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  1. Welcome to the ultimate survival experience! IP: Port: 16261 Server Rules Can also be found ingame (press F1) Server Info Dedicated Server based in Central Europe 1 GBit Interface Build 38.30 Knox County + Over the River Will be a Whitelist Server once a descent playerbase has been established. Very minor Loot Respawn! Small Starterkit Faster Book Reading. 2x Experience. Fractures on. Nutrition on. Player Safehouses. Create own Faction. Item Cleanup Script. Darker Night. No Easy-Mode Zombies Moar Zombies (There will be more and more Zombies over time, need to keep cleaning them otherwise you will get hordes!) Mods Ultimate Survival - Survival Guide, Hydrocraft, Project Farmoid, Ranking, LBM Backpacks, Quick stuff, Immersive Overlays, BookCollection v3, GPS, More Build, Medical Cocktail, CannedFix, Craft Helper, More Meds, Ralistic Durabilities For detailed info, help or just to discuss: Discord Feedback is also very welcome. Homepage is WIP
  2. Claim Safehouse!

    it's a new server with a complete fresh installation (beta) and no mods.
  3. Claim Safehouse!

    We have the following problem on our Win2008 Server: I claim a safehouse, I add another player to the safehouse. The other player can't walk in the entire house just a bit on the entrance (If he is not added to the safehouse he can't get close to the house, so this option works). If I disable the trespass option, he can't use things like getting water and if he trys to loot something the inventory window closes automatically once he trys to loot. We tried it in admin safehouse mode only and player safehouse mode only, also disabled/enabled all security options, etc. However, the main problem is that the server starts to lag if a the "added to safehouse" player is near the house or in the house and the console spams "got packet from unknown connection". The ping for every player on the server is going up until they get kicked or when the "kick for ping" option is disabled the ping just keeps going higher and higher and the concole spam keeps going on. (When the player trying to loot/enter savehouse disconnects, the ping goes down and the console spam stops.)