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  1. The more the merrier, I think.
  2. This would be an awesome late-game goal to link survivor settlements.
  3. While I don't agree with all the suggested changes, I too agree with the sentiment about the HUD.
  4. Awesome idea but something probably for mods to handle rather than in the base game. Whatever framework would is needed to allow for mods like this to be made, I hope is incorporated into the game.
  5. I had a similar idea I think a system like this will drive more interaction and teamwork, so I'm all for it.
  6. This might be outdated but here's what I found From a Mondoid repost in August 2014: Once PZ is completed, would you ever consider bringing it to consoles as a downloadable game? LEMMY: We’re asked this a lot, and the answer is that we’d love to do this. However we made the game in Java so as to make it cross platform on desktop machines, so it would essentially need a full rewrite to appear on consoles. If this were to happen it would be too much work for our team, so we would require outside help from a publisher, or be able to pay an external company of some kind. The likelihoo
  7. I think you touch on something important here, my semitic buckaroo. I think adding skill-specific value to characters would be a big driver of interaction in MP, and an incentive for a player to seek out skill-specialized NPCs. As of right now, I think if a player gets the right books and keeps grinding, they can become a jack of all trades. This is a little OP. It would be better if they had to rely on other people. There should be a sacrifice being undergone if you are deciding to tough it out on your own. This is something that might be more suitable for further into
  8. This looks really neat, and I'd like to see this functionality in the vanilla game
  9. This is an older bug that's been in Zomboid as long as MP has been in it. I think its worth bringing up considering the new MP is being developed. For whatever reason, from what I understand, if you close PZ through task manager rather than a proper full-on exit, the server records it as the player still being on. This gives wildly innacurate activity numbers on the servers I've played on, as there will generally be 10 or so players on but the list will say several more when I view game info on a friend, or when checking out the browser. I hope this is able to be fixed in new MP.
  10. MrBlue

    Totes Emotes

    I do hope that not all of the emotes have a set duration before they cancel. For animations that people might add for a character to idle (i.e swinging their arms, twiddling their thumbs etc.) these should go on until a person cancels it, be it through movement (similar to the way sitting is handled) or the implementation of a cancel animation button. This adds more potential for RP as it allows for different poses to be used, which brings out better looking scenes and screenshots, while also allowing for a broader range of actions. Some of the already-present animations I would ho
  11. MrBlue

    Shoving off

    the progress in MP is directly proportional to the amount of devs on the team with russian sounding names like YURI and ANDREI
  12. MrBlue

    PriZon Break

    Yeah I'd like to see that feature.
  13. I was looking at the old developer video which first unveiled the ability to grab corpses and move them, and with it many people years and years ago expressed a desire for the visual representation of the body being carried over the character's shoulder when doing so. I think this, as well as an ability to carry wounded survivors who may be impaired by a limp or worse, would be a cool feature both for multiplayer and when the introduction of NPCs occurs. There should be considerations of strength and whatever other physical factors the character doing the carrying has. Maybe draggi
  14. A little cool touch in games like GTA V or DayZ is that the character's mouth moves when people talk. While its questionable as to how good it looks in those games, where mouth movements are hard to make realistic, let alone be convincing when put next to what a person is saying (resulting in a poor looking lip sync), in Zomboid the style is simple enough that it couldn't look bad if it wanted to. I think this should be restricted to voice chat, or at least be toggleable on/off if extended to text chat, because on many RP servers due to the lack of command scripts or RP script mods as well as
  15. MrBlue

    Man BangleZ

    I like that the devs are making additions with the RP community in mind, and hope to see more in the future. With the new bandwidth avaliable, would it be possible to see 100+ player servers with a degree of stability in the future? I know the numbers aren't there right now but with the upcoming updates for this roadmap I think a lot of people will be coming back, or start getting into Zomboid. Are we to take this to mean just making 2D items on the floor less of an eye sore or the ability to actually place items around where we want, ontop of tables and such? If the latter, the
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