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  1. LogicalKip

    Word Association Extra

    Oh god, so much potential with that one. Don't waste it guys !
  2. LogicalKip

    Sewerage systems under streets

    I wouldn't trust this too much, given it also mentions randomly generated maps, which is a nope.
  3. LogicalKip

    InSayne Companionship - An NPC companion.

    Oh boy, I can't wait to see what will be MisterInSayne's member title after this
  4. LogicalKip


    No, but seriously, this could be awesome, but maybe for a trait only ? Could get tedious after a while.
  5. LogicalKip


    Oh, it's much older than that. Did it ever occur in an old mondoid ?
  6. LogicalKip

    Project Zomboid, RULE 34.

    "Hey there, handsome survivor. Wanna have a good time ?" - Spiffo, trying to survive by any means When you have looked everywhere but you still can't find that sledgehammer, sometimes you have to resort to unusual methods
  7. LogicalKip


    It's a codeword for NPCs, because NPCs are taboo. Here is where I saw it first and where I think it originated.
  8. LogicalKip

    French translation

    J'ai peut-être mal compris ce que tu as voulu dire, mais il me semble qu'il n'y a pas d'accent sur le a, car c'est une simplification de "le joueur a soif" ; ce n'est pas un "à" comme dans "à boire".
  9. Would anyone tell me how the fuck such member title appeared ? I could believe it was some default title if it was not such huge coincidence... Show yourself, masked avenger admin !

    1. Teesee


      You probably deserved it. Mine is based on a single reply on this whole forum but actually makes a good point ^^

  10. LogicalKip

    Solar panels

    Scientists and engineers aren't generally very good at parties...
  11. LogicalKip

    Cleaning up corpses safely !

    I usually take care of them as soon as I can, so that there is no huge pile of corpses in front of my house. Though, I don't attack big hordes. What I use is a mod that allow the bodies as fuel. Makes firecamps last much longer without wasting wood.
  12. LogicalKip

    Windows 10

    What about Cortana ? Anyone tried ?
  13. LogicalKip

    French translation

    Bon, j'aurai essayé... Désolé, c'était juste une réaction rapide et spontanée après avoir lancé le jeu (pas encore mis à jour, du coup).
  14. LogicalKip

    French translation

    J'ai noté quelques erreurs dans les options (comme on y va pas souvent, c'était pas hyper remarquable...). Y'a pas forcément tout, mais en vrac : Vérouiller la fréquence d'images - même faute qu'avant avec Verouillé Format de l'horloge' - avec l'apostrophe à la fin Taille de linventaire - sans l'apostrophe Faire une capture décran - idem Intéragir On voit pas toujours tout le texte, mais je doute que ce soit du ressort des traducteurs (à moins qu'on puisse mettre des '\n' dans la traduction ?) ? .... du Rechargement des armes - majuscule inutile