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  1. Just as a quick preface A. I don't really know anything about game design so my opinion on the UI suggestion I'm gonna present might come from an uninformed place, if so please let me know. B. Y'all should really add an undo button because I accidentally highlighted this entire post with a weird mouse click and pressed a key, causing me to lose everything and I am now re-writing it all. Grrr. OK here we go: 1. With the new animation build we have a very detailed character rendering when we press J. Our characters now display wounds on themselves as well, and we know from Thursdoids that bandages and stuff will be visible soon too with the coming updates within IWBUMS. So why not just replace the body diagram under Health with that very rendering, and just click on the wounds we see on our character to do patch ourselves up? Just seems like it would be a cool thing to have. I suppose the same could go for protection and insulation if you could add highlighted colors over the character render. (Below is the rendering I'm talking about) Ok so a few things about my messy drawings in this photo and what they depict in relation to my other suggestion 2. Character Description Box: I think this would be really great for RP, and maybe for depicting emotions for NPCs (as I understand personality will play a bigger role in the NPC update) perhaps when you click a bandit NPC who is visibly angry it will say something like "The man appears disgruntled." For multiplayer RP though if there was a scrollable description box where you could type it in, and twhen another person clicks on yours they can read it, I think that would be really cool. There used to be a mod that tried to do something similar but it is out of date and also wouldn't really hold up to a feature like this. In non-RP instances this may also find another use for tagging characters as members of factions on some survival servers, so maybe others could clearly see? PS. The scratched out info is stuff that I wouldn't want to be visible when I click on another character. Although maybe editing hair/beard would be good if you wanted to modify the appearance of your NPC followers when that becomes a thing. I'm kinda drowsy writing this so my apologies for any incoherent parts of this post, let me know and I'll gladly clear up anywhere that I don't make sense
  2. Haha I was giving the facemasks as an example of how the Doctors could lower their likelihood of being infected by their patients, not suggesting that by the nature of their profession they should possess such a superpower.
  3. Yep, just a click would be nice. Maybe some sort of impact effect to highlight the tile you've selected to go to. In terms of general accessibility outside of the specific context of this suggestion, a toggle button for walking in the direction you're looking, like there is in Skyrim, would be nice. Just give it a tap and you will walk wherever you're looking and tap again to stop it. I think its in DayZ too. For games where you walk very long distances in the game world this is helpful, as its annoying to hold your finger down on a button for that long. @TezzleOn the upside I think the crouch of the new build is already a toggle. But you'd still have trouble aiming with guns I'd imagine. Really hope the developers are able to do something on this side of things. Would love for more people to be able to play Zomboid, and who knows, maybe if there's ever a mobile port we'll have a good control scheme to start off with.
  4. I think the full on Shift + ALT key sprinting is generally for life and death situations where you just need to dash out ASAP. You sacrifice detection for speed so you can run into the trees when a scavenging run goes awry or, come multiplayer (or NPCs), you need to escape from other people. I also imagine when sprinters are fixed it'd be absolutely necessary there. Those are situations where I think its worth it. I'm pretty sure crouching is the sneakiest you can be, and I would hope crouching behind cover would reduce your chance of being hit by enemy fire. I haven't compared the look around mode while standing's stealthiness with crouching though so I could be wrong here. How high is your sprinting skill? I was able to get pretty far with Sprint 4 but I fizzled out to high exertion and stopped at a certain point. I think that's reasonable though. Like I said before, emergency situations.
  5. I'd actually like books to bring up a randomized excerpt of the subject matter just to give you something to think about as you're there. Maybe you generally tab out of the game to do something while you read, but it would be nice to actually learn a fun fact or two while doing so. In fact, adding some lore-based books about the history of Knox Country (given that its now its own fictional part of Kentucky) would make it pretty atmospheric. Maybe a Civil War History book about "General Spiffson's Last Stand against the Union Soldiers on March Ridge." For fiction it would add character to the game, as do books in the Elder Scrolls games, and for non-fiction you get to learn something you probably wouldn't know if you choose to keep the page window open. For example, maybe you open a first aid book and learn something about the Heimlich maneuver. *In addition, the whole fictional book thing could be a cool way to interact with the community. Perhaps to have these books done, you could make a contest giving people the title and the length, and choose it to have their book put into the game. Just a thought.
  6. I like it. This is an aspect of the apocalypse that isn't often explored. Will there be ways to lower the likelihood of a Doctor contracting the disease from other players? Facemasks and what not.
  7. In the old ApCom mod you could also record your own messages for RP and listen to it back. I'd like if they could bring that back.
  8. One I tested recently is jumping through the upper floor's window at Twiggy's. Realistically from looking at this image obviously you wouldn't fall over, slide down, or anything if you went through this window. Not only did I fall down, but I fell through back into the first floor. I think this issue occurs considerably in other buildings. Buildings with adjoining side areas which you can use the windows to jump upon, I think the one of the Church buildings as well, though my memory is pretty muddy. In any case this is certainly a very annoying bug and it really ought to be fixed. I think its been around for quite some time too. Even if the roof is angled you shouldn't necessarily fall anyway. Anyway that's my two cents.
  9. I don't know how moddable Zomboid is, but it would be cool to see some kind of TellTale Games style texture pack for it, with the thick borders and drab colours and cartoony character models. I'm sure there's room for all sorts of total conversion texture packs that could make this something much more than a zombie game.
  10. Once the animations build releases, there will be some accompanying tools released. If it will be possible to change and add new models to the game, would it be possible to mod in limb amputation? For controlling how players interact with the world without limbs, there are trait mods that add impairments to the player character, like having one arm and not being able to equip a secondary slot item, or having speed significantly reduced with one leg (as well as making these areas invulnerable to future infection/injury) so this side of things should be possible. (Additionally with the ability to fall in this new build, I’m guessing you could make the possibility of zombies knocking you over have a much higher chance) Then for actually eliminating the infection, I’m pretty sure healing players in the console can eliminate the infection, so I imagine it wouldn’t be difficult to create a way for the infection state to be reset while also maintaining the previous health. All that would remain would be fixing things model-wise and adding crutch or prosthetic animations. Btw I don’t know shit about coding or modding so everything I’ve said may also just be near impossible to add to the game, I really have no idea I’m just making a lot of assumptions based on what’s already in the game and things like AnimZed that have been teased.
  11. Yeah I meant it being rendered. I would imagine with some good texture work and manipulating this and that you could get an interior. I think for large vehicles like an RV it would be feasible to have 2x1 tiles width. Your idea is the simpler one and easier though, so I’m guessing the developers would probably go for it.
  12. Wouldn’t it be possible for when you stop or park the camper van, trailer, or RV to convert it to a tile based structure and use some modeling/texturing trickery to make the stationery form identical to the moving vehicle? Maybe with the press of a button that’s specific to vehicles of this kind.
  13. MrBlue

    StreamZed III

    How is bringing in things like high-resolution models, and the animations build itself, going to affect performance?
  14. I do think the melee combat system can be made to be a bit more in depth. I’d like to see the pushing be replaced by a sort of punching system, which you could use to settle squabbles with NPCs. Maybe a few new attack moves that can be bound to the numpad - putting the aforementioned pushing here, your zombie knee kick... etc perhaps adding a distinction between heavy and light hits when using a melee weapon, where heavy strikes exert more energy, are slower, but do more damage, whereas light strikes are less exerting, and quicker, and don’t demand very much energy. Really, I’d like to see more inventive traps to deal with the zombies, like dropping shit on them. Just throwing some ideas around.
  15. I was wondering if it was possible to mod the Project Zomboid font for text in multiplayer, menus etc. Maybe something like the TellTale Games TWD dialogue font.
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