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    Zentharius got a reaction from grammarsalad in More accurate and detailed trait descriptions   
    Uh, it's old topic but, I'm doing research for some time on how things actually work in PZ, and this is something that I've found out:
    Axe Man doesn’t increase speed of axe swing. It's +2 to blade accuracy that does. You may compare character with Axe Man and 2lvl of blade accuracy, with character that has only 2lvl of blade accuracy. It's the same (use stopper to measure it).
    Lucky/Unlucky  is a mystery, I'm not able to get any solid info on this.
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    Zentharius reacted to winterpyre in The brutal truth about helicopters?   
    maybe the pilot doesn't know what happening, maybe he just thinks its an intense county wide game of tag and wanted to watch
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    Zentharius reacted to lemmy101 in The brutal truth about helicopters?   
    Seems a little naive in your confusion as to why the military would care or try and help.  This is a potentially apocalypse making quarantine, and you're right in the centre of it. I'm not sure if you watch TWD and remember the flashback scene of Shane in the hospital where Rick is? Or played Halflife. Or any other game or TV show or movie ever involving any quarantine event and the military? When we finally add the military soliders doing clean up sweeps into the game, are you going to run up to them going 'thank god you're here!'?
    Suffice as to say the people in the helicopter, whatever they are doing, aren't out on a mission looking for survivors to help out.
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    Zentharius reacted to Foulmouth in The brutal truth about helicopters?   
    I always figured it was a news copter from outside the quarantine zone, they wouldn't care about you getting swarmed and eaten as long as they get good footage.
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    Zentharius reacted to Svarog in Moveables Defined [Items] [Build33]   

    This mod was requested by RicoUK so that a server admin or a player could spawn some Moveable furniture in item form with /additem command to be placed later.

    It does not allow the player to spawn every single moveable, only the ones that are defined in the script.

    REMEMEBER: You need a tool that allows you to spawn items from within the game with an /additem command like NecroForge or whatever admins use in MP.

    Download: PZ-Mods Link

    Defined Moveables List

    Defined Moveables Visual List

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    Zentharius reacted to blindcoder in Building Overhaul mod - Long-Term Crafting Projects (CrafTecs)   
    Long-Term Crafting Projects (CrafTecs)
    This mod is a complete overhaul of the building worldobjects mechanics (like walls, doors and such).
    Current state
    The mod is fully functional as of IWBUMS 34.something.
    The mod requires you to start CrafTecs (working name) on squares, then add parts like planks and nails. After that, you can start working on the object. If you only have half of the necessary parts, you can start building the object up to 50% completion (or whatever fraction of parts you have).
    Objects take a LOT longer than they did before. Walls take half an hour, stairs four hours, crates one hour and so on. It always felt weird putting up walls and stairs in minutes.
    To counterbalance that long time, you can stop the project at any time and resume working on it later. You can even share the work between different people! Everyone will get 0.1 point of experience per unit of progress he helped on the project. That means if you build it for 60 minutes, you will get 6 points of experience sliced into 60 times 0.1 points. Normal multipliers still apply.
    The code also allows for objects to require certain level in different skills and even allows for certain profession. This way you could, for example, require a nurse with experience in Blunt-Maintenance to build a certain object.
    You can also require MULTIPLE professions / skilllevels for a single object.
    You can also require different tools to build things. Hammers, saws, blowtorches, a waterscale, a pen, a piece of paper, anything!
    Download is available on github: https://github.com/blind-coder/pz-craftec/releases
    Download is also available on Spiffos Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=677858797
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    Zentharius reacted to ShuiYin in PZ Vanilla Patch v1.4.7   
    Hello all, this week ill just update a few translations, also because the turning off ambient is not as easy as i thought and did not work out as expected and keep producing errors, ill post it later today. i was also doing some 10k run  (i never did sport before (only finger sport with a keyboad) so i end up using the 3 days doing extensive running exercises to prepare) and finally last sunday i managed to finish the race at 1.39 minutes traveling 10km. So coding been slow this week because of the running event.

    im glad i made it and did not pass out on the way Lol my friends seems to think its very hard to do for a person that did 0 type of sports Lol.
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    Zentharius got a reaction from Geras in Sprinting OP?   
    Actually I've tested adrenaline junky + agoraphobic / claustrophobic . It's just +5% speed boost.
    In comparison:
    Athletic (fitness +4) = +15%
    Sprinting lvl 3 = +20%
    Athletic + Sprinting lvl3 = +30%
    Adrenaline junky (with panic state) = +5%
    Fitness +2 = +0%
    Fitness +3 =  +0%
    Sprinting lvl10 = +40%
    Fastest man on Earth (simply every bonus possible) = +50%
    IMO with adrenaline junky it's the matter of how do we feel about speed rather than it's actual speed. When I was testing it, I thought "wow it is so fast!" but after seeing stopper results I was very disappointed. I did another test and the result was the same, only +5%. It's probably the heartbeat sound that makes us believe that character is running much faster, when it's not.
    The numbers above are not totally accurate, I got them from running the same distance with different characters and assume  speed boost value may be different +/- 0,5%
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    Zentharius got a reaction from Magic Mark in Sprinting OP?   
    Actually I've tested adrenaline junky + agoraphobic / claustrophobic . It's just +5% speed boost.
    In comparison:
    Athletic (fitness +4) = +15%
    Sprinting lvl 3 = +20%
    Athletic + Sprinting lvl3 = +30%
    Adrenaline junky (with panic state) = +5%
    Fitness +2 = +0%
    Fitness +3 =  +0%
    Sprinting lvl10 = +40%
    Fastest man on Earth (simply every bonus possible) = +50%
    IMO with adrenaline junky it's the matter of how do we feel about speed rather than it's actual speed. When I was testing it, I thought "wow it is so fast!" but after seeing stopper results I was very disappointed. I did another test and the result was the same, only +5%. It's probably the heartbeat sound that makes us believe that character is running much faster, when it's not.
    The numbers above are not totally accurate, I got them from running the same distance with different characters and assume  speed boost value may be different +/- 0,5%
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    Zentharius got a reaction from Geras in More accurate and detailed trait descriptions   
    Same here, when I was doing this research, the goal was to see how big is Axe Man improvement over normal character performance. I was, disappointed as hell.
    But disappointment with Lumberjack it's just half truth. Consider that with Blade Accuracy +2 one gains +100% xp. With Blade Accuracy +3 and fast learner one giants +165%xp.  This changes a lot: one gains lvl 10 in blunt ~7x faster. And lvl 10 in blade accuracy totally rocks, bonus to damage and swinging speed is massive (if I’m correct it’s +60% speed), no trait can be even compared with that.
    In the end, when I intend to play full contact character, I always go for Lumberjack
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    Zentharius reacted to Foulmouth in Share your safehouse!   
    Press R , It lets you rotate through objects on that tile.
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    Zentharius reacted to winterpyre in Share your safehouse!   
    it used to be you had to press R to change the height of the crates, with the new IWBUMS build it should do it for you
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    Zentharius got a reaction from TheDreaded1 in Sprinting OP?   
    Wow, you have to sprint a lot Never imagined that going to 10 is possible even with x1,5

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    Zentharius reacted to ShuiYin in PZ Vanilla Patch v1.4.7   
    -- 18 April 2016 PZ Vanilla Patch Build 1.4.6 is now live!
    1. Updated necro forge plugin file to include missed items like torches etc also changed the formating a bit to make future update easier
    2. Updated Spanish translation from Ditoseadio.
    3. Added Mod Settings translation in EN folder
    4. Some action Dialog are now able to be translated not all yet tho
    5. Added a menu on item to inspect how many uses it has left (Soap, Shampoo, and Tooth Paste and any usable item in the future that do not use the user delta) just right click on the item and click Inspect "ItemName".
    6. Added Brushing teeth using sinks.
    7. Added Brushing teeth using a mug of water.
    Will work on combing hair as the final male grooming update item next also will touch on girly make up stuff next. Probably also add my request to be able to stop water dripping at night by tightening the faucet.
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    Zentharius reacted to Kelefane in Sprinting OP?   
    Don't forget guys, there is realism and then there is too much realism. Which ends up sucking the fun out of the game and becoming an exercise in tedium. Every pc/console game is a video game at its core. Keep it that way.
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    Zentharius reacted to uberevan in Flooding, Puddles, and Other Rain Mechanics   
    As of now, rain impairs the movement and senses of zombies, makes players sick, moistens crops, fills barrels, and puts out fires. However, there is a lot more that can be done to make it feel more like true rain.
    Flood Tiles by Riverbank (And future added Creeks/Streams)
    When it is raining/has just rained, the banks of the water sources really should be raised.  My suggestion is that the Devs add a "transition tile" of sorts, basically a tile that will switch states from land to water based on the amount of time it has rained, the time since it stopped raining, and what month it is.
    Puddle Formation 
    Similarly to the flood tiles I just suggested, the game should randomly select different spots of the map to have "Depression points", basically the land/water switchtiles that accumulate water at the center and expand outward based on how rainy it is.  That way, if you're not to the point where you have rain barrels yet you can still collect a little bit of water, albeit water that's probably really grainy even if you boil it.
    Bugs Forming Around The Puddles And Rivers/The Day After a Storm
    The few days after a rainstorm, or just being around a body of water should make bug bites a possible affliction. This can be reduced by wearing longer clothing, or by trying not to stand by those bodies of water too long.  You can also douse yourself in smoke, or perhaps create your own bug repellent out of household materials/some natural item.  Bug bites should have a really low chance to give you a disease.
    Rain Smearing Blood
    Basically, if it rains, splotches of blood should get lighter and maybe spread a little more, eventually fading away.
    Rain Creating Mud and Impairing the Player
    Have you ever tried sprinting on a rainy day through dirt?  It doesn't work too well if it's been raining for a while.  Players (and zombies) should be slowed way down when traversing grass/dirt as it is much more slippery and muddy than it usually is.
    Outdoorsman/Skill Alerting Player to Weather
    The character you play as should be able to observe the sky and predict what kind of weather they may experience.  Just add another tab to the health/skills/info panels for "observations".  Observations could include more than just weather but for this example I will stick solely to weather.  This can be a passive skill that increases the more time you spend in the outdoors.  I'll make a new suggestion specifically for this one actually.
    Multiple-Day Storms
    Sometimes when it rains, it should rain for multiple days.  This is where the heavy flooding and puddle formation really kick in, damaging your house, equipment, crops, and leaving you stuck indoors or traveling around in flood weather.  Imagine how hard sloshing around in foot-deep water is while trying to evade zombies!
    Intense Storming Destroys Baby Crops
    If the flooding or overall weather is bad enough it should tear out, wash away, or damage young crops.  This means that you have to keep them in pots until they're big enough to stay rooted down or just hope that it doesn't rain too badly.  You can find pots or make them from clay you forage in creeks or puddles after it rains.
    Foraging After Rainstorms Should Give Different Items
    The items you get from foraging after it has rained heavily should be slightly altered.  For example, most berries would probably have been knocked down, but so would many branches.  If you forage near the future creeks, the river, or in hypothetical puddles you should be able to gather clay and make pottery from it.  You should also be able to gather frogs and water, and the wood you collect be slightly soggy. 
    Rainstorms should wash up fish/make them more plentiful 
    The fish inside the river could get stirred up or washed away if enough water comes pouring down.  After the water recedes, this could leave dead fish on the shore, which may not be the cleanest option, but if you're really desperate, food is food...
    This could also stir up more fish from the bottom, making them easier to catch
    Future water vehicles such as boats should wash away if too near the river
    If the aforementioned flood tiles overlap where you're storing a boat on land, it should wash it away, meaning you'll have to build a new one/lose it forever, or maybe have to go downstream to look for it.  This will be especially important when river travel leads to communities built along the river. 
    I will add to my list as I think of more things, feel free to comment what you think rain should do as well.
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    Zentharius reacted to Xeonyx in New Denver, BC (V2.1)   
    New Denver
    British Columbia
    (Now with Non-Steam download link...Again!)  http://www.mediafire.com/download/772cv61jad9ftnx/ND2.1.rar
    Yea, I updated the map to 2.0 now; increasing the size from a 5x5 map to a whopping 22x16 map.
    With this latest update (2.0), you can now explore North of New Denver to the Slocan Lake Golf Course, South to the Farmlands, and the world East of New Denver, with houses, farms, and more.
    More bug fixes have been addressed, so the game should play more smoothly now.
    Update 2.0 does NOT have foragable land outside of the original map size (I'm only one person!!! but I will update this ASAP)
    Note the 2.0 Update will require you to start a new game as the exact location of New Denver has increased the distance to Muldraugh
      Behold! For 11 months I secretly worked on map accurately depicting my hometown.  In this 22x16 cell map, each building is unique and comparable to the real-life New Denver, down to (almost) every house, shed, etc.  I`d add the amount of buildings I created but I lost count long ago.
    During the creation of the map, a horrible canoe accident claimed 4 of my friends; 
    Skye Donnet,
    Jule Wiltshire-Padfield,
    Hayden Kyle,
    and Lily Harmer-Taylor,
    so this map is dedicated to their memory.
    (2.0) - Added "The Back Forty" update, have fun... (1.75) - Added Friday Market! This consists of a bunch stands set up by locals found:
            some more bugfixes, etc.
    (1.7) - Over 75 bugfixes from unaccessable stairs, and blocked rooms, to
    others, and some additional objects added.   (1.6) - Updated map compatability to build 32, bugfixes, etc.   (1.5) - Roads have been detailed with potholes, cracks and grime, added street signs and street lights, and some more changes    (1.4) - Added object.lua for trapping and foraging; it's mostly finished and will get updated soon, and some more bug fixes   (v1.31) - Multiple bug fixes, thanks to SiderisAnon for the good word.   (v1.3) - Removed the unsightly grass patches and updated the forest grass, multiple bug fixes, connected the road to Muldraugh   (V1.2) - Fixed up mentioned bugs and a few I found. A handful of graphical updates, road lines, missing blends, etc.   (V1.11) - Fixed the invisible wall problem at the museum that Marinus had pointed out, thanks bro!   (V1.1) - Added spawn points to New Denver, now it'll be like you actually lived there  
    (v1.06) - Fixed the house Spartanz920 mentioned, no one likes a house
    with bugs in it  
    (v1.05) - Now with a working Zombie Spawn Map; Now you can enjoy New Denver in fear!
    (v1.0) - At the moment, the map is ready and playable.  There are no spawn points yet, and certain details (mostly road accents) have not been added yet.  There has been some bug testing, but bugs still exist.

          Edit:  Quickly added in a brief location map; kinda helps

    Download Links:
    Steam Workshop
      Enjoy my neck of the woods why dontcha?
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    Zentharius reacted to ShuiYin in PZ Vanilla Patch v1.4.7   
    28 Mar 2016 - PZ Vanilla Patch Build 1.4.2 Partial Hygene & Resting Update is here
    1. Sit down on any chairs and beds to conserve stamina and for faster stamina regeneration. (request by CaptKaspar )
    2. Tweaked worm drop rate on zombies so that it will be about 1/3 of the previous drop rate. (playtester request by ditoseadio)
    3. Added shampoo and also its icon and distributed like a soap in game. The shampoo can be used 60x before its empty.
    4. Added tweak for soap so that it can be used 60x for bathing purposes.
    5. Spanish translation upgrade and optimization by ditoseadio.
    6. Fixed appearance of elite zombies and proffesion zombie so as not to make them to easy to find (now 1 in 100 for special and 1 in 500 for elite). (playtester request by ditoseadio)
    7. Elite zombies now will carry an "Elite Tag" a dog tag like item, Special Zombies will carry "Special Name Card" that looks like a white name card, and in addition a small chiming sound will be heard when you are about to loot these zombies too along with a message telling you that you found a special or an elite zombie. These tags and cards can be collected and acts as some sort of achievement, a little reminder on how many specials and elites you found.
    8. Bathing now works for showers and bath tubs they will make you undress and make you use soap and shampoo if you have them and will leave you wet if you do not have a towel on you. And yes you have to get dressed yourself so dont let the zombie catch you bathing or you will be forced to run around half naked while trying to get dressed.
    9. Bathing outside is now available so you can take a bath at the river but only if it is not too cold outside (15 degrees celcius minimum limit)

    10. Added a placeholder hygene and grooming upkeep that do not do anything yet (Basically every 2 o,clock in the morning the player will lose a fixed number of points on hygene and also grooming, plus bathing is also reset so if you took a bath before and completes it you will not be able to bathe again for the remaining day until you passed 2 o'clock then you can take another bath. Taking a bath and canceling it before its finished and retaking a bath will not gain you extra points basically whatever points you already get you cannot get again but if you continue and finish you will get the points that you didnt get before. So no cheating by using soap or shampoo multiple times Lol the player will refuse to wash her hair or use soap again
    currently working on: bathing using a bucket of water (so when water shuts down you can still bathe in rivers and also grab a bucket of water  to take a bath inside, also starting work on brushing teeth, btw do not worry all these new hygene and grooming feature can only boost but not penalize and even if they do penalize they will be able to be switched off
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    Zentharius reacted to Delta-chan in Powering gasoline pump   
    Hello, I've made this quite simple mod for myself, but decided to share it with community, maybe someone would like to use it, idk.
    Mod allow you to enable petrol pumps with generators after electricity shut off and get lovely free fuel.
    - Download
    - Screenshot
    UPD: if generator doesnt work with some pumps, then download mod again, I fixed issue
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    Zentharius reacted to Strats in Helicopters have gotten ridiculous.....   
    The helicopter acts much like an invisible object that will, at least two times, fly around the player. If your character is outside, the copter will follow you for some time; staying indoors will lead to its departure after it circles a few times, but that leaves you vulnerable to horde migration. However, things do not always work perfectly, so for my survival runs, I have developed a strategy to use the helicopter to your advantage. Because the helicopter not only draws zombies, but follows you as well, it becomes the perfect lure. Carry a bag with some food for the first 2 weeks in game so that when the helicopter comes, you can lure the hordes out of high-loot areas. Once the copter eventually leaves, evade the zeds, go to that high-population area and rest, then loot it before zed population makes it impossible. Sorry if this isn't the answer you're looking for, but I hope that it helps make the copter a little more useful for you all.
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    Zentharius got a reaction from ShuiYin in PZ Vanilla Patch v1.4.7   
    This mod is awesome! I’m playing it for last few days. It's probably right time to share some thoughts.
    First of all thx for creating and developing it. Actually this made me play zomboid again, really feels as improved vanilla with some little changes that I’ve desired.
    Books are great. I actually don’t use most of them, but their variety and colors give more realistic feeling about the game world. Toys, towels, awww! It’s all really good.
    I totally agree about  weapon durability and item weight, today I’ve changed them to vanilla setting.  Here is my first thought about small modification, not to the mod itself, rather to mod description. It would be good to have information about turning some mod elements ‘on’ and ‘of’ in your first post. I’ve played for quite lot without  knowing that there is possibility of customizing mod settings. I know. It’s my fault, probably would be better to read all posts before lunching it but you know how it is. Also could you explain what exactly are ‘Name Options’ and ‘Delta Options’?
    With customization of mod options everything feels perfect for me. There is just one small thing that is, in my opinion, imbalanced. Spawning of nimble, light footed and sneaking books in zeds corpses. I got them all the time, like 33% of zeds in WP were reading it. I know that zeds are trying to be ninjas but it feels rather unrealistic  
    As suggested above I also like the idea of powering gas stations. It feels as something more to do in late game, and nice possibility to die have fun.
    Do you think it’s possible to make winter last longer? In my last playthrough winter lasted for maybe 8 days(?). It was disappointment for me. First it’s a challenge – farming is not possible. One has to start gather food in alternative way or stock up large food supply before winter comes. Second, I love winter design, everything is so white (and later red), and fresh. It’s actually harder to navigate, everything looks different. It would be great to experience it for like 2-3 months. Probably it had to be totally optional – many players who struggle with normal game world would find it disappointing.
    The other idea is opposite to previous one. Droughts. Long periods without rain. It may happen in summer. It’s realistic and gives another type of challenge. No water for farming, and diminishing supplies for drinking. Player would have to make trips to water sources and/or stock water before summer. Currently one water collector (even first one from lvl 4 carpentry) is all one needs for farming and drinking. This modification would fix that Very long drought period probably should occur in the second summer. By second summer I mean the summer after beginning of the game. In the first one waterworks are still running and players have other things to do.
    Of course things above are just loose ideas. Somehow sharing them felt good so I did it
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    Zentharius reacted to ShuiYin in PZ Vanilla Patch v1.4.7   
    v1.3 is now live with the following additions:
    1. Fixing update:
    added fix option to logically repairable items that do not have a fixing option:
    Crowbar, Pool Cue, Raw Axe, Rolling Pin, Scissor, Screwdriver, Spade, Stone Hammer.
    Ignore items that are fixable but too trivial to fix:
    Butter Knife, Fork, Pen, Pencil, Spoon, Wooden Spear.
    Ignore fixable item that is not yet distributed in game:
    Hockey Stick, Ice Pick, Letter Opener.
    2. Adjusted weights of more stuff that i missed before:
    crowbar, duct tape, adhesive tape, alcohol wipes, band aid etc
    3. Added skill books for bladed, Guard and Maintenance (Book Stores and Police Stations).
       Added skill books for blunt, Guard and Maintenance (Book Stores and Police Stations).
       Added skill books for aiming and reloading (Book Stores, Gun Stores and Police
    4. Added distribution update for rare mags (i understand some need to be rare like
       herbalist mag (still too rare in my opinion) but some like cooking mag and hunting mag
       which only contain simple recipes is very under distributed)
        a. Distribution of Herbalist mag is added to medical offices.
         b. Distribution of Cooking mags are added to common House book shelves.
        c. Distribution of Hunting mags are added to sheds and also garages.
    5. Optimised lua files: plaster - paint, herbalist - foraging, combat - hunting. fixed        error plaster code from my earlier fix that when ibuildcheat is active plaster menu is     available everywhere.
    6. All item property modifications (Display Name, Weight, Durability, Delta) are optional
       and can be disabled using mod setting menu in game (Default: Enabled). To enable the
       Mod Setting you have to press (R Shift + S) then you can right click and see the Mod
       Setting menu enabled. All changes that are made are applied after you exit the game
       and then choosing continue or load game. (This setting is universal and applies to all
    Edit: because of the request to make the item property change optional (causes quite a headache and tooth gritting in many trials and errors) the addition of useless items functionality are delayed to next release.
    so next planned update is the "Fun" update
    Special functions like sleep at anytime and also modified graphic are also planned to be optional Going to add vanillaish sprites for skill books because of the very many books i added it will look rather boring with all looking red standard book. Adding the last sets of skills (Sprinting, sneaking, nimble and light foot)    (Request by zomboid123) Add aerosol bomb, pipe bomb and flame trap to engineering books (Request by Faalagorn) Adding playfull features on toys and misc items (This will be the main focus of the update), hopefully included is playing with pool table (request by CaptKaspar) Adding 1 more makeshift weapon from foraging (knife type) in the form of wooden stake. (request by ditoseadio) "after this one will come the "Personal Hygene" which will center on bathroom activities such as showering (request by MrZombifiedGamer) , and toilet stuff which will make all those tools like bathing soaps, tooth brush, hopefully toilet papers and other stuff to be functional."
    Completed work:
    Since the item properties change was made optional i have also to change all the available items in my txt scripts and also made them changed again in lua files. basically what i mean is that all my new items are set like a vanilla item first then using lua its modified to have the new weight so that when the option is turned off it will revert to a vanilla weight. So like when you read a comic book it will return a used comic book that has the same vanilla weight instead of the weight that this mod aim to produce so a book weighing 0.3 (original weight) when used do not suddenly turn to a 0.2 (new weight) used book   this is done in 80% of the items already and will probably be finished tommorow. Done 8 new vanilla looking books that is already used in some of the skill training books (black = reloading & aiming, dark red = bladed combat book, dark brown = blunt combat books, dark green = trapping books, blue = electrician, brown = first aid, >> will work on the rest of the vanilla books next farming and cooking. Currently working on
    Currently finishing the list above and making the weight adjustment in lua and in script for the rest of the items Going to add the remaining missing skills of sneak, light foot etc making graphic change optional too  
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    Zentharius reacted to Silverbird in Easily Digestible List of Trait Balance Issues   
    Lucky - Overpowered. Find so many axes on zeds that you'll never ever run out of axes to use after getting your first one (maybe intentional? since loot doesn't respawn, the number of weapons in the world is limited).
    Cats eye - idk why people are bashing this perk, I find it to be a really good perk if you plan on doing night-looting...At night, inside buildings, you can't see zombies at all and don't notice them until they're eating you already, with the perk though (if i remember correctly) it totally negates zombies sneaking up on you from dark corners...
    What else is worth mentioning...
    Illiterate - needs a couple more points imo, since they added recipe books...
    slow healer - needs to lose a couple points, same with fast healer. slow-healing wounds gives you the benefit of being able to train medical skills faster, so is this really much of a deperk?
    high thirst - overpowered, lower to 4 or 3 points, or increase the amount of liquid needed by 50-100% (I seriously never not-take this trait)
    weak stomach - could be a two point skill, or even a one point skill, i never ever eat rotten food so it's just free points (I'd never eat rotten food even if this trait didn't exist!)
    slow reader - It's fine...It could be tweaked to make reading magazines/newspapers/plain books even longer than currently, but otherwise i don't have any guff with it, its only 2 points extra (that i again never pass up).
    brawler - better than people think. better than stout, period.
    strength/fitness perks (in general) - fitness perks seem to offer much more combat advantage imho. knockback is virtually worthless (and occasionally undesirable) while fitness negates the HORRIBLE damage penalty that the first exhaustion moodle gives. I cannot notice any difference in damage with strength (although it's been said, i believe it to be false that strength affects damage in any noticable way).
    If you want some background or discussion meat, I'm running a feeble (yes, i started with 0 strength) fit and brawler build, and with 2 blade accuracy I absolutely wreck zeds with an axe (for quite some time, since 7 fitness keeps you going awhile before that first moodle ruins your damage/swing speed). Day 22, 559 kills, 2 strength (1/3 of the way to 3 strength). More axes than i know what to do with, because lucky is overpowered as hell, and axe durability is even better than baseball bats at around 450 swings per full condition bar.
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    PZ Vanilla Patch 1.4.7 (DE:EN:ES:PL:RU)
    Missing essential things in PZ is added, cleaning of burned ash, missing skill books, missing red and black paint, missing distributions of items and many more are all here and the list keeps expanding. The aim of this mod is enhancing gameplay but with as much vanilla feel as possible. Basically if you think something is doable in game than it should be doable (It will take a lot more additions to achieve this but read on to know what have been added).
    Note: All features that makes the game easier are optional (default is turned on) you can turn each component off by accessing "Mod Settings", press (RShift+s). The screen will show that Mod Setting is now Enabled. Right click anywhere and you will see "Mod Settings" menu at the bottom or near the bottom. Selecting it opens 2  options ("Item Properties" & "Special Function"). "Item Properties" will make all adjustment to the said properties to be on or off so if you click "Weight" then the screen will tell you that weight is no longer adjusted but you have to exit game and load again for this to take effect. Here is the list:
    Item Properties
    Name Option : This turns on and off item display name modification from this mod. Weight Option : This turns on and off item weight modification from this mod. Durability Option : This turns on and off weapon durability modification from this mod. Delta Option : This turns on and off item number of uses modification from this mod. Icon Option : This turns on and off item icon modification from this mod. Special function, it now contains only 1 option tho all special function that might feel like a cheat will be put here in the future:
    Sleep Anytime : This turns on and off the ability to sleep even when you are not tired. (Note: Changes you make using item properties will only be applied after exiting the game, special functions works instantly)
    We removed weights of trivial game items like ammo etc so that you will focus more on surviving. Many adjustment are made with explanations on the change. Items in game with properties that made the game harder but is illogical like canned food and paint is adjusted. Already over powered items such as plaster and vinegar will be left alone. Some minor tweak on the way recipes work like returning the lid when opening a jarred food is also implemented and explained. Added new basic recipes to boil eggs, make sunny sunshine fried egg and also to make bowl of cereal. Some basic actions are added like wringing dishcloth and bath towels to dry them.
    Assumption: 1 zomboid weight unit = 1kg ( because weakest character can carry about 7 and strongest character can carry about 20 plus so its assumed at least 1kg or more ). i get my weight refrence from the net and some i weigh myself using a food scale that can weigh up to 5kg. I also go to the local supermarket and hardware store to find out item weights. All weight change is accompanied by logical explanation.(as of v1.3 modification to weights, display name, durability, delta and other properties of items in game is now optional and can be switched off).
    Full Changelist
    01. Trivial items & equipments are set to weightless (Ammo, Nails, Screws, Needle etc). 02. Non trivial items weight are adjusted to real weight if in game weight is heavier. 03. Metal equipments like axe & hammer durability is increased to 5x the durability of wooden items. Its harder to break (not indestructable) to keep repair mechanism in use. 04. Renamed many item display names for easy inventory management and loot organizing. 05. Added new textures for some items in game to help differentiate between similar items. 06. Added distribution of items that are not distributed properly and become rare like jars, & jar lids and many others. 07. Added distribution update for rare mags like herbalist mag, cooking mag and hunting mag.  08. Added fix option to logically repairable items: Crowbar, Pool Cue, Raw Axe, Stone Hammer, Rolling Pin, Scissor, Screwdriver, Spade. Ignored trivial items (Butter Knife, Fork, Pen, Pencil, Spoon, Wooden Spear). Ignored undistributed items (Hockey Stick, Ice Pick, Letter Opener). 09. Added ability to clean up ash from burned corpses by using a shovel. -----------------------------------
    Basic Activity -
    1. Added functionality to Huggable toys (Spiffo, Doll, and Toy Bear) now you can hug them for happiness and stress bonus. (Reusable after 12 hours) 2. Added functionality to Simple toys (Cat Toy and Toy Car ) with similar mechanism like plushies but produces sound with very small sound radius. 3. Added functionality to Sound toy (Rubber Ducky) you can press this many times but eventually you will get bored. Beware tho this makes quite a noise and attract unwanted visitors. 4. Added functionality to Compound toy (Brick Toy) a toy that you can have more fun with more bricks but you have to play them on the ground so dont forget to clean up afterwards. 5. Added functionality to Brain toy (Cube) A toy that you can get better at playing. When you play this and solves it you get a good amount of boredom and happiness boost but if you fail you can try again but will get a minor penalty at hapinness and boredom. After you solve this you need to rearrange the toy to play it again. 6. Added functionality to Special toy (Deck of cards) that can be used to play solitaire, make house of cards, draw random card from a deck. Before playing solitaire dont forget to shuffle the card first. You will get better at solitaire the more you play it. 7. Added functionality to Special toy (Yoyo) that can be played multiple times but have a small chance of getting broken. Playing it produce a bit of noise so use with moderation. To fix the yoyo you need glue or wood glue and string. You also get better the more you play this. 8. Added playing the Pool Table that will give some bonus to happiness and boredom, after you complete a session you will not be able to play again for 12 hours. As you get better you will finish the session faster. 9. Added playing the Park Swing that will give some bonus to happiness and boredom these activities are loud and attract zombies. 10. Added playing the Merry go round that will give some bonus to happiness and boredom these activities are loud and attract zombies. 11. Added playing the park slide that will give some bonus to happiness and boredom these activities are loud and attract zombies.  
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