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    Actual Journals/Notes

    The note-taking system is quite bare-bones. It's like under a paragraph's worth of space per page, with some odd scroll formatting if you want to push it a little bit further, but overall it's kind of a mess, especially when compared to what you get on maps (you know, actual textures). It would be cool if journals had actual pages, with wrinkles and stains or whatever, maybe some have graph lines on them, or are ring-bound , and maybe an actual handwriting sort of font with some actual space. Give me some big pages for crying out loud, it's the apocalypse I want to document every tidbit from the Spiffo I found on some shelf to the hordes that keep stalking me. Give me like a full A4 page of space to do it, or at least let me drag a box to customize the page size. I don't think this would be that hard to do. Thanks, -Blue P.S It would also maybe be cool to have some kind of little scribbling/drawing system thing on it if possible. Like a mini MS-paint lol, either for leaving little funny memes, or if you have a cool touchscreen or something, actually sketching something lit.
  2. Will characters with the obese or overweight trait show this in their character model, and likewise for underweight? If not I think they should. Slight variations in height or musculature would be nice too. Injuries would also be interesting to see, I know we can already see blood splatters on the player character but perhaps deep gashes and scars, as well as their respective bandages or splints would also be worth showing.
  3. No - this was done to encourage rather than creating jack of all trades characters (who are seen awfully often in many RP servers in the past) the driving of interaction out of necessity. Need to build a base? Find construction workers. Need to farm? Find a farmer. By no means does this make solo-survival (that is, survival away from a group, which is perfectly plausible in an RP setting where you could be a trader who lives alone and comes into town to trade for example) impossible, but both group survival and solo survival now have their own advantages and disadvantages.
  4. MrBlue


    ... no, not men dressed as women. I meant these kinds of traps! What's that you say? We already have traps in the game? Yes, yes, we all know about the typical bomb trap and such, and the kind for animal hunting, but what about a less costly method that relied more on the environment? In Multiplayer this would already work wonders, as well as in role-play servers, but also imagine the use when NPC's become a thing - setting up traps in an area laden with good loot so that others can't get to it as easily; how cruelly ingenious! As well as the above there are a multitude of interesting ones that could be used. Seeing zombies be incorporated into it would be interesting too, like perhaps some kind of leaf-covered hole you could make with a zombie at the bottom for people to fall in. Zombies as a matter of fact deserve an entire place of their own in their useful applications in the world, again, in ways that would make dealing with NPC's very fascinating. Who could forget the infamous "Watch-dogs," from The Walking Dead 400 days? All in all I think the application of traps could certainly use some fleshing out, whether it's towards zombies, or other players. Let me know what you think!
  5. Project Zomboid has a really poor combat system for guns, let's face it. For pistols on our role-play server, it often suffers from pistol spam where level 10 is literally unbeatable even by several others and with certain other weapons such as rifles. So what I ask for is a mod that allows players' skills on the server to be capped, particularly so we can cap aiming at level 5, as well as another that has some way to add a cooldown between pistol shots similar to the varmint to prevent the almost rapid fire when spammed.
  6. I'll definietely try to be on
  7. MrBlue

    Another Aiming Suggestion

    I'm with you Enigma, I think we were getting at the same thing and as I said, it should be overhauled. Didn't mention replaced, just to be clear. However, the main element I want are the bounds of my aiming being highlighted by those vectors or bullet trails or whatever you call them so that if I am RPing with a player or just trying not to hit my friend, I won't unless he actively runs into my line of fire. I want those red lines I showed in my first picture to show so I know not to hit them and where my bullets or travel, whether or not any of them will hit can be up to my aiming skill, panic, etc. With this added, I believe it will only add to the current system beneficially, giving us more accuracy in a rather flawed system in its current state at the moment, being that aiming is far more a gamble than any true precision in gunplay. If any of you don't believe me, there is already a mod that tries to fix this called I can Aim and use Generators which makes the case that the default aiming should be lvl 5 simply due to the "ineptitude" of the starting aiming and it currently has just over 1000 subscriptions. If that doesn't say something is wrong I don't know what will. Once again though, it just needs some revamping. I think this "raycasting" or whatever you'd like to call it which I brought up in the first post will really be the most impactful when it comes to fixing it in my personal opinion, as with your drawn vectors. Provided they represent an accurate depiction to the player or where there fire will be in-game, even at a low level the bullets should never shoot out of the bounds of the rays, it should always be within and with that, the ray should be adjusted to be tailored to the aiming level. Pistols with a higher level have thinner line-like rays that travel a medium distance, shotguns always have a wide ray that increases distance with a higher level, hunting rifles have almost a perfect line that goes rather far at high aiming levels. That sort of thing. Edit: I also agree with LeanMelon that there should be a mod created like this if possible so that it can reach players ASAP. Given the dev time and priorities of cars and animations this would really be appreciated as otherwise it may take some time to implement.
  8. MrBlue

    Another Aiming Suggestion

    So my other aiming suggestion thread died. Yeah... Figuring that I might not have been creative enough to find something viable, I propose another idea - but before I get into it I'd like to say primarily why I believe aiming NEEDS an overhaul. The aiming is rather, arcadey at best and while there is only so much realism you can get in an isometric game, it is really hard to believe some of the situations where you will get friendly fire in multiplayer. Some may ask, why don't you just turn PvP off? Well my response to that is that I'm a part of the role-play community and while I know most just play survival or PvE modes, friendly fire has its place but should not be outright ridiculous in some situations and I believe this would mend the issue to an extent - hence my idea, look no further. Yay! Another one of MrBlue's awful concept drawings. A highlighted area of the shooting, that gets wider or smaller depending on your aiming skill. Those who do not know how to shoot may not be the best, but they should know full well of their limits. This would help make firing more exact and predictable. Thoughts?
  9. Looking forward to seeing this, always exciting to see the role-play community on Zomboid enlarge, good to have more than one server to choose from. I like the lore particularly.
  10. MrBlue

    V.A.T.S-ish Aiming?

    PZ Combat has always been a little iffy with me, especially in RP modes where if you are right next to someone and have a gun to their head, if your character has aiming 1 there is still chance for them to miss. I would like to see is for some system similar to the V.A.T.S system in Fallout except in real-time to be added IN addition to the normal one so if you have a sniper or hunting rifle in hand and you right click on an enemy whether it be a player or a zombie, click on an area and shoot, it factors in your aiming, tiredness, weapon type etc. to give you a percentage chance of a hit, with distance always being the most influential factor. If none of you have seen V.A.T.S in the Fallout games, here's what it looks like. The reason I ask for it to be in real-time is that as a player on role-play servers (multi-player), I would like to utilize this in gunfights or scenes as for the longest times we've bickered on how the mechanical system of the game is not quite the best, however, it could work just as fine with an option for real-time and pausing or having the multi-player version being the only one in real-time. This is obviously low-priority but I think it might be cool for PvP in addition to the norm. Also when NPC's are added it can also be used in tactical combat when going cover to cover, in hostage situations and such depending on what sort of events are implemented along with NPC's. To give you an idea of what this might look like in the game, I drew this (very rough) depiction. As we can see, not only am I not a very good artist but in addition, I think this could also be made to look different, perhaps a drop down menu similar to when you right click another player. Obviously, this would be targeted toward those situations when you are sniping from a rooftop or something or fighting only a handful of zombies - but moreover in combat at a distance or with NPC's where Project Zomboid's gun combat system falls a little short at times. Update - Well I think this post brought a little more to the discussion but I really should have remembered to search, because I saw this suggestion was already posted.
  11. MrBlue

    New Dawn Heavy RP New lore

    I absolutely, 100% agree with the recent aforementioned statements concerning corruption, favoritism as well as the standard of roleplay. Things have really gone downhill as of late however certain folks seem to think this was recent, however, I think this was a gradual decline with problems heightened lore by lore and while I would recommend giving it a go just to try it out - I would NOT go in with high expectations. I did meet some good folks during my time on New Dawn but it has changed to a point where I don't think it can redeem itself in the near future. The only pros I think I could give it is some structure as well as a higher player count as Zomboid, particularly this little niche of ours, we call the RP community, does not have quite as many players to sustain itself in comparison to the population of RP servers in other games.
  12. MrBlue [RP with Whitelist]

    Server looks promising - but its a bit of a bummer that your name IG is your forum name. I'd much rather have it as the name of your character.
  13. Looking forward to seeing how this RP server turns out.
  14. MrBlue

    See My Own Name

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  15. MrBlue

    [Roleplay][Whitelist][24/7] AGN - NewDawn Roleplay

    Things are going great on the server, so much interesting RP has been taking place and our admins have never failed to please with the amazing events and upkeep of the community. In addition to this, our community is pretty active and generally there are plenty of people on the server. Give it a try if you haven't already, don't miss out on the fun!