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  1. Greetings to all! Vahtsul and Jager are glad to present you a concept of a collectible card game with unusual mechanics called “Battle Postulates”! Action comes in the time of antiquity, where you can join one of the four fractions (Roman Empire, Hellas, Persia or Egypt) and guide its troops in battles for the world supremacy. The game has its own unique battle system, where units make moves one by one depending on their position on the battlefield. Some units have special abilities, which can be used only during the battle phase. Also there are three types of renewable resources to spend for playing cards and their abilities. Special attention was paid to the card draw system in order to allow players to draw more than one card each round. During the draw step a player draws cards from the top of his or her deck until he or she has 4 cards in hand. A player may discard a card with an eye to draw one more card in the next round. In order to minimize so-called “snowballing” effect all units on the battlefield periodically change their positions until they leave the battleground. It means that each unit normally lives up to 4 rounds and its priority decreases from round to round. Average time of game is 12-16 minutes. You can find gameplay video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfPTyPVL1uQ We are sorry for poor graphics in this video, but at the moment that is all we can do with it. We are going to start a campaign at Indiegogo.com in June to raise funds for the further game development and will appreciate your support. For more information about the project visit our blog – http://www.battlepostulates.com/blog/?lang=en Looking forward to your comments.
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