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  1. Awesome! Another update. Great job! I noticed I cant attach the hunting knife to my belt but I can attach a kitchen knife. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. Great job! Working very hard. One annoyance I've noticed with the new belt system, I quickly came to realise I did not need to "favorite" all my equipped items, I could easily "transfer all" and not have to worry about fishing for a weapon or pair of socks in a full container. With the new update comes a green dot next to said item. These items DO transfer with the "transfer all" button, I believe they SHOULD NOT. Until such time I shall just have to do the old favorite system. Also, I so hope I can equipt small bags to say a leather belt, first aid pouch, garbage bag of munchie
  3. I have the same issue. The problem occures when you have destroyed the item, then the game crashes and you reload. I am unable to destroy the objects, please help. I expanded my base then went to sleep, game crashed. All renovations I did were undone, 1 pillar of the house, a crappy fence I built returned from the previous save however now when I try to destroy these things my char has a spastic and the following shows up in debug.log:
  4. It will end when the Devs are satisfied that the game is stable and all features promised have been implemented. They are pumping out updates daily, Beta is only a label which 90% of released games should keep. No sooner, nor later. This is exactly why I support this endeavor, this feels like the creation of a dream and not a money hungry cash cow.
  5. Either it would dump into your main inv, or onto the floor or fill to capacity and leave the remaining contents in original bag becoming as cumbersome as it is now. There could be 2 commands: Replace backpack = swaps all contents, true replacement. Swap backpack = swaps entire backpack, contents included. Thank you for reading.
  6. Hi Indie Stone! Great work on pushing out a new update! I'll be playing it for the next while, hopefully have some more bugs to keep you all busy :). I really like how now I can replace my starting schoolbag with say a dufflebag I found, however when I do so I naturally assume the game is smart enough to know this also means I want to transfer all items. Can you please make the game smart enough to know? Thank you for reading.
  7. There is a big difference between say Kmart jeans vs Kevlar jeans. One is unbreakable, the other can easily shred at the knees from say fingernails getting caught in it and being pulled on. I laughed at baggy jeans in the game, they are way OP. They should break and expose legs just from running ahah. Or you should have higher chance to fall when sprinting. It would also be cool to have different sized clothing for a use for that belt.
  8. Hi Indie Stone! Great work on the new update, keep at it. I can't switch back, even if no mods work :). However I have noticed the following bugs (will post more to this topic when found): -After smashing a window I clean the glass then immediately try to climb through. The game does not like this and will not find a path to climb through the window, it forces me to move/look;(looking doesnt fix it) After which it will then find a path and climb through. - Drinking from a pot 1 handed looks ridiculous, it also hangs in such a way that it spills. - Trying to stop on a z
  9. Anyone got those files? Dropbox gives 404. =\
  10. A-mak

    More Radio and TV

    I click your link and am greeted with this: Sorry! An error was encountered while processing your request: The item is either marked as hidden or you do not have permission to view it.
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