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  1. Name: James Vance Profession: Unemployed Positive Traits: Handy, Fast Learner, Brave, Graceful, Dextrous, and Outdoorsman Negative Traits: Feeble, High Thirst, Underweight, Hearty Appetite, Short Sighted Bio: Vance was a drifter for most of his life, working various odd jobs from simple repairs to helping someone move. He rarely had enough money keep himself up and was often forced to adapt on a constant basis. Without a place to call home, Vance spent a number of nights without shelter, and on multiple occasions slept in rain and snow. He was also no stranger to a fight, and often had to deal with punks trying to harass him. Just before the outbreak occurred, Vance was passing through Kentucky, and ended up caught in the chaos. Now he's been surviving on his own, trying to avoid the hands of death. Name: Marcus King Profession: Veteran/Military Positive Traits: Stout, Outdoorsman Negative Traits: High Thirst, Slow Learner, Hearty Appetite Bio: Marcus joined the military out of high school, and was deployed overseas. He was never in actual combat, but he had witnessed a number of serious accidents. After on such accident, he ended up being discharged and returned home, where he chose to help at his friends gun shop. When the infection started getting really bad, he made his way to help out with law enforcement and the National Guard. When things completely collapsed, he got out and has spent his time trying to help out anyone he can. Name: Charles Darwin Profession: Doctor Positive Traits: Inconspicuous, Organized Negative Traits: Feeble, Short Sighted (Plus some other traits which were removed) Bio: An unremarkable man, Charles spent much of his life in the shadows, keeping out of sight from the world. A cold and cynical man, Charles was never one for socializing, and was often ill-tempered when interrupted. He ended up studying to become a doctor, and after school ended up working at a hospital in his city. He was one of the first sent over to help with the outbreak, but in the end he realized that things had gone too far. While everything began to fall around him, he chose to get out and begin Hope these can provide some use!
  2. I'd like to see TIS continue with this style (Isometric in-depth), but with some kind of squad-based base-building theme to it. Not apocalyptic in nature, but I'd like it more modern themed than anything else.
  3. Actually the IWBUMS version already has native model loading. "Native model loading support for weapon mods" Last I saw there was some drama that happened and Jab was removed from the forum, and his mods no longer supported.
  4. There's a question nagging me in regards to your findings. That is, how does this scale with higher level walls? If I am correct the higher the level, the more health a wall has, but do we know the rates at which this occurs for metal walls? I imagine that at a beginners level, metal walls will be fairly weak, but for someone who is an expert, I suspect metal walls could be become something of a proper fort. I also believe that there is no such scaling for log walls, and as such no matter your level in carpentry or whatever, it will keep the same health. So that means that although at the start a log wall might seem superior, at further stages standard wooden walls and possibly metal walls could prove better.
  5. Very neat! This is something that could come very useful in certain circumstances (Especially if you used that one custom spawns mod that could spawn you in the forests) and overall just useful for navigation in general.
  6. The issue of operating and maintaining an actual power plant would be the amount of hands needed to run it. We're talking at least a couple dozen people just to operate it (All of whom would need to have training to operate it) and that's just minimum. You also have the issue of resources, most power plants (With the exception of hydroelectric dams, solar stations, and wind turbines) can only run for a limited amount of time before resource run out. Now, in regards to the more sustainable energy sources, you have to realize the game is set in the early 90's, and as such things such as solar were only beginning to grow in North America, and the wind turbine had only recently in the past few decades began to spring up in certain areas. That may sound cynical, but I agree that it would be amazing to do something that would provide a sustainable energy source. I'm the kind of person who when NPCs come around, will try to rebuild society with as many NPCs as possible. :#
  7. This will also be implemented (Though not as a slider), previously in Sandbox, there was an option for the NPC spawn amount (Not zombies, but NPCs) which was stuck at 'None' or something along those lines.
  8. Can you test this on multiplayer? I fix a lot of sound calls, but not sure if they are all fixed. https://www.dropbox.com/s/z9ar2rkb4y5mmic/ORGM%20sound%20fix.ZIP?dl=0 I can confirm that this does work in singleplayer, however I am unable to test in multiplayer. However regardless, thank you sir for doing this, I'll post again if I find any issues with this. Also I also found what I think is a bug (I'm fairly certain it's unrelated to the sounds) involving the AR-15 in which I couldn't insert or eject the magazine when I turned both the magazine and the AR-15 to 5.56 rounds. It seems that for some reason when the AR-15 is converted to 5.56 it no longer holds any magazine. (The ammo counter disappears on the weapon description).
  9. The only thing I know from what I've seen is that the military must be low on nuclear weapons, as per all modern zombie lore the military MUST nuke ground zero so as to kill all the undead with radiation... Wait, has that worked before? Oh well! What's that worst that can happen?
  10. I imagine that the latest update, with changes to how sounds work, is going to break a few things. Both sounds and the models (Model loader) are no longer functioning
  11. Every day is a day closer to the update! Anyways, on the topic of zombie sizes, and making giant zombies, how would we kill them?! You'd need some 3D maneuver gear for those kinds of zeds.
  12. Brilliant! However I am curious, what are the plans for deleting objects? Of course people will make mistakes however in multiplayer I imagine it could be problematic unless you have sometime planned.
  13. If I remember correctly, when the profession update went out, TIS stated that the justification behind this was that some of these jobs allowed people more freetime, and in turn allowed more hobbies, and vice-versa, some jobs allowed little freetime, with few hobbies, but instead you earned more from doing more on the job. I honestly enjoy the system, I regularly play some of the more expensive professions and I love trying to find a good combination to work out. It also helps in building a story for the player. "Before this all hit, I was a veteran, but I was blinded after I lost my eye in combat and was sent home." That's my opinion on the matter. In all honesty I feel a lot of this is just an overreaction on the OPs part.
  14. That doesn't sound like correct behavior, being inside the building shouldn't change their awareness. In fact having more time to barricade was one of the original reasons for the mod. Might be a conflict with a recent code update to the core game, I haven't played in a while. It might be some time before I can QA it but I'll try to find some time. I'm not sure if this is the case, but it is possible that this is from the new update to zombies. Build 32 introduced some serious changes to zombie spawning/migration and has made them a far more serious threat. On topic with the mod, I love the idea, it reminds me of the I Am Legend style creatures. I'll try it out when I can. Though I am cautious about not sleeping, I wonder how it will affect gameplay.
  15. Note, I play a modded game on sandbox with changed settings. Generally when it comes to surviving I find that first you need to ensure you have a all the necessary supplies. This would be food, a axe, a saw, a backpack, and some other bits depending on how you play. For example, I enjoy using guns to clear out isolated areas that have no value and luring most of the zombies to that area. After that find a good safehouse, generally I stick to warehouses due to how easily they can be secured (Most have few windows, but a number of doors) However now I have looked to other places which are quite isolated (IE: Up north beyond West Point) After all of that it's up to you. The best thing I can say is play it safe and only take things that you're certain you can handle. Though I will also say that you will always have to worry about luck, sometimes you get lucky, other times you get unlucky. My last game I made into a week and was in the middle of fortifying a new safehouse across the street from the Academy in Valley Station when I fell and broke my leg. I succeeded in securing my safehouse but I had neglected taking a lot of food with me and I ended up surrounded by a massive horde. After 3 days of sitting around hoping for my leg to heal I went out to try and gather food from the academy. Let's just say that around 200 zombies decided to help me out.
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