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  1. #Same From a player who joined 2-3 years ago and an ex-admin.
  2. Has TS ever come back up?

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    2. Jack Bower

      Jack Bower

      Jacey stopped going on it and now it is closed down to my knowledge. 

    3. Unicorn


      I can open up another one for you guys if you'd like.

    4. Jack Bower

      Jack Bower

      We would like that very much.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I cannot preview the link and the download gives me what seems like a corrupted document.
  4. Unicorn

    Old Dawn RP

    Server is super chill and enjoyable. There's a lot of freedom to do what you want and little restrictions. In addition, despite the basic rules, the RP has been in depth and amazing!
  5. I've been messing around with tile mode for a bit and can't seem to add the windows still. Edit: Nevermind, I have figured it out. Thank you for your help!
  6. In BuildEd, whenever I try to place certain windows (in this case the giant spiffos windows), the entire wall vanishes. I thought it was just glitchy in the program so I saved the file and added it to my map in WorldEd. The walls are still gone and the window doesn't show up. How can I fix this? Thanks!
  7. Unicorn

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Don't know if this was mentioned before: Whenever I right click on a textbook that was added in by the mod (ex: Electrical Engineering Textbook), my game freezes up entirely and the client will become unresponsive. Just wanted to let you know!
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