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  1. Hello! Brief advertisement for a 4-slot multiplayer server me and a friend are playing on. It's the stable 39.67.5 Steam build, vanilla, about five days in. Electricity shut down, water still works, we've a small base going if you don't want to set one of your own up. The server is up 24/7 save the occasional server reboot to clear RAM. I'll be trying to keep it to a minimum. The idea is just PvE, and we're looking for either adults or mature players to have in the server, to avoid griefing and the like. The server is rented for a month, but I'll be prolonging if there's enough interest. Message me on Discord at Nick#5501 or reply here, though my response with the server info might be delayed if you do. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.
  2. Lemniscate

    RELEASED Build 32

    Yeah, I agree on that, but if there're hordes that exeed the population numbers of those individual towns, it's a bit nuts, and those can't all be roaming Zeds or hordes from other regions alone!
  3. Lemniscate

    RELEASED Build 32

    I like the changes made in this build, there's just one thing; Right now, in the RP server I'm playing on, there are countless of GIGANTIC hordes roaming around, and ruining every player-built thing. That's alright, in my opinion, it's what the hordes would do. What it feels like to me, right now, is that with the new spawning system, it takes the "Current/Cap and % growth" every [Respawn Time], as EasyPickins' post shows. The problem, it seems to me, is that it refills the hordes in a certain area after this period of time, if they're under this cap. Sound (like, guns), and ambient noises drags zombies from one area to the other, effectively increasing the amount of Zombies in one cluster of the map, and decreasing the amount in an other area. Especially if you're in the heart of Muldraugh or West Point and let loose a few shotgun rounds where zombies with strong hearing are, half the town will run there, draining all the areas of zombies, and filling up one or two chunks. Those two chunks won't respawn any new ones, but the emptied-out ones will. My point is, in SinglePlayer this could be cope-able with, but as long as there's no way to get the amount of zombies that surpass the amount culled, Multiplayer servers that aren't going on pause will keep accumulating these gigantic hordes that are just impossible to deal with. Again, I understand the change, and am aware it's an IWBUMS build, along with "The point of the game is to survive, not thrive and make a farming/building sim", but this seems a bit unreasonable in my opinion. One player built an base in the middle of nowhere, a forest, and even there, ambient noises and his own building attracted such a massive horde that nobody can go and look at that area anymore without their client freezing up and crashing. Regardless, thank you, Devs, for your ongoing work in Zomboid! I'm enjoying the new patch otherwise.
  4. Lemniscate


    This mod really gives an extra, in-depth feel of the roleplay on Zomboid servers. Since other people have to re-list someone's name for themselves, the Stranger could even give up a false name if they wanted to, and you wouldn't know who you're encountering at some sudden moment. It also adds the "Radio", a command with *R* in front of your text, where you transmit an in-character global message, over the radio, so your name is listed as "Voice #", and will only be recognized by people you've met and marked before. We use this on a roleplay-server, but I see it being an nice, immersive addition to other servers as well, including the PVP. You wouldn't know someone else's name without them introducing to you, first. Amazing mod.