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  1. sorry konrad im still trying to figure it out also i got it workingtoday untill 33.20 came out ill update ya if i get it
  2. take your time jab we love you long time lol
  3. o wow thx jab ur the best but i got a problem jab when i install the zombie folder i get a error on the server saying or games files dont match the servers
  4. by the time he updates 30.19 project zomboid will be 30.20 then he will have to update the mod again
  5. by the time he updates it build 33.20 will be out lol im glad im not him this would drive me insane
  6. Harder than you'd think. The weapon model support is derived from pre-existing classes, so only edits and not really anything new. For perspective, getting even clothing models to work is a challenge in itself, and the framework is already halfway there. PZ needs a lot of work done before any kind of really ambitious modding can be realistically done, but by that point, TIS will probably have added cars themselves. ...You can however replace the player model with a car and play bumper cars with zombie drivers if you're into that kind of thing. true if it was easy youd see at least scatebords or bicycles in the game cuz there slower then a car
  7. hydrocraft mod has cars but there used like back packs i read some were it said if drivable cars come out itll only be for single player due to map generation speed
  8. take your time man i agree with you id wait to i think 33 is almost done any ways
  9. it works just we cant remove grass or right click on some things lol
  10. ok i fixed it so i can forage but now when i start the server i get this error ERROR: invalid room ID #3840 in cell 20,19 while reading map_meta.bin i guess ima try re installing it on the server see that works Update: does this everytime i start the server alot of people are having the same problem on steam https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/1/483366528913837527/ is this because of the map or because of steam? the map will stop loading or get a error and then we got to restart the server cuz it crashed
  11. yay thank you jab thx thx thx thx thanks you have made many of us really happer
  12. build 33 just came out to and i only got to see my guns for 2 days lol please jab we loves you long time
  13. if your renting a server i can help you get it on the server but u wont be able to forage just on single player i duno why
  14. try subscribing and restarting ur steam or computer and re loging back into steam that helped me have it on single player as for a server scroll up the answer is in the comments i think
  15. thank you so much i shall pour a beer out for you to show my apritiation it worked khamseen one more question since i rent a server i can not forage and i dont understand the server map_beta.bin all i can find is map_t .bin i can only find it in my users on my character i create i can forage on single player but not on the server im renting i think im missing a server file that lets multy player forage Loading: media/maps/Muldraugh, KY/spawnpoints.luaLoading: media/maps/West Point, KY/spawnpoints.luaLoading: steamapps/workshop/content/108600/522891356/mods/Bedford Falls/media/maps/BedfordFalls/spawnpoints.luaLoading world...tiledef: loading media/tiledefinitions.tilestiledef: loading media/newtiledefinitions.tilestiledef: loading media/tiledefinitions_erosion.tilesMOD: failed to load poster C:\TCAFiles\Users\username\1774\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\522891356\mods\Bedford Falls\poster.png
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