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  1. I like this idea, you wouldn't even need new textures.
  2. So I right click on the game, select the interim_64bit_only - and then what do I do? It says I succesfully opted into the beta, but after I start the game, the version number is the same.
  3. Well, I don't think I could smell a small trail of blood, especially out in the open, unless I was crawling on the ground constantly, and tracking it would be still slow. Also, I don't think a zombie would actually follow a few drops of blood, and if you're leaving a huge trail of blood, you're kind of in deep shit anyway. But whatever. So be it, let the zombies be the sharks of the dry land.
  4. Maybe it's time to add more wearable items then that actually give bonuses? Like ammo bandolier for reloading faster, weapon holsters for switching weapons faster (these two could actually reduce the weight as well), armor value on clothing, and MOST IMPORTANTLY fingerless gloves to look cool.
  5. Well, I believe some axes have their heads are pinned to the handle using a nail. Example of such a pinned axe-head: So given a proper knife, a hammer, a nail. a proper wooden handle, and maybe something to wedge with, it can be done. Also, I'm pretty sure that you can actually buy(/find in post apocalyptic warehouses) handles for tools. Example of an axe handle: Personal opinion:
  6. The current Steam version is perfect, the black screen on loading can be solved by using the proper settings (no multicore and medium or lower video memory). The spawning doesn't break the game, but it makes it unenjoyable for me. I'll wait for the next version. I have 9 hours of game time on Steam, and I think the game only crashed once or twice, and I only lost 1-2 minutes of gameplay time, though some of the loot was rerandomized as I noticed, so I lost some sweet stuff that I just found before the crash. But my saves didn't get corrupted, so I guess it's fine. The only bugs I have found were resolved around climbing through windows and fences, and I think I have once exited a house through the northern wall of the second floor (yes, wall, not a window), and ended up on the ground level. Didn't even take falling damage.
  7. We have a smaller handaxe at home, and I live in a huge apartment house in the middle of the city. My grandfather owns a small land on the edge of town and I'm pretty sure he has at least 2 or 3 axes there, and an assortment of other tools. Also there's a big store 500 m's away from my house, where I'm pretty sure there's an infinite supply of axes, nails, planks, saws, hammers and such. It is true that where I live is considerably larger than the town in the game, but still... The lack of weapons in the game is disturbing. I've had a game where I had to search through 4 houses to find a single pencil. And it wasn't even in the trailer park. You would assume that some people keep cutlery around, but apparently no. Or did someone loot all the forks and spoons?
  8. I've played Survival so far, just getting used to the game, but it just doesn't feel right. "Hurr durr only survival, I'm hardcore. Noobs play sandbox." I just feel like it's a joke how you can loot one house in an hour (talking in ingame time) and then have to spend the rest of the day managing your inventory. You can't even queue up orders while the game is paused... Grab things. Pack things. Go home. Unpack. Put into the right container. It's just a joke. Grabbing a sheet from my tote bag takes 3-4 minutes? No sir. Okay. Maybe if you want to fold it to it takes up less space. But a gun? I just take it, and drop it in. It doesn't have to take forever. Or do you take the gun apart to small pieces so you can fit it in the bag in the most optimized way so it takes the least possible space while leaving more room for other items that you want to place into the bag? And them reassemble it when you take it out? Grabbing 5 planks off a shelf takes half an hour. What?! Are we even folding planks now? I just feel like the basic Survival mode 1 hour day-night cycle is too short, and other actions in the game don't scale realistically with it. I will switch to Sandbox, hopefully things will work out better there. I don't know how actions scale with day length, or if they do at all... Edit: I do not plan on changing anything other than the day length, which is in my opinion horrible in survival mode.
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