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  1. So here's a mildly Lovecraftian short story/conversation/whatever the hell this is... It is based off Bokrug. WARNING: It's not very good. "So what now?" "I don't know?" "What do you mean you don't know?!" "Billions died in the blast, only a fraction of the current survivors will survive the upcoming fallout." "At least that thing is dead..." "God... That giant lizard thing. It nearly wiped out the west coast!" "Yeah I can't believed we that fucking thing god."
  2. An epic story of a dwarf fortress. An intriguing murder mystery set in cyberpunk Tokyo. A zombie apocalypse somewhere in Kentucky. I've been thinking about a DF story and a PZ story... I think I may write about a certain cataclysmic disaster in New England with some references to PZ.
  3. Thinking of writing a short story any idea?
  4. I wonder that if when they add Louisville there is going to be a toxic waste dump near it. Still that wont explain how toxic waste can make you into a contagious carrier though. idk but its not the river be because thts in west point and the dump is probably in north west louisville.
  5. IRL theres a toxic waste dump near muldraugh and louisville cant remember whats its called but its probably what started the out break if the ever decide to add it in
  6. it could be possible but it would probably be REALLY hard to code but i cant code so correct me if im wrong
  7. Very important question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you guys like turtles?
  8. Is there a way to pick you actual spawn point in survival? I haven't seen anything? Also, not sure what "wp" is? wp= west point
  9. If he's out to get me then why does he run away when he hears or sees me? stealth game logic
  10. if they are i would have no clue about it. if they are, fine. if not fine. it makes no real difference. Some of them are, and a few things already in game are too. Like the really CD day start. If you haven't played Cata DDA, you might like it. It's fun and difficult, like PZ. http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php i played it its 1000x harder
  11. is it just me or are some of these from cataclysm dark days ahead?? they are still really cool though and some of these can really bring immersion to the game.
  12. adelt


    I think it would be cool if allergies were added. Mainly it would make the game harder by cutting out certain food groups meaning players would need to find other sources of food, plus the effects of eating food the character is allergic to could just be the same effects of eating burnt food. (btw when i mean allergies i mean the common ones like lactose intolerance or something like that)
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