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  1. Can't join my friends game, fails on connection.
  2. Maybe instead of gaining experience for sprinting when your character reaches max speed/slows down from sprinting, make it so you get a very minute amount for each step (say around 10-25 steps=1 exp for sprinting). Any title with a colon after is an idea for a listed trait/job/skill. It was a bait. There were 12 ideas in the title, but 17 now that I recount. *sighs* hey, why do I only have 3 bullets for my 9mm pistol? +17 Ideas: Flowing Motion: Moving will gradually accelerate your speed (say +1% exponentially, up to a max of 110%-125%)Jogger: Removes your ability to sprint but, instead gain a movement speed bonus to your walk, that is the same volume (how loud the sound is) as walking normally would (great for sneaking around)[ maybe just make it so it gives you fitness +1 or something]Monkey Run: "Sprint" while sneaking (very tiring)Bum Knee: Sneaking is much slower and nimble has less of a benefit (between 10%-25% would be fine)Tunnel Runner: Moving in a straight line increases your speed significantly, but reduces your peripheral vision and turning speed (until you slow down)Explosive Acceleration: Reach max speed much quicker (15%-35%) when sprintingTrainable strength/fitness?Rename fitness to Cardio?Character sweating while exhaustedSweat Hog: You get much more sweaty than average, as a result, zombies can smell you when you reach any level of exertionEfficient Sweat: (dat name lel) while exerted, your sweat will cool you off much fasterStiff Leg(s): While sneaking, you are unable to move (this would have to give at least +12 trait points)Quiet Runner: Walking and sprinting have the same volumeRunning Start: Charge into zombies with a melee attack to almost guarantee to knock them down and have an increased chance to kill them (or maybe just more damageSoft Landing: Reduces the chance of injury when "falling" out of a windowLanding Roll: Falls from 1 floor will not result in injury, but slight damage to you directlyMantle Woman/Man: Automatically mantle any waist high object (or maybe just increase the speed of it
  3. Quick and little suggestions for the game which I would think would be neat. (doesn't even need to be added to the game, just even to the wiki is good enough for me) Add descriptions to a particular skill level. For example, how much more efficient you are in a skill when hitting a particular level, maybe even showing what you unlock for carpentry upon leveling it. Maybe showing some evidence of what some traits do. In particular, Cat Eye's. Whenever I take this trait I am unsure what the actual difference is. Maybe display a tutorial or something in video form to show comparison? +2 section (traits) Deconstruction: Gain more resources (nails, planks, etc) from deconstructing and/or do it fasterGeneral Laborer (job..?): Reduces the penalties of "heavy loads" (makes it so you are less likely to have a back injury when you have an extremely heavy load, reduce the movement penalty for each rank)
  4. Probably scrap most military weapons to make it more realistic. I was going to say the same thing. that or have military npcs added but i believe that was a no? Then i was going to say have police class weapons and citizen class weapons. The civilian class are just slightly less effective and less durable while the police have more attachments, bigger rounds, and other perks. That was about it. Still some of these guns may seem powerful and can be owned by the public bit im pretty sure no one in west point has military grade .50 caliber sniper rifles. https://www.atlanticfirearms.com/308-50-cal-rifles.html is my point of reference to display that you can have a .50 cal sniper as a civilian, just not military grade.
  5. Probably scrap most military weapons to make it more realistic.
  6. Fair enough, but after reading the patch notes/projects of the game, I did see military base
  7. Hello reader and or devs! I am just going to make a straightforward suggestions (bullet point form) mainly to do with guns. (the other part is to do with gun modding, guns and vehicles and bullets) First in civilian bullet cases, then military. Guns: Assault rifle(s) (varying calibers like .308, .300, .273, .223, or 7.62, 6.8, 5.56 in military terms. some are to be single, full auto, burst and or interchangeable firing typesHigh powered sniper rifle(s) (.338 LUPAU, 12.7 BMG etc)Explosives (grenades [frag, concussive, flash bang, incendiary etc, molitov cocktail [zombie game must], grenade launchers?, rocket launchers [RPG, LAW etc], mines etcShotgun types (magazine fed one, auto shotgun)Handguns (revolvers [.22,.357, 44] .45 auto handguns, etc]\Weapon jamming (based on condition) Gun "modding": How do you do it? I consulted the wiki and tried my best to modify guns in game, but it didn't really do anything.Extended magazines for magazine fed weapons"Strip" clips (bullets attached together) for rifles (significantly reduces reloading time, but have to be manually reloaded into the strip clip)Removing the "reloading difficulty" (I find it that you should have to manually feed rounds into the magazine where applicable then insert the magazinePerhaps increase reloading exp? I find reloading is the longest skill to actually level (maybe farming, I have not looked it up or farmed yet so I do not know)Being able to "sight in" a gun with a screwdriver, which lightly (5%-15% based on your aiming skill) repairs it and makes it slightly more (2%-5%) more accurate/further rangedGun parts (allows the player to use it to repair guns, instead of having the gun. even maybe having modification parts like a match grade trigger for higher rate of fire etc)Weapon cleaning kits (a clean weapon is less likely to jam and the condition deteriorates slower the cleaner it is, while a dirty weapon does the inverse effect)(as mentioned before) Match grade trigger (increases fire rate of non-automatic/burst fire weaponsCustom bolt increases the fire rate for any bolt action weaponCustom pump increase the fire rate of any pump (shotgun) based weaponBolt polish temporarily increases the fire rate of a bolt action weapon (based on your aiming skill, use of the weapon and weapon condition should last between 5-100 shots Gun related things (items, traits, skills etc) Ammo boxes! (yes i am aware of ammo boxes, but they often take 2-4 drops of ammunition. what i mean here is a larger version of that, one that holds many ammo types. maybe make it so you can equip it or keep it for storage purposesVaried amounts of ammunition (instead of finding the exact same number of rounds, make it vary! it can be effected by the lucky skill. make it so you can find anywhere between 1-15 rounds of ammunition for 9mm, 1-12 rounds for shotguns. because of this change, the chance of you finding ammunition should be increased. say if it is 10% chance without lucky, increase it to 15-20%. (with lucky between 20-25%) makes the game much more immersive in my opinionAmmo magnet: increases the minimum (if applicable) and maximum (if applicable) amount of ammunition you find (i'll let you guys figure out the percentage)I'm out!: reduces the amount of ammunition you find Unrelated idea Have professions with a starting item(s)! (would cost a lot of trait points though. examples, veteran could have a sawn-off shotgun, police officer with a handgun, night security with a flashlight etc.)
  8. Some ideas have come to me while actually playing the game and even, attempting to start a server. I'll just go straight to the point and then have some form of conclusive paragraph (or something) Multiplayer make it much simpler to enable sandbox settings for a multiplayer gameinstead of having an external program to host the server, internalize it into the actual gamemake it possible for drop in drop out gameplay when on singleplayer modes (checkbox for online mode or something like that, although i dont think it is nessecary, this can just save a step or 3 etc for making a fun night/day/morning/afternoon/dawn/dusk with friends)allow for a "direct connect" through the steam interface or through "join server" if none of the simplified connection ideas do not go through, at least update the wiki on how to host a server. I have personally spent over 7 hours (at the time of posting this to date) just trying to host a server. The farthest i get into hosting one is one my friend tries to connect, the connection just fails. I've tried portforwarding, VPN (hamachi) and several different IPs. To clarify, I am the only one able to connect to the server at any given time. Models/Textures when you turn on a stove, the model/texture (from what I can see) does not change, just make it go to orange slowly, to symbolize the heating of the elements.when placing something on the stove (like a frying pan or a cooking pot) actually make the object appear on it, along with whatever food is placed onto itdespite this is probably in the works, new models for rolling pins, pens, pencils and other weapons that share the knife/baseball bat modelswhen a weapon displays something like "Sight:Red Dot, Canon: Laser" make the items actually appear on the weapon in the inventory and when equippeddesigns on vests and sweaters, to allow for some more variation (works well because you have quite a broad amount of colors available, the designs would increase the "amount" of clothing significantly Animations despite i believe this is in the common suggested area and it has been noted with a (y), sneaking animations. to be more specific, for times when you are near a waist high object and looking over it, your character will "peer" over it, to see what is on the other side. when not looking over said object, your character will sort of plant themselves against the object and shuffle along (providing the direction the are going is next to the object and they are indeed touching said object). another idea is peering around walls (when near a corner of a wall while sneaking, you character (if the mouse is directed as such) will look over the wall, leaving them less likely to be seen etcreloading animations (even though this might be difficult seeing how the reload speed of some weapons would make any legitimate and realistic movement look silly, so therefore it is not overly important)"improved" shoving animations (what I mean by improved is, if you have an item equipped your character will still have it equipped while shoving/will shove with it)make climbing over waist high objects less clunky (it feels like there is a slight near 1 second delay before you actually decide to climb the object)even though i can imagine this is already being put into the works, barricading/construction animations. here, I'll even save some time by saying "all you have to do is swing the hammer in the right direction and you're pretty well in a big step in the right direction)better zombie bite/scratch animations (when you get bitten or scratched, make the physical model connect with the player, unless you find that destroys something in the gameplay element, personally, I do not) Sounds cooking sounds (when cooking meat i noticed that there was no sound, unless it is very quiet)maybe (not necessary) 3D audio (this might make the gameplay more easy for those with access to 3D audio)character breathing when exerted (each level of exertion will have different levels of breathing, including how rapid it is, how deep each breath is etc)sounds from picking up items, would just add to some immersion from the gamesound from opening containers (opening a fridge door, cupboard, pantry, drawer, cardboard box, barbecue, wooden crate etc) Skills/Traits Vegetarian:refuses to eat meatCarnivore: refuses to eat vegetables/fruitsGun Smith: Improves the condition of guns, ability to repair and modify guns tooBully: Pushing is more likely to knock down a zombie/survivor/npc/playerFour Eyed/Nerd/Glasses: While wearing glasses, your vision improves, opposite effect when offFast Eater: Eats much fasterSlow eater: Eats much slowerFavorite Food (pick 1 for free, the rest for 1 point): Eating X food removes more hungerHot Body: Body temperatures warm up fasterCold Blooded: Body temperatures cool off fasterFood Enthusiast: While at any stages of being fed, reduces your level of panicEating Disorder: Panic while eatingOver eater: chance when eating less than what you desired for, your character eats more (IE you click eat 1/4, your character eats 1/2, clicked 1/2, character eats full)Head on a Swivel: Turn much faster when in sneak modeStiff Neck: Turn much slower when in sneak mode (could also be a symptom from injury)Controlled Breathing: Resting reduces exertion much fasterGasps for Air: While resting, exertion reduces much slowerOn the Move: perform more actions while moving, but at a slower speedFocused Mind: Stopping for a few seconds then performing an action makes the action happen much fasterOne Thing At A Time: Moving not only cancels the action, makes it so you can't do the same action for 3 secondsRacing Thoughts: Actions (overall) are much slower as you do not think clearly about themRunning Reload: Reload much slower, but sprint as you reloadReload on Point: Reload much faster, but while remaining completely still, unable to reload when movingNeutral traits (self explanatory, negative and positive part to a perk)completing in game actions increases your based free trait/skill points (every 1000 zombies killed or something on normal exp [exp modifiers increases that value by the EXP modifier, IE 20x exp, 20,000 zombies need to die) gives you 1 more skillpoint, if done in a single playthrough) Gameplay Elements dropping a source of light (IE candle) with it on lights up an area, based on the objectthe ability to "cue" up multiple actions/constructions
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