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  1. Awesome! You made my day!
  2. Yep, I'm working on list of bugs connected to trait/professions descriptions (traits connected to sleeping are inaccurate, there are several problems with fitness/strength traits, too etc.) . When done, I'll post all of them in one raport.
  3. Same here, when I was doing this research, the goal was to see how big is Axe Man improvement over normal character performance. I was, disappointed as hell. But disappointment with Lumberjack it's just half truth. Consider that with Blade Accuracy +2 one gains +100% xp. With Blade Accuracy +3 and fast learner one giants +165%xp. This changes a lot: one gains lvl 10 in blunt ~7x faster. And lvl 10 in blade accuracy totally rocks, bonus to damage and swinging speed is massive (if I’m correct it’s +60% speed), no trait can be even compared with that. In the end, when I intend to play full contact character, I always go for Lumberjack
  4. Uh, it's old topic but, I'm doing research for some time on how things actually work in PZ, and this is something that I've found out: Axe Man doesn’t increase speed of axe swing. It's +2 to blade accuracy that does. You may compare character with Axe Man and 2lvl of blade accuracy, with character that has only 2lvl of blade accuracy. It's the same (use stopper to measure it). Lucky/Unlucky is a mystery, I'm not able to get any solid info on this.
  5. Thx guys! It was bothering me for very long time, dunno why I didn’t ask sooner.
  6. This is bothering me for some time. How do you build wooden crate on wooden crate? I can’t force my character to do it. Is this a mod or sth?
  7. Actually I've tested adrenaline junky + agoraphobic / claustrophobic . It's just +5% speed boost. In comparison: Athletic (fitness +4) = +15% Sprinting lvl 3 = +20% Athletic + Sprinting lvl3 = +30% Adrenaline junky (with panic state) = +5% Fitness +2 = +0% Fitness +3 = +0% Sprinting lvl10 = +40% Fastest man on Earth (simply every bonus possible) = +50% IMO with adrenaline junky it's the matter of how do we feel about speed rather than it's actual speed. When I was testing it, I thought "wow it is so fast!" but after seeing stopper results I was very disappointed. I did another test and the result was the same, only +5%. It's probably the heartbeat sound that makes us believe that character is running much faster, when it's not. The numbers above are not totally accurate, I got them from running the same distance with different characters and assume speed boost value may be different +/- 0,5%
  8. Wow, you have to sprint a lot Never imagined that going to 10 is possible even with x1,5
  9. I'm curious. What’s your max sprint lvl? Is it on 1x exp multiplier settings?
  10. I'm not sure why you consider maximal lvl of sprinting. I've never developed character with sprinting above lvl 5, one time was close to 4,5. To get from this point to lvl 10 you need 14x more experience... And that character moved to all interesting locations in PZ (char had fast lerner + running trait). This is the point in with I abandon characters because of game boredom. Furthermore sprinting on lvl 10 gives 40% faster running speed. I've tested it with a stopper, its 100% correct. On lvl 3 it gives 20% bonus, so biggest speed boost is on low levels of skill.
  11. You’re improving this mod faster than I’m able to test it. Dev’s should hire you for faster game development jk
  12. This mod is awesome! I’m playing it for last few days. It's probably right time to share some thoughts. First of all thx for creating and developing it. Actually this made me play zomboid again, really feels as improved vanilla with some little changes that I’ve desired. Books are great. I actually don’t use most of them, but their variety and colors give more realistic feeling about the game world. Toys, towels, awww! It’s all really good. I totally agree about weapon durability and item weight, today I’ve changed them to vanilla setting. Here is my first thought about small modification, not to the mod itself, rather to mod description. It would be good to have information about turning some mod elements ‘on’ and ‘of’ in your first post. I’ve played for quite lot without knowing that there is possibility of customizing mod settings. I know. It’s my fault, probably would be better to read all posts before lunching it but you know how it is. Also could you explain what exactly are ‘Name Options’ and ‘Delta Options’? With customization of mod options everything feels perfect for me. There is just one small thing that is, in my opinion, imbalanced. Spawning of nimble, light footed and sneaking books in zeds corpses. I got them all the time, like 33% of zeds in WP were reading it. I know that zeds are trying to be ninjas but it feels rather unrealistic As suggested above I also like the idea of powering gas stations. It feels as something more to do in late game, and nice possibility to die have fun. Do you think it’s possible to make winter last longer? In my last playthrough winter lasted for maybe 8 days(?). It was disappointment for me. First it’s a challenge – farming is not possible. One has to start gather food in alternative way or stock up large food supply before winter comes. Second, I love winter design, everything is so white (and later red), and fresh. It’s actually harder to navigate, everything looks different. It would be great to experience it for like 2-3 months. Probably it had to be totally optional – many players who struggle with normal game world would find it disappointing. The other idea is opposite to previous one. Droughts. Long periods without rain. It may happen in summer. It’s realistic and gives another type of challenge. No water for farming, and diminishing supplies for drinking. Player would have to make trips to water sources and/or stock water before summer. Currently one water collector (even first one from lvl 4 carpentry) is all one needs for farming and drinking. This modification would fix that Very long drought period probably should occur in the second summer. By second summer I mean the summer after beginning of the game. In the first one waterworks are still running and players have other things to do. Of course things above are just loose ideas. Somehow sharing them felt good so I did it
  13. Now this is hot Tempest! I can't imagine how long it took to build this. But my favorite part is when your character rips his shirt to show us how nice the light tracking is in PZ. So sexy
  14. System changed a bit. With lvl 5 of firearms you should be able to hit pretty well. Stop before shooting and aim for some time. Running and shooting is less effective now. Also aim between shoots. Also you can try equipping pistols with some aiming upgrades (like laser etc). by: Firefox dictionary
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