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  1. The thought of PZ being finished is as exciting as it is scary. Seeing what else you guys make is gonna be amazing, but Project Zomboid is so awesome, and part of that is because it's always growing, always changing. I know it's selfish to want PZ to be developed forever, but I've just really fallen in love with this game. The game's definitely going to be incredible when it finishes, and I can't wait for that. I guess I just never want to stop loving PZ.
  2. Waffles have more creative potential then pancakes, so...
  3. Getting drugged seems like something that would be more useful/eventful when NPCs are implemented.
  4. Unfortunately, if you lose power, the game cannot make a complete save. Would it be possible to make it so that the game alternates between 2 or 3 saves everytime it saves? That way when a save gets corrupted you won't lose all your progress.You can kind of do that manually by going to the project zomboid save file and copy-pasting your save after you finish playing, and the game makes backups when the game crashes as well, but the alternating between saves thing would be pretty neat.
  5. I can agree to that, but I definitely think that the new zombie management system has made the game more exciting, especially when hordes come charging to your base. When NPCs are in it will get a lot more entertaining, but for now supply runs to farther, more dangerous areas is pretty fun.
  6. Most likely you need to put a new battery in it? Unless you already checked, in which case I don't know.
  7. The music sounds even more beautiful now, it made me shed a tear when I heard it Do you guys plan on selling the PZ soundtrack somewhere down the road? Because I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
  8. Ho-ly shit, the new zombie respawn system is AMAZING. I loaded a save from the previous build that I had survived one month on, a couple days later a huge horde of zombies came charging towards my base at Cortman Medical. I led the huge horde away and went home to get a shotty, but then zombies started knockin' on my door, so I tried to take them on and of course got brutally murdered. Best death I have EVER had in my entire 170+ hours of playing the game. Keep up the great work devs!
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