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  1. +1 Great! Also some headlamp and hard hat with flashlight.
  2. I agree with that. I'm not American so i can't tell about how common baseball bats are in the houses, especially in Kentucky. But, in game, they are far more common than axes, for example and, in my country, every build have an axe for emergency. I don't know if the developers just balance the game without weapons or they focus in the realistic chances only, but one of this two needs a re balance.
  3. First... I read only the first 8 pages (we need a search engine here in the forum) and I couldn't find this suggestion. If this was already discussed, please ignore. The developers say Yes to mutilation already, right? This mutilation could shop off some scratch or bite in a arm, for example, and interrupt the spreed of the z virus?
  4. The domestic dog could go back to the savage life, form packs and hunt. I believe this already happen before with dingos. The Australians players could say more...
  5. I believe that we NEED poison animals! Just like an event, like you suggest. And the idea of stumble is great! Now than never with the new animations around the corner!!
  6. So.. to solve our little enigma. We just need that they SAY that we have some aging deaths as a psychological effect and the premise will be fulfilled. heheheh After all is more than unlikely that someone will survive that long... At least we could have some aging effects like a progressive depression or other consequences of long time alone and expose. That and suicidal option (already confirmed) will be like the other end game...
  7. I know the only way to end game is death... But at least we could have a death by late age right? I don't find any suggest at aging so here is my point. We could have some age consequences like the mandatory disadvantage after some time and a roll of chance to other stuffs (like blindness or dementia) and after a while, death. And now the other consequences... i know, again, about the prohibition about babes ans children... and, in consequence, sex. If this is about the worry of the rated the game will have when launched, if included this category, this could easily be overcome by some new insertion of a grow character after some time of intimacy with the other gender... But if will be way more challenge protect a female character pregnant and grow a little children in a zombie infested town... hehehehe
  8. I was wondering if you go nuts in the middle of forest you could get a spider bite or a snake bite. The same problem could hapen if you catch some rabit or bird in your trap ans let then there for too much...
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