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  1. I was looking at Thuztors Mapping Guide on this forum and noticed in the pdf provided that he included 2 tables for color reference. He mentioned using paint.net and I thought to make things easier I would make a nice color palette that would consist of TileZed appropriate colors. Table in Zip: The zip includes both a palette file and a word document with a table to be used for reference as well as explain what each color is for. You can also check out the mapping guide I linked to above which I strongly suggest as it includes a lot of good tips on how to make a custom map. To access the palette in Paint.net, open paint.net, than look at color window on the top of the palette there will be two icons the icon on the right is of a folder with a color wheel inside it. If you hover over the icon it will say "manage color palettes." Click on the down arrow beside the color palette manager icon and select the option that opens the palette folder. In the folder, drag and drop the "TileZed.txt" file into it. Close the open folder menu and click the down arrow beside the palette manager again, an option for a "TileZed" palette should available:) TileZed paint.net palette/Table Guide: color reference.zip
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