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  1. Be the first to the meat But seriously, the speed in numbers thing makes no sense to me. My idea wasn't to make sense in lore, but your joke reply is actually viable. It's just the feeling of more threat in greater numbers. But the only threat is your own error, by accidentally walking into a zombie or a misclick. Neither feel like very satisfying deaths. I just think "stupid game mechanics" instead. As stated originally, hordes are no threat at all. When the reality is they should be the definitive, singular threat of the game. Dying to a horde is more satisfying that getting nicked on
  2. Infinite durability on weapons is currenting not working though. Luckily the repair weapons does!
  3. Buggar, do you know what it was? I actually have two folders for mods in PZ. A hangover from the old versions of the game when you had to play via Desura. I'd just searched for the folder rather than going through the folders myself into Steam, so I was actually running your previous version of Cheat Menu (which still completely works other than zombie brush!). My apologies!
  4. This is all it says: http://imgur.com/0oFZRi6
  5. Ethan, testing these cheats on a new map at the moment. Currently the zombie brush does not work for me at all. Whether I click toggle first, then zombies. Or zombies first then toggle. Makes no difference. Won't spawn any zombies, which is the whole reason I wanted to try this mod out.
  6. "This isn't going to change if they're faster, yet still slower, or even as fast as the player. though. You're only altering the distance that the player will need to be to either kite or attract a horde away." Yes, but that's the point. If the zombies are fast enough that you only get half as many shotgun blasts out than usual, that's still a huge increase in making horde kiting more redundant. I see your point though, it doesn't stop luring them away entirely. But it's an effort to make the process more time-consuming and risky. Faster zombies in a pack means more chances to get grabbed.
  7. The game has always been about that one zombie that gets you and I totally agree that the majority of players aren't geniuses (which is why I'd like to see it as a sandbox option first at least), but in the realms of realism nobody in their right mind would try to kite a zombie horde. But being a game, where your "life" doesn't matter, people will attempt it regardless. So finding a way to make it counter-productive for players would make it a more accurate simulation. 7/10 would mean it's effective 30% of the time, which is quite unrealistic if you were to try it in a real zombie apocolypse!
  8. "The zombie's numbers are what count, not their attributes such as speed." Heavily disagree. Their speed is the entirety of their danger factor. This is the reason people can kite zombies all day long. Increased speed of clumped zombies would make that impossible, thus eliminating this 'attract the horde away from base with shotgun' mentality, which seems to be the universal standard of play whenever trouble arises. "Individual zombies are nothing outside of an element of surprise and I do not how you could have got the impression that they're somehow getting more difficult over the entire
  9. Zombies haven't changed, no. But the player has become weaker, which wouldn't be apparent if you didn't know that. You'd just assume zombie strength had been buffed. But zombie/player strength means nothing when zombies are too slow to be a threat. That's my point. Perhaps you're right and not everyone is having an easy time of the new build. But as stated: neither am I. It's difficult, but for the wrong reasons in my opinion. Not that I was refering to zombie/player changes just based on this build. I was refering to changes made since the game's first alpha release. We've come a long way sin
  10. [**Minor Walking Dead Spoilers**] I'm not saying that they break any form of zombie convention. I'm saying they adhere more to it. In The Walking Dead, 1-2 zombies is no problem. Even more than that when in a group. But look what happens when a big group suddenly comes through, they all of a sudden move faster. In season 1 when they're in the building, as soon as a huge group breaks through, they move a hell of a lot faster. Same in the first episode, when he turns the corner on the horse into a horde, they swarm him in seconds. This is how it should be in the game. Imagine wandering around
  11. I don't think the player is the issue. Granted, gradual speed increase is certainly more realistic, but it doesn't offset being able to out-walk a zombie horde. The speed increase I suggested is a great way to add tension that is sorely lacking. Of course people don't want the speed of zombies changing, because people are more interested in smashing zombie brains than realism. In a real zombie apocolypse (the irony) you wouldn't want to engage zombies unless they were singled out and the current game, even with the latest update still shows poor implementation of true zombie mechanics. Horde
  12. I'm not talking about grabbing or the combat system, because they never get within a distance to grab you anyway. I'm talking about their speed when it comes to lunging at you to even get a chance to grab. At the moment you can just walk backwards at a speed faster than a zombie coming towards you, which is what makes the game boring. I understand the idea of changing grabbing, because at the moment you can almost sprint straight through a big group, which is also dumb. But their speed is the main issue here. They're just too slow. They should be shambling along until they see you, at which po
  13. I've lurked here and on the old forums pretty much since PZ began. Never felt the need to make an account until now, but I need to get this off my chest. Zombies in PZ used to terrify me. The days of the tutorial, baldspot and Kate, the looter... The first time I left my oven on and the house caught fire, waking up to a hundred zombies at my door. I freaking sh*t myself. I barricaded myself inside my house and inside my room. They eventually got in. I've never been so excited to die before. I'd never experienced anything like it. I was hooked. The next time I thought I'd steal the looter's
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