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  1. I just fired up the game and tested with both a baking pan and a roasting pan twice. I had no trouble transferring the metal or the pans from the oven to my inventory.Make sure you are using the most recent version of the mod, which is version 1.4. If you are running other mods, it is possible they may be causing the issue. Ah thank you, I bet the server I am on hasnt updated it yet.
  2. Also, if you're still having trouble making sheets of metal I found I couldn't transfer them directly to my inventory without disappearing but if I transfer them to the floor first I can then pick them up without losing them (including the baking apparatus used)
  3. I absolutely love your mod. My friends and I play it on our server, and it works great. Also I wanted to say you didnt add too many floors, I love having all the options!
  4. I absolutely love this map, if its true that you are adding the walking dead prison, version three will be to die for!
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