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  1. Copy/Edit Smoker Trait

    Thanks a lot for your fast response.
  2. Copy/Edit Smoker Trait

    Hey everyone, I want to create a mods where a trait similar to the smoker trait is being used. Obviously I do not want the same settings as the smoker trait but I can not find the piece of code in the original files that is responsible for making the player anxcious and so on when you do not smoke. items.txt with "OnEat" and "CustomContextMenu" + recipecode.lua and a .lua creating the trait have been edited/created to my needs and everything is working fine so far. It is just that I can not find the code responsible for making someone anxious when not smoking.
  3. OZ More Medicine [ver. 2.0] — NEW UPDATE

    Yeah, it is unfortunate. After over a year now this mod will get deleted by me. Author refuses to fix bugs, many tooltip descriptions are broken, still no description about every item and what it does. So this mod basically just adds a bunch of useless items or items that have no effect. You can see subscriber numbers on steam going down regulary. It is a shame to throw a mod with so much potential away.
  4. [PvE/PvP][24/7] Ultimate Survival 2.0

    Due to the high amount of requests we switched to the 39.52 IWBUMS (vehicle) build. We also added Phoenix as addition to Otr and Knox County together with a whole pack of new traits. Besides that we will try out ORGM + Silencers to see how the gameplay will be. If we don't like what we see we will remove ORGM again.
  5. [PvE/PvP][24/7] Ultimate Survival 2.0

    Server/Map reset. The next reset has been sheduled until the release of a stable vehicle/animation build.
  6. OZ More Medicine [ver. 2.0] — NEW UPDATE

    Still no manual, no chance to learn/know what we need to take or what we can take for several wounds/issues.
  7. Welcome to the ultimate survival experience! IP: Port: 16261 Server Rules Can be found ingame (press F1) Server Info Dedicated Server based in Central Europe 1 GBit Interface Build 39.52 IWBUMS Knox County + Over the River + Phoenix Faster Book Reading 3x Experience More Traits Player Safehouses Factions Item Cleanup Script No Easy-Mode Zombies Anti-Cheat Mods Ultimate Survival - Survival Guide, Hydrocraft, ORGM, Silencers, Ranking, Quick stuff, Immersive Overlays, BookCollection v4, POS, More Build, Medical Cocktail, CannedFix, Craft Helper, OZMeds, Realistic Durabilities, More Traits For detailed info, help or just to discuss: Discord Feedback is also very welcome.
  8. Claim Safehouse!

    it's a new server with a complete fresh installation (beta) and no mods.
  9. Claim Safehouse!

    We have the following problem on our Win2008 Server: I claim a safehouse, I add another player to the safehouse. The other player can't walk in the entire house just a bit on the entrance (If he is not added to the safehouse he can't get close to the house, so this option works). If I disable the trespass option, he can't use things like getting water and if he trys to loot something the inventory window closes automatically once he trys to loot. We tried it in admin safehouse mode only and player safehouse mode only, also disabled/enabled all security options, etc. However, the main problem is that the server starts to lag if a the "added to safehouse" player is near the house or in the house and the console spams "got packet from unknown connection". The ping for every player on the server is going up until they get kicked or when the "kick for ping" option is disabled the ping just keeps going higher and higher and the concole spam keeps going on. (When the player trying to loot/enter savehouse disconnects, the ping goes down and the console spam stops.)