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  1. I think that the problem of sleeping in MP is the difference of timing for different characters that are playing at the same time. In SP when you sleep the time acelerates and takes a few seconds for the player and hours for the character. In MP that is undoable, because time aceleration is undoable. So, the player have necessarily to wait until the character wakes up in game. The solution i propose is leting the character dreaming. There, in the realm of dreams, the player can still countinuing playing and the character gaining experience, resting better or having a nightmare and waking up unrested. That allows to interrupt the dream at any moment and the sleep. Because the character is atacked while sleeping or hear a scary loud noise (traits can affect) or killed in dream. In The Realm of Dreams, the devs can put the challenges ( I love them, please continue doing more), part of the history,play in another server, play without zeds (alone in the map, ..., boring, ..., i drink bleach and try another dream), being a zombie,cross dreams with other characters that are sleeping at that time, real dragons, ... That solution someway implies NPCs when they are done. Meanwhile challenges could be fine. I hope that idea helps or could be recycled to another completely different.
  2. I did it. In a game in Muldraght I decided to build my base in the storagge in the north, near the road. I go out with an axe a shotgun and a molotov to clear the area. When i shoot the shotgun the bigest horde I've seen in my life came to me. I went north to the clear area and threw the molotov. Later I ran rounding the fire horde and shooting the shotgun and the fire don't spreaded too much. Now all the zeds in the sorroundings are dead. I can safely clear the respawn. And my life is peacefull for farming, chopping trees, make wood walls ...
  3. Sorry about my english. It's not my mothern language
  4. Hi. First of all I love this game, because makes me be tense every second I play. If I leave down my guard a second I've bitten or worse. I think that build 32 is much harder and I enjoy seeing most experienced players on YouTube dying in 2 days now. We need to learn how survive again. But now we've got fire. Fire is too powerfull against huge hordes and with a molotov cocktail and a shotgun is too easy luring hundred of zeds into fire. I Think it's time to add a cognition skill to zombies. That may be customizable in sandbox and be different in each zombie like running speed ore eyesight. That skill should be "Fear of fire" so the zeds usually avoid entering a cell with fire in. I think it must be between "I don't care about fire or if I'm burning" and running away when see it. With this you could lure hundreds of zeds to a fire circle trap that you've prepare before using remotes or proximity triggers. Other thing is working about fire spreading. Now with a single molotov you can burn down the whole map. I think some cells must be more burnable than others. For example a forest spreads fire quickly and roads don't. And others like Gas stations or granaries may explode. Maybe you could add the possibility to add fuel to a cell or make a pile of logs to increase fire spreading and light the fire circle trap. Thanks for that incredible game that can change and transform experienced players to newbies again.
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