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    Celsen74 reacted to Mike280 in HEAVY WEAPONS   
    Come on, who wouldn't want an exploding Spiffo?
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    Celsen74 reacted to Mike280 in HEAVY WEAPONS   
    Ah, the ol' Dead Rising scenario.  Anything around you is a weapon.  That mop over there?  Sweep the zombies off their feet.  The table umbrella?  Open it up and use it as a ram to clear through zombies. 
    That fuzzy teddy bear over there?  Just strap some dynamite to it and throw it into a crowd of zombies!!!! Lol
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    Celsen74 got a reaction from Demonic_Kat in Multiple maps different citys/finish animals   
    now you may think this is crazy or it has a high chance of not happening, but i think you should be able to go to more citys kentucky or at least 1 more, because in a apocalypse you wont stay in one place long enough (as long you dont die,) you will move and lets say you dont have respawn loot on, your going to just wait for your death because you wont have anything around you that can be used it will be waste land with zombies, so you have to move. now im not saying you can end the game without death because after all,
    "This is how you died."
    And for the next topic i have in idea is that you catch a animal in a trap or a fish, you should have to stab it or snap its next to kill it because eating live animals isnt to good in my opinon, and if you dont kill it quick enough it can escape.
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    Celsen74 reacted to Blasted_Taco in Get your engineer recipes here!   
    After playing sandbox with ridiculous amounts of loot, zombies and SANIC speed character, i found these recipes, enjoy:
    You can dismantle with screwdriver the following items to get Electric scrap:

    To get sensors you need to dismantle a Home Alarm
    To get a Reciver you must dismantle a Radio
    Then we have the crafting part
    Remote Controller

    Remote trigger



    Virus ZC1O Cure
    Smoke bomb

    Noise maker

    Now the attachments to the bombs (All tested with Aerosolbomb and Smoke bombs, pipebomb might work too)
    Timed bombs
    Motion sensor

    Trigger (Remote controlled)

    I always wanted to be an engineer, have fun blowing up half of West Point and dying by the bombs you made.
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    Celsen74 reacted to King jjwpenguin in Place Aluminum in a Microwave   
    i remember i threw logs in a stove and it didn't work. But somehow the popcorn worked just fine fir fire starting...
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    Celsen74 reacted to Migoxiss in Defense And Offense Suggestions   
    To number 3: Decomposed Flesh has the same condition as cheese (smell is also identical)
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    Celsen74 reacted to Icewind in A new weapon suggestion...   
    I disagree! Spear is a good weapon against a zombie. (yes, I agree that axe is much better) but, spear is good in a different way.
    Well??  Why then you are aiming to his stomach?  Aim to his head!!
    Zombies are slow and clumsy! They don’t even try to evade your hits – just aim and strike!
    But I am not suggesting to fight with spear against NPC with other weapons… of course axe, gun or a bazooka is much better. I am suggesting to fight a zombie.
    And the main purpose of this weapon is to hit him at the maximum (melee weapon) long range and push him back.
    Of course, you have to choose the weapon carefully to each occasion… you don’t want to enter a narrow corridor or a tiny bathroom with a spear or a baseball bat... I always take a good knife when I am opening a bathroom doors… if couple of zombies jumping out on me – only a knife is fast enough to kill them with one \ two hits.
    But when you outside on an open road, in my opinion - spear is excellent!
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    Celsen74 reacted to Livio Persemprio in Flask and shot glasses   
    indeed, on the server i play some guys have a lovely bar, it would be great to have actual shot and flasks, would improve immersion. also a sitting animation wouldn't hurt on this one.
    last thing is i'm always reluctant about drinking alchool because it's not that common, i'd love a way to make wine since it's really easy and the average person can easily afford it
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    Celsen74 reacted to bobchaos in equal oportunity death   
    I've been playing on build 32, which added 2 new professions and a skill: engineer and electrician (+ electrical skill). It just might be rotten luck but I've not been able to find recipe books for all the engineer's traps. Assuming they just don't exist, that's where I'm concerned.
    This would create a system in which all players are no longer "equal", meaning that (as far as I can tell, new player) some professions can do things that others can't do at all. I just thought it was nice that you had to pick a specialization but you still could do anything with a bit more effort. Maybe have a skill lvl requirement for the recipe books, or make leveling more complex skills (like engineering, electrical and carpentry) downright dangerous when doing things that are considered innapropriate for your level. A lvl 0 carpenter for instance could cut himself with the saw or add his finger and blood to the barricade decorations. I could certainly see an amateur engineer exploding himself trying to fix up a pipe bomb.
    Actually, now that I wrote that, yeah, that's what i'm going with: replace all level requirement with a chance for bodily harm! That's be brutal
    All characters should have equal skill oportunities while finding their demise! Thoughts anyone?
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