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  1. So recently I've noticed a lot of players on multiplayer have been "save reloading" aka backing up their player data so they can reload it after they die. I was thinking about it more and more, and thought of a solution to this exploit, checksums. Why not have say, a random server-side checksum that's generated maybe based on the current server-side system time (just an example) and then copied onto the client's multiplayer folder? You could hash and maybe even salt the checksum (or just don't show it in the command prompt log) to prevent anyone from being "clever" and copying it or even using rainbow tables. Then when the player's demise has happened, you could have the server delete the checksum on it's end from a Lua table, or some sort of database? Therefore when the player tried to "reload" their old backup it would simply say "nope" and force them into a new character creation menu. I don't imagine that the Lua table file, or database would be too extreme in size considering it would be smaller strings of text for each user, maybe 30-60 bytes each checksum? Maybe I'm just overlooking something, or I'm oversimplifying the process and I apologize if I am! You could also have it so server's had an option to disable or enable this feature perhaps, just in-case a server doesn't mind players backing up their saves? Anyways it's all just in theory I guess, not practice yet, so you tell me if that's possible or I'm just spewing nonsense! Thanks!
  2. Glad, to see it wasn't just me. Was worried I had broken something somehow. Thanks for assistance!
  3. The permissions suggest that they should be able to be executed. As for a backup of the start-server.sh, you wouldn't happen to be able to help me out, and give me a copy of your backup? Just to see if it works.
  4. Okay, so I've tried everything from reinstalling java, through apt-get to trying to set a manual path in start-server.sh but I haven't been able to get the server running again. I did do "java -version" to check if it was even registering it was installed and it was, any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm running it off a Ubuntu Server 32-bit box. Default "start-server.sh" as well.
  5. General Info: So I noticed lately that a lot of servers I joined were always set to the default settings, and wanted to break that cycle, so I present to you TheeZomboidExperience! I have tweaked the settings a bit to what I believed to be more multiplayer "friendly" while still keeping the harsh reality of being in a zombie apocalypse! This is hosted from home and is just being ran from an old PC I threw a Ubuntu Server OS on, so no promises on performance or, reliability but I'll try to keep it running as long as I possible. *And as for 24/7 I am not going to make any promises, this is ran from home, and conditions could change at any time! I do suggest taking a look at the server's steam group as I have the rules, and settings info posted there aswell as an announcement! Plus it'd be cool to build a little community within' a community! Rules: Don't be a jerk, use common sense (vvv refer to rule number five vvv).Don't be "that" guy.Don't be Steve, no one likes Steve.Don't be an asshat, (^^^ refer to rule number one ^^^).Settings Changes: Reduced book reading time to 40% less! Endurance regeneration is at Fast!Farming speed set to Fast. (Perhaps you can farm now in MP)4 hours (IRL) = 1 in-game day | 10 days (IRL) = 2 in-game monthsLoot respawn is set to every 2 months in-game (10 days IRL).Fire spread is off, and fire is on, I know, I know. Boooo, but I've seen enough servers having to rollback twenty times due to idiots so fire spread it's staying off until further notice Safehouses are on, people can still trespass, AND steal from you if you don't lock up your stuff, so beware and lock up your stuff good, and don't leave doors unlocked (2 weeks offline IRL is the time it will take for your safehouse to expire.)Server will pause on empty aswell. (Keep that in mind when worrying about safehouses, expiring, farming, etc.)Changed chat color to green to make it easier to see in snowy weather (subject to change to a better choice)Server Info: Version: 33.14 Stable Branch IP: ~ Happy Surviving!
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