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  1. Would absolutely love to see something like this.
  2. Step 1. Make the little number labled as 'age' count up. Step 2. When it hits 50 make the characters hair turn grey. Step 3. Tell players that age affects characters in unspecified ways, and that they will have to figure it out on their own. Step 4. Sit back and congratulate yourselves while satisfying a minority, with minimal work involved. -------------------- In all seriousness, as Rathlord said the concept is redundant. You want to play an old guy with more knowledge and less physical ability? Take overweight, weak, asthmatic and some skill perks. Not only that but if you are surviving 30+ years, not only is the game doing something wrong but... you might want to consider splashing out for a new game or a bike or something. For the sake of argument though, say I had to suggest avway that this could work. The only way I could see this being a good idea is if the devs decide to make skills decay over time (not farmed for a couple of months? Farming XP starts trickling away). Age could act as a modifier - younger characters learn faster but also forget things faster too, while old characters are more resistant to change.
  3. I actually wouldn't mind seeing something like this. It probably wouldn't be any use against zombies - I can imagine the threads on here already, where people are hiding behind some curtains and the zombs just won't leave, because why would they? They're brain dead! Even against players, hiding behind curtains must mean your really desperate: most of them would notice your legs sticking out from the bottom. Living people do things like move and breath and take up space too - hiding isn't all that easy. I can't see it helping the player too much, but having a new way for them to get themselves trapped and new hiding spots for zombies to lurk? Crawlers dragging themselves out from under beds? Yes please!
  4. Personally, I think that is exactly the reason that they should be included! Hear me out...Right now, you hop into a kitchen and throw open all of the cupboards - you immediately see two knives, a few cans and a gun. You grab them and run in seconds - no problem. Personally, I think that needing to scan through junk items (simulating searching cupboards that are actually full) would add that extra tension. Zombies at the door and need a weapon? If you open any given cupboard in a strangers house, chances are that your not going to immediately know if there's anything useful there without looking. That, and if the items are there, perhaps there might be some minor uses for them, like burning socks or something.
  5. Get used to it - rehashing thoroughly debated topics as if they're new is one of the top pastimes on here. The elusive search button remains undiscovered it seems.
  6. Damn you XCOM, I refuse to believe that not one of those six 75% shots hit... Seriously though, that's a valid point. I always look for alternatives when my chances are below 60% or so.
  7. +1 to this - personally I'm in the opinion that they should fall down of you hit them hard enough to stagger them, but innintrest of gameplay balance I get that might make them too easy. Instead, I'd be happy just to be able to get a hit on them while they stagger. There have been times that I have been bitten when fighting two on one, not because they got the upper hand or I did anything stupid but because one of the zombies turned immortal and I lost concentration as my character flailed an axe uselessly through its skull.
  8. Colours seem like the way to go for me - we could take it one step further and let players choose a 'colour' of speech when they create a character, acting as a type of voice. Then some players would have similar colours (sound similar), the same colours (sound pretty much the same) or have completely different colours (sound completely different). The colour of the text could allow an ally is disguise or on the radio to identify themselves without giving the game away, or allow an imposter to try and pose as them. Imagine speaking to somebody on the radio, then two or three folks turn up on your doorstep pointing guns in your face... and you suddenly recognise ones voice from the radio. Is it radio guy, or just someone who sounds like him? Either way, you probably won't take advice from him in the future.
  9. I'm pretty sure I read that you can already overdose on alcohol and painkillers - never tried it though so for the purpose of this post let's presume you can't. That would be nice to see as a way to get people to think about what they are doing with their medicine Options like this could be nice, but I get the feeling that they would clutter the game unnecassarily. We already have zombies, burning, jumping from high places and drinking bleach, along with the possibility of asking a friend to execute you - its not hard to die in the game if you really want to.
  10. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AbsurdlySpaciousSewer
  11. I actually had a mod installed on Fallout 3 a while back that added this to the game and it was pretty nifty. The strange thing was that it didn't effect my performance at all. Weird, I know - I expected it to have a big impact but nope, was fine. I know Zomboid isn't anything like Fallout 3 mechanically, but then again your not likely to fire a few hundred rounds from a minigun in Zomboid either. Just saying that while is probably SHOULD be a big drain on resources, there's probably a way to prevent it. That said, I think things like this should be left for consideration after the game is finished or for modders to deal with - the game isn't going to be any worse without it.
  12. Not trying to lean one way or the other here because I really don't know but is drinking rainwater as it falls practical? What I mean is... well, I did it as a kid and tended to catch a drop or two, but nowhere near enough to quench any kind of thirst. That said, I didn't try for hours on end so I'm not exactly 'in the know'. I've seen it suggested a lot but I always wonder if it would actually work. What I would like to see however would be rain pooling on the ground and things - maybe puddles which exist in the game but only become visible once it's been raining for an hour - which you can drink from and fill bottles with. Of course, floor water would be tainted because... floor. As for illnesses, yeah I agree. I get that at the moment there is only really one kind of generic illness and that's just fine as it is, but it would be nifty if there were different kinds based on how you got them.
  13. Is it just me that doesn't like the whole 'add fuel to campfire' thing? And the fact that you can store your stuff in fires without any real danger? It's not particually realistic. I propose that rather than adding fuel to campfires in a special way, any burnable items in the inventory of a lit campfire should automatically be used as fuel. Would it change much? Probably not, but I'd like to see it. Makes zero sense why you can put a things on a burning fire and nothing happen tobthem, and it would save having to add sticks to the fire one by one.
  14. 1. I don't know whether Wine would be strong enough to use as a disinfectant, but as a general rule Wine tends to be ~10% alcohol content, whereas whisky tends to be more along the lines of ~40%. I know that historically Wine WAS used to disinfect wounds, but usually as part of a more complex mixture. 2. As above, I don't know if aftershave would have enough alcohol in it to be a valid disinfectant. Maybe it would, maybe not. Perhaps we need a new perk - Resourceful - that can use less conventional items like these for these purposes? Just an idea. 3. True, but I think for gameplay sake it's something that doesn't really need changing. Theres a point where being too realistic and details makes the game less fun. 4. I didn't realise this, but if its the case then I fully agree. 5. Kitchen knives are made for cutting, not stabbing. They are strong across their cutting edge, but most will be pretty flimsy when bent sideways for example. I think having a powerful attack and low durability is a good way to represent this, and people who know how to avoid the damage will have it last longer (blade maintenance) 6. I've noticed this and agree - unfortunately I can't really think of a good way to solve the issue. 7. Fully agree with this. 8. Makes sense, but I've honestly never even noticed them so I wouldn't say its a huge priority. 9. Fully agree with this one too.
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