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  1. The process for installing the dedicated server on either platform is very similar. "The server won't let me connect to it" is a very vague description of the issue you are experiencing - add the symptoms that indicate why you're unable to connect, including any errors output to the game client, the game client's console, and whatever the server console records regarding the connection. You only need one Steam account to play on your server. You should have installed the game via SteamCMD using the "anonymous" user, as detailed in the server setup guide.
  2. Thanks for reporting back with some pointers
  3. You may want to give the aptly named Linux Game Server Managers a shot.
  4. Aniketos

    Firearm angle

    It's an interesting idea! I answered your .bat/debug flag question here. The specific weapon property you'll be wanting to play with is MinAngle which (expressed as a decimal) appears to reflect the percentage of the character's rotation that the weapon cannot hit. For illustrative purposes, you can use the following equation to convert to the angle of the arc (in degrees) which the game will select targets within (note this is just something I came up with through observation - I haven't actually read through the game's actual implementation): TargetAngle┬░ = ( 1 - weapon.MinAngle ) * 360So,
  5. This seems useful but then again there are 100s of bat files. Can you be more specific? There are 7 .bat files. The two RCON .bat files are used to send server commands remotely (and are tucked away in a sub-directory, anyway). The other 5 are all pretty self-descriptive: ProjectZomboid64 - Launcher.bat - executes the game launcher.ProjectZomboid - Translation Debug.bat - starts the game with features to aid string translation.ProjectZomboidServer.bat - starts the packaged server.ProjectZomboid32.bat - starts the game with support for 32-bit architectures.ProjectZomboid64.bat - starts the g
  6. I don't think the targeting system was designed with assault-rifles in mind, as it will continuously select new targets and wreck everything... Though I'd argue that that's an issue with the mods that add such weapons rather than the targeting system itself. A near-term compromise could be to reduce the hit-chance of such weapons and cap it well below 1.0 - it wouldn't be a reflection of real-life by any means, but it would compensate for spray-to-win by increasing ammo consumption, somewhat... [...] Guns don't aim properly and you can't have skill with it. It's all based on your character
  7. In general, most servers do a "hard-reset" or "hard-wipe" every so often that restores the entire map to it's original state. Not at all trying to dissuade you from starting your own server if you feel so inclined, of course
  8. No need to be rude, man, or subject our community to blanket assertions KOS is permitted (so arguing against KOSers tends to be a fruitless debate), but it is most certainly not "the rules to KOS people". Nor is it a rule that KOSers must lay down their arms when someone complains. The vast majority of players don't KOS, regardless of your experience. I and many of our players don't enjoy PvP either - rather I tend to find it quite stressful and do what I can to avoid it - but I do believe it adds a lot to the game. I never claimed that you would be a murdering bandit in a real apocalypse, no
  9. I'm sorry you've had such an unfortunate experience, Striker! But I assure you not everyone's is the same. Many non-"sociopathic murders" play together just fine on our server, and actually have always seemed to be the majority by a large margin - there are almost always a few groups of 2-6 players, and sometimes even larger. Most of them don't tend to run bravely through the city without backup, though - they stay cautious, and tend to build their bases and safe-houses in nondescript locations. I myself played a character I kept alive for somewhere between 30 and 50 hours of game-time. Gr
  10. Nope - vanilla slash-commands only support awarding skill XP. However it's entirely possible with LUA, so such a command/feature could be added via mod.
  11. Aniketos

    Wearing Containers

    If it does prove to be something that you can't modify using LUA, it may still be possible with some creativity... Say, an invisible, weightless container item in the player's inventory (or perhaps referenced only in the player's modData?) along with an associated clothing item that has the invisible container's contents' weight attributed to it. When the clothing item is equipped, equip the container as well, and adjust the clothing item's weight to reflect the container's weight reduction factor. When the clothing item is removed, unequip the container and update the clothing item to rem
  12. We've been throwing around a similar idea over at Zeek's Haven. I think it could work really in multiplayer as a series of admin-backed events. The ideas in that thread were created before mods were a viable option for servers - I'm sure mods could do a lot to improve the experience for both players as well as admins. In any scenario, physical utilities structures could be a neat addition - though certainly in the context of single-player and NPCs, I agree it should be ridiculously difficult to restart disabled utilities, likely requiring an/multiple engineers as well as a non-trivial amoun
  13. Aniketos

    IP Config Help

    DNS is the protocol and infrastructure that maps domain names to IP addresses. Dynamic DNS is a method of automatically updating the IP address that a domain points to as needed. So a dynamic DNS service will provide you with a domain name and potentially a piece of software to run on your computer, then make sure that that domain name always points to your network, even if your IP address changes. Instead of giving players an IP address to connect to, they will enter the domain name in the IP field.
  14. "Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." - Arthur C. Clarke

  15. I too disagree with this. Maybe an option to allow server admins to more easily specify a playable region for their server - but limiting the actual default map would be a bummer. The decision to use a smaller map should rest solely in the hands of the server-operator, as it already does - even mods remaining the only way to choose a smaller map seems an acceptable compromise, and will no doubt become a smoother process with more options in time. In my eyes Project Zomboid has a strong edge over the vast majority of other early access games I have played, in that the Project Zomboid engine h
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