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  1. If this had gone into mods it would have been mixed up with the actually completed mods. And it's not a WIP so I felt it belonged here.
  2. Agreed, I think that a dedicated server or servers would be best for this. Lets say they do a server reset after every Battle Royale. If they did that, a player could view how long it's been since server reset, and, they could open the first 30 minutes to gathering players. As some servers have done, you can offer a new spawn zone dedicated to the Battle Royale. It would be intense fun I like what H1Z1 did by making the combat region a large circle and progressively making it smaller. If it were linear movement from one region (for example, Dixie to WP), it's a long trek between and the risk lies that they'll be killed along the way. In which case, people would just fight it out on the paths between two places and the game would end too soon. With a circular boundary (up to the mod maker or admin on how to define this boundary), there would be more evenly focused combat.
  3. Just saw some interesting H1Z1 gameplay... He's playing Battle Royale. And I think, maybe not a vanilla game feature, but a server side mod could accomplish something similar? It would be fun to have everyone spawn into Muld or someplace in WP with a counter that says how many are left. Just a thought, as Battle Royale looks really fun and I feel the experience would be just as good in PZ.
  4. Always a matter of how long bugfixing takes and if other parts of the team might have something ready to go in in time.Shouldn't expect anything that's not listed, though. The suspense is killing me. From RJ's twitter: "Ohhh, we'll have another surprise for you in build 32... (no it's not NPC.)" Now, I'm going to guess that it's TurboTuTone's redecorating feature. His tone is surprised, and he said "We", so I'm assuming that it's not a feature he's working on. We know that the Steam integration is a feature in progress that is going well, but Turbo has put out a few pretty good looking videos recently... Had my fingers crossed for that redecorating feature, let's hope to see it in build 33
  5. Was there an error in the games log when this issue occurred?It usually tells the problematic line of code, and the file it's coming from. It's invaluable for troubleshooting Thanks, I'll make sure to try that next time
  6. Just another day in the apocalypse...

  7. I just attempted disabling all mods that directly affect in-game experience. Mods I disabled were Unpack Bags, PillowSilencer, and, RoboMat's Lockpick Mod. Game works perfectly fine now. I'll try to narrow down the specific problematic mod and maybe we could contact the creator of the mod to be fixed??? Anyways thank you for your help, it's unfortunate I had to disable these mods, but oh well, at least I can start on an epic base
  8. Yes, I have PillowSilencer, a cheat menu for messing around (disabled), RoboMats lockpicking mod, and BlindCoders Build Saver/ Random Build Maker.
  9. Hi, I'm on the most recent IWBUMS but I had this same issue on the stable version. Whenever I right click, it brings up a menu as usual. Unfortunately, usually the top option on the menu is unclickable. This won't let me place sheets or do anything requiring the use of the first option when right-clicking. When I attempt to click the first option, nothing happens, and the game starts to get massive FPS drop. Windows 7 SP3, Scaling disabled on High DPI (it was a workaround until the IWBUMS update)
  10. I do apologize if this isn't in the right forum, I'm a bit new to this I've been using Gameranger quite a bit recently and it's been very easy and lagless for me. On top of this, Gameranger has good UI to support player hosting of Zomboid servers. If Gameranger and Indie Stone were to collaborate and get support for PZ and Gameranger, players can easily set up public or private servers without the mess of port forwarding to a bunch of people or renting a server. Just a thought, as the only current MP aspect is full-time servers and LAN, and it would be a huge improvement if players could host for themselves using Gameranger.
  11. Planning the ultimate base with a group of friends :D

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