomplish this modification.
  15. I tried to implement the getSpecificPlayer() into the code. But now a new error shows up: Object tried to call nil in numberKills, regarding the primary weapon, i guess. Don't know what it means haha
  16. Thanks for the effort! It works in Singleplayer mode! I had been testing it on my server everytime. But on multiplayer it still doesn't work.. Tried it with a clean server and copied new game files into the folder.. maybe that was the problem all along for me. Is there a difference in coding for multiplayer and singleplayer?
  17. The main goal for me is to bypass the looting and directly gain items in inventory after zombRand when a zombie is killed. You can already add items to the inventory of zombies with suburbsdistribution.
  18. I get an error regarding the line: local pdata = getPlayerData(player:getPlayerNum()); tried some alterations but still no succes details below:
  19. I added an item in the list that doesn't exist in the zomboid folder (removed the mod for testing). I think this must mean that it does look up the item, right? it only doesn't execute it in game for some reason. No other errors pop up. Zombies killed with this weapon 5 Zombie killed gamble2 End Zombies killed with this weapon 6 Zombie killed ERROR: ItemContainer.AddItem: can't find tommyguns_items.weapon_1911 gamble5 End
  20. I think there must be something wrong with the accessing of the inventory. I get this message after deletion of that line.
  21. Tested with only Hydrocraft Mod active including this code in server folder. Result i get in server console:
  22. Thanks for the replies! I'm a big fan of both your mods! yeah i tried to do zoning with the print option. The gamble function works because i get a different result with each kill (gamble0-3). Can't find the capital though I tried the code you send RoboMat, but still no succes. With the code with getPlayer(), i get the exact same result as i got before: print does work but no items in inventory. With the local player, i get all kinds of error messages in the console. Does it matter in which Lua folder the file is? I tried both shared and server folders.
  23. Hello all, I'm new to modding and made some mods for myself that work by trial and error and some info from this site. However I'm stuck at this issue for some time now, and i was hoping to get some help here I got a piece of code from "NamedWeapons" Mod, for the OnZombieDead function and counter. Everything works, except the part where i should get an item in my inventory. i have tried different approaches like getPlayer():getInventory():Additem... and player:getInventory():.. all without result. Same goes for trying to say an ingame message with Say(".. ") function. Only the the "Print" messages show up in my console, but the effects don't ingame. Help would be much appreciated! pff sorry i can't even get the spoiler function to work .. frustrating :S
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