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  1. @EnigmaGrey Ok, we went on co-op with the vehicle disabled, with no avail. A few things to ask: 1. Is there a way to view your ping? That could be useful. 2. Since I know how to, I manually ported forwarded the ports needed by Project Zomboid (16261, 8766, 8767), would the conflict with anything 3. I was watching him in admin mode and made him invincible so he wouldn't die if he lagged. He reported that when the server started, they lag was noticeable, but wasn't hurting gameplay. The longer he stayed on the server however, the laggier he got, to a point where zombies were rubber-banding. At this point, he claimed that he was at the point where the game was unplayable. If you need me to send anything, just let me know.
  2. He did mention that being in a car (with me driving) gave him tremendous lag. would disabling cars in the server config files also do the trick?
  3. I'm hosting the server in Australia (where I live), and he lives in the USA. But I would find that to be weird since I can host other servers with little to no issue.
  4. @DobriyDed I do have mods installed, but they didn't seem to of loaded. Even if they did, I doubt they would have contributed to the lag. One mod was to instantly read books. the other was to rename skill books. @Dr_Cox1911 The internet speed test on google shows a download of 17 Mbps download and a 15.6 Mbps upload. The only people on the server was me and a friend. I've tried it with 5 people in total (myself included), with similar results. Specs: 16 GB of RAM (I allocate 10 - 8 GB for the server) Intel i5-6500 CPU @ 3.2 GHz Geforce GTX 750 Ti And plenty of storage space. It's frustrating since I can run minecraft mod packs pretty well on this computer, with few problems at all. I appreciate your help.
  5. Hello everyone, A friend and I have been getting some trouble playing on a co-op server I'm hosting. After a few minutes of playing, my friend starts to lag really badly, where zombies are frozen in place, and he dies from injuries that have no real source from his view. Here is the coop-console.txt from the game: If you need me to post anything else please tell me. Also sorry for the lack of information. Thank you for helping.
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