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  1. Hey all, we didn't give up! In fact we've been working hard and got to the point where we're ready for some feedback. If you fancy giving it a go we have a server up and running and a unity web build here; -Sever down- We expect to keep the server up all weekend, will update this post when we take it down. Looking forward to hear any feedback and issues hit you have!
  2. Thanks guys, we're not using unity lighting system for this project but hope to get some more lighting effects in during the polish phase.
  3. Thank you Cas! Means a lot to read nice comments like that
  4. Hi Rathlord, glad you like it! Yes it's using unity3d although there are a few changes that get rid of the usual telltale signs, we have a custom IBL system to make it look more interesting and work nicely with time of day. Also the weapon trail effects are a using custom effect system to make them easier to author and get the look we wanted. This interfaces with custom server tech supporting 1000 players and all the active monsters, if you find it interesting there's some more information here - http://www.pandaknifetree.com/tech/server-scalibility/
  5. Hi everyone (especially Will!), As the first thread in this new forum it's my honor to introduce the game I've been working on with my friend Peter Nicholls, Legends of Firestorm, it's an action based MMO supporting hundreds of players per server fighting thousands monsters in a giant open world. We've also just launched a kickstarter over here : Legends of Firestorm Really looking forward to hear what you think!
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