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  1. Can't join my friends game, fails on connection.
  2. Maybe instead of gaining experience for sprinting when your character reaches max speed/slows down from sprinting, make it so you get a very minute amount for each step (say around 10-25 steps=1 exp for sprinting). Any title with a colon after is an idea for a listed trait/job/skill. It was a bait. There were 12 ideas in the title, but 17 now that I recount. *sighs* hey, why do I only have 3 bullets for my 9mm pistol? +17 Ideas: Flowing Motion: Moving will gradually accelerate your speed (say +1% exponentially, up to a max of 110%-125%)Jogger: Removes your ability to sprint but, instead gain
  3. Quick and little suggestions for the game which I would think would be neat. (doesn't even need to be added to the game, just even to the wiki is good enough for me) Add descriptions to a particular skill level. For example, how much more efficient you are in a skill when hitting a particular level, maybe even showing what you unlock for carpentry upon leveling it. Maybe showing some evidence of what some traits do. In particular, Cat Eye's. Whenever I take this trait I am unsure what the actual difference is. Maybe display a tutorial or something in video form to show comparison? +2 secti
  4. Probably scrap most military weapons to make it more realistic. I was going to say the same thing. that or have military npcs added but i believe that was a no? Then i was going to say have police class weapons and citizen class weapons. The civilian class are just slightly less effective and less durable while the police have more attachments, bigger rounds, and other perks. That was about it. Still some of these guns may seem powerful and can be owned by the public bit im pretty sure no one in west point has military grade .50 caliber sniper rifles. https://www.atlanticfirearms.com/308
  5. Probably scrap most military weapons to make it more realistic.
  6. Fair enough, but after reading the patch notes/projects of the game, I did see military base
  7. Hello reader and or devs! I am just going to make a straightforward suggestions (bullet point form) mainly to do with guns. (the other part is to do with gun modding, guns and vehicles and bullets) First in civilian bullet cases, then military. Guns: Assault rifle(s) (varying calibers like .308, .300, .273, .223, or 7.62, 6.8, 5.56 in military terms. some are to be single, full auto, burst and or interchangeable firing typesHigh powered sniper rifle(s) (.338 LUPAU, 12.7 BMG etc)Explosives (grenades [frag, concussive, flash bang, incendiary etc, molitov cocktail [zombie game must], grenade l
  8. Some ideas have come to me while actually playing the game and even, attempting to start a server. I'll just go straight to the point and then have some form of conclusive paragraph (or something) Multiplayer make it much simpler to enable sandbox settings for a multiplayer gameinstead of having an external program to host the server, internalize it into the actual gamemake it possible for drop in drop out gameplay when on singleplayer modes (checkbox for online mode or something like that, although i dont think it is nessecary, this can just save a step or 3 etc for making a fun night/day/
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