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    Simple Lua OOP (without metatables)

    Thanks for the quick reply! I see now, I wasn't passing the 'name' along to the parent object. I've only been using Lua for a few days now, but I'm absolutely loving it. Until now the only engine I've gotten anywhere with is Game Maker. As a Linux user, I really wanted to find an easy to use alternative that I could develop on Linux. I'm quite glad I found Love2D. I'm planning on spending more time with Lua/Love2D to become more familiar with game logic before I start delving into C++/SFML, which I think will be my next adventure. I put my current code base up on GitHub (this is my first time using GitHub as well, so I hope I'm doing everything correctly with it). https://github.com/DanielPower/zokEngine PS: Thanks for showing me Hastebin. When I opened it, for a second I questioned if it had somehow read my Atom config. Because it looks almost identical to my setup. Looks like a much nicer alternative to pastebin. http://lookpic.com/O/i2/968/C0ZP7En.png
  2. DanielPowerNL

    Simple Lua OOP (without metatables)

    First of all, I'd like to thank you so much for this well written and easy to understand tutorial. After following this I've managed to get a great deal of work done on my first roguelike project in Lua. However, I have one problem I haven't been able to get around, and I'd like to ask your help. I'm trying to setup a constructor for my objects, so that on creation, objects will pass along a message to my debug window. The issue is that if I run self.create in a parent object, it will print the parent's name. However if I run self.create in the parent as well as the child object, I get duplicate messages. I've been unable to get a constructor to run only once, using the data in the class that I am trying to create an object of. Here is my parent object: Object = {} -- Master Class of all objectsfunction Object.new() local self = {} local id = zokEngine.ObjectListAdd(self) local name = "Object" self.getID = function() return id end self.getName = function() return name end self.create = function() zokEngine.print("Object '" .. name .. "' created with id '" .. id .. "'") end if self.step == nil then function self.step(dt) end end if self.draw == nil then function self.draw() end end return selfendAnd here is my child object Body = {}function Body.new(x, y) local self = Object.new() local name = "Body" self.x = x self.y = y self.draw = function() love.graphics.setColor(255, 255, 255, 255) love.graphics.rectangle("fill", player.x, player.y, 32, 32) end return selfendAny help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for the tutorial!