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  1. These ideas I definitely love! Bottles For example: When you are raiding a city, and you need to get the horde's attention away while you clear a building. You need something to distract them. In multiplayer that is easy. Ask your friend to run around shouting while you clear the desired building. But in singleplayer you have no other way to get peace in your looting sessions than being sneaky. Which is extremely hard. So what would it be ? Maybe when you drink a drink you can choose to throw the can/bottle away or to conserve it for a later use (later use = throwable) Peeking For example: You are in a large building and you can't risk a zombie spotting you, and you try to find an empty room to loot or where to camp. So how you do it: A) look through a possible window of the room - Risk is you getting caught while sneaking outside. B) listening for sounds - They may be in the far end of the room what makes it so you can't hear them. C) open door - Well obviously doing so alerts every zombie looking at the door on the opposite side. So how would it work ? pressing door with your right button and selecting "peek through" and it would take some time to activate, and the vision would be highly restricted.
  2. I had the same idea. But where the hotkeys would be ? 1, It could be like a new floating window (like the inventory) but a small one where are like 3-5 slots where you can bind your keys, for example z,x,c,v to z=head, x=body, c=arms, v=feet. 2, As someone said before, it could be in the health panel (where are the hotkeys which you can choose where to place) - And it could be for the comfort that if you press "head" option it hits the enemies in the head until you change it to "arms" for example. - And it would nice for it to be certain change of hitting in the specific body part. (change to hit anything at all + change to hit the specific body part (if this is 70% change and you miss, the hit would go to random body part.. Like arms))
  3. I think melee weapons should have more durability. (I know there is a post about this) Because, if you think in IRL how many times your knife or axe brokes after being used 10-30 times... I mean are there really so bad axes or baseball bats or knives which do get broken after being used for a while... Yeah, I know how weak those kitchen knifes are what you buy and so on... But if you think about hunting knife, should the name already tell that the knife is made to withstand cutting flesh and bones ? And axes.. I have one in my garage which has been used for 6 years now, and every year I use it to chop down branches and logs, and there has not been done any repair to it, and it has been only sharpened once. I don't think that person or zombies is much more tougher than a pine tree (correct me if i'm wrong). Crowbar.. Made 100% from steel... "1.43% Degradation." Yeah... Im just going to leave this here.... Kitchen knife: 50% Degradation, umm "every day i chop some vegetables and my knife just turns into dust" I cri evri tim. Yeah I do understand that the handle breaks down but how about the blade ? Can't you just take a mop and use duct tape to make spear ? Because it's annoying when the game is not about finding water and food... But about constantly finding a new weapon because previous one broke down...
  4. Just some basic thing what came to my mind about this matter: Every person is born as a racist, it has been confirmed in "baby studies". So everything different is a threat and harming one who is different is okay. But our overall education shapes us to what we are. What I learned when I went to GB: One time in GB (year 1700?). There were family who ate other people they kidnapped, and in that case I don't believe they felt sorry for what they did. And in that family there were 2 kids who ate other people too, and I'm pretty sure they weren't born as "psychopath killers", and I think they valued their family and so on (what makes them not psychopaths). What I'm trying to say is that your education/upbringing you get from your family shapes you a lot. So it is possible that your upbringing blocks you from eating carrots cause it's murder. So it's up to your education/upbringing how you react to zombie or how you react if you would kill one. And your mental status has effect too, if you are angry to whatever is against you, you are less likely to feel sorry for them. And again if someone attacks you and is trying to kill you by any means and wouldn't stop untill you or it dies, what would you do? And if you would kill it, would you feel guilty? This is that kind of thing where is no correct or false answers, because these are personal opinions based on your morals. (which radiates from your education/upbringing) Did not spell check, did in a hurry.
  5. But if you think. Murdering people of your kind brings mental stuff. But would you feel sorry for a zombie? Who is trying to kill you. Who has not been human for a long time. Someone said here about normal and un-normal stuff. People are born as racist (everything what is not normal is a threat), so normally person would not feel connection between him/her and the zombie, and in the same time would not regret or feel sorry. But I'm not saying that there will not be any consequenses, I'm just saying that whatever mental issues there may develope aren't so massive due the stuff above.
  6. Here where I live (north europe) toilet water is as clean as normal water.
  7. We have normal experience but if we would have character courage experience. Normally when you don't have "brave" trait, and you see 2 zombies close to you, you get Slight Panic. So here comes the story: My character has 110 zombie kills, and I went to school gym hall with my friend in multiplayer. We "dragged" 5 zombies there and my character gets Extreme Panic mood and misses almost all shots with his baseball bat. Just let me get this straight: Dude has killed 110 zombies with a melee weapon... But he still gets almost a hearth attack when he sees 5 zombies... Excuse me but what ? So the idea is this: The more zombies the player kills the more he can resist panic. Because IRL I would become more chilled around zombies if I had already killed 110 of them... The math could go like this: (let's just think that 2 zombies nearby gives the slight panic.) How many zombies thing means that how many zombies there must be for a Slight Panic effect to occur. Or it could be exponential growth or what ever... This is just an example.... Because again I don't think that anyone on this planet would be afraid of 2 zombies after they have killed 110 or even 200 zombies...
  8. Bleach has currently only one use: being a drink. According to wikipedia and science tv-shows bleach is very effective as bacteria- and as a virus killer (cell killer) I suggest that: You could use bleach to clean wounds, and because bleach is very violent cleaner it could be used to lower the change of infection (by 20-50%) in the first (5-10) minutes after being scratched or bitten. But negative effect should be enormous pain. I atleast think that would be somewhat realistic because bleach is strong cell killer. And as a another suggestion bound to this is: You could fill water bottles with bleach and use them in same purpose as Bottle of disinfectant. Except it contain bleach and is stronger than disinfectant, and can't be used to sterilize rags etc. Feel free to add something and comment.
  9. 24h clock is the thing No need to change it
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