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    Staircase Stacking

    I looked around but couldn't find any staircases on top of each other in West Point. I think what you might be thinking of is this: Which is pretty close to what I've had to do so far. As you can see, it's not stacked directly on top of each other. It's offset by one. While it does look alright here, it looks a bit stranger when you have several floor's worth. Especially if it is an indoor staircase, and not an external one. So unless there's a different fire escape in westpoint with staircase stacking I don't know of, I'm still hoping that stair stacking can make it into the game.
  2. Gosts

    Staircase Stacking

    Is that so? I guess I didn't notice. In that case, I'm very curious why they do not work on any of the buildings I have designed so far.
  3. Gosts

    Staircase Stacking

    Currently, if stairscases are placed directly above each other, it causes them to not function properly. Here's an example: This is a fire escape for a map I am working on. (I have removed the railing so that it's easier to see what's going on.) The game allows you to travel from the first floor up, using the lower staircase. It also allows you to use the upper staircase both ways. But you cannot go down on the lower staircase. I don't know the game engine but I assume that the game sees that I am trying to walk into a staircase, and, since stairs are a physical object, it refuses to let me pass. (Although if this is the case, I have no clue why I can walk up the first staircase since i'd 'bump my head' on the physical object above me - but this is just guessing as pseudocode, like I said before. I have no clue how the game runs.) To clarify further, here's my character struggling in vain to go down this staircase: I've tried staircases at different angles, against or not against walls, and in all sorts of other situations to get this to work, but all in vain so far. I think that having staircases stack vertically is absolutely vital - I am working on a larger city map, so fire escapes, and tall staircases are quite common. But even in suburbs I can see this being an issue, if a house is large enough and the stairs going up to a 2nd floor are below ones for the 3rd floor.
  4. Gosts

    Too Many Skillpoints

    It does seem a little redundant to need to unlock a skill with xp then purchase it with the xp you already earned. In my opinion, the skills should automatically increase when you get them high enough, and the 'global ex' (that you earn for doing anything) should either be removed. Or, if you don't want to remove it, have it be spent on something else, like increasing base attributes. (I think there's only strength and fitness right now, but i assume more could be added. e.g. a perception skill that modifies your vision radius.)