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  1. MrBlue

    Project Zomboid Combat Tutorial!

    very good
  2. MrBlue

    Mannequin vs. Zed

    I think that was more of a memey feature rather than some profound idea lol, but what you added about the RP was bang on. Some more idles and maybe toggleable talking animations played when you send messages in chat would be cool. Being able to toggle on walking would be cool too since you could RP while you travel from one town to another.
  3. MrBlue

    Utilizing Zombies in War

    I don't think there's anything comfortable about the human-zombie relationship this feature brings in, particularly if you're on the receiving end of such a threat. If anything it ups the ante. You can already exploit zombies in the base game with alarms, speakers, T.V's etc. and as such if NPCs were to be in the game, or you were in a multiplayer situation you could sabotage one of their bases. That's something the developers already have in, so I don't think there's an issue with contradicting the developer goal. Furthermore the key to this is adding to the ways people can bring about misfortune upon other people, which isn't something the devs have never explored (if you've played the tech demo with Kate and Bob you'll remember the bandit scene). A big part of a zombie apocalypse, a trope that's been seen in classics like 28 Days Later, is that even when man is at his lowest point, man is still man's greatest threat, and I think this feature exemplifies this perfectly.
  4. MrBlue

    Another Aiming Suggestion

    In light of the developers teasing a possible update to the aiming system, I wanted to put my two cents in on what could improve the aiming system. So that's why i'm reviving this dead thread. Now, I like where the developers were going with the isometric combat but I think the chance-based systems taking into account your skills hold it back. No, no, I'm not saying that it should reflect your own skill as a gamer at shooting rather than your character's aiming, the character's aim skill should be a factor most certainly. But with occurrence such as shooting a friendly while wanting to execute someone point blank (this has happened all too many times on RP servers) or friendly fire when clearly no one could be dumb enough to do it, it's clear that there's room for improvement. One of the games I've been playing recently, also isometric, is called Foxhole, and it uses actual bullet-travel and rather than determining the hit wholly by a bunch of factors punched into the system to determine the chance of hitting and where to hit, it draws a line out to your cursor and you have free reign over where you want to shoot. Here's an example. Buuuut Foxhole is not Project Zomboid. It's meant to have competitive combat (although less so than other games of this nature) however nevertheless it does not have the RPG elements Project Zomboid does, most notably the aiming skill. Now I think rather than aiming determining the chance of you hitting, I think it should determine the viable range of how far you can hit with a weapon (with overall limits on certain gun types i.e a 9mm pistol should not be able to fire 2 km away). When aiming, the line drawn out for lower aim players should not go as far, and will force them to move closer to get a better shot if they really need to go to combat. This would make for very interesting PvP situations, especially along with the newly teased cover system. Moreover if you want to shoot a floor above, or a floor below, maybe you could use the scroll wheel to adjust the level at which you're aiming at. I think this way aiming still has a heavy bearing over what you can and cannot do with a gun, but allows a reasonable degree of specificity over which target you're choosing such that situations such as the execution one I mentioned earlier don't happen. Friendly fire would still be possible of course, as with actual bullet-travel if you run into someone's hail of bullets while they're say, mowing down a horde, you better damn well be hit by them. Edit: It doesn't necessarily have to have this new bullet travel module (although it would be nice) but just drawing a line out to what you want to hit and being able to place shots as YOU determine them to be placed first, and then the effects of the character's skill working off of that, rather than just solely the character's skill paired with your spam, is generally the hope for what this suggestion can achieve)
  5. MrBlue

    Utilizing Zombies in War

    It's no secret that zombies can be quite useful when harnessed as a weapon, and this has been shown several times in series' such as The Walking Dead. I think Project Zomboid could really benefit from looking at ways to utilize the zombies as a tool of waging war against other human groups in the game - for multiplayer now and perhaps in the future against NPCs when they come out. Right now you can get away with using things such as alarms to attract hordes to others, and that's great, but some more creative ways of doing it like the ones shown would be really cool, especially for when you're further in the apocalypse. Maybe if the sanitation system becomes more in depth you could even infect someone's water source with a zombie or something like that. But otherwise, some methods like those above would be really awesome to see.
  6. MrBlue

    Stealth System Concerns

    The whole *shoots bandit in the face with an arrow while hidden* "Must've been the wind." gag is a play on the fact that the guards shouldn't be so dumb as to not realize your presence from the sounds, as any human with some basic intelligence should. We're talking about zombies here though, so this is the one instance where this sinful video game trope is actually permitted.
  7. MrBlue

    69 Zeds

    Some gory death animations would be cool like your entrails spilling out or having your abdomen split in two, having multiple possibilities for what death animation will occur.
  8. Yes, by the cost I meant the cost of using a nail and hammer to place it down. Maybe bad phrasing on my part. I don't think supplanting one unrealistic solution with another solves the problem. Windows often IRL have radiators beneath them for example, and as for attaching it to furniture and hoping it won't go out the window with you, bed frames are VERY viable for this purpose. So that's an alternative way of abstracting it. At the end of the day yes, this is a game and realism isn't the ultimate goal, but to that end I think my suggestion still stands.
  9. Adding some difficulty is fair enough, but it just seems odd that you'd know how to make a stable rope with a hammer and nail in the first place. I mean what, you just punch it through the rope and you're good to go? If anything I think securing the knot would be a whole lot easier. The margin for error where the rope would just tear from the nail seems a lot more likely imo. I don't think skillbooks are the route. Last I checked animations have a chance for things to go wrong depending on a certain skill? (Going off of the first animations video I ever watched) so maybe rather than making ropes difficult to make, give them the inherent flaw of having a chance to fall off them if your skill, maybe being nimble, isn't high enough.
  10. MrBlue

    Regarding the latest Thursdoid, to TIS

    hire this man
  11. MrBlue

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Additionally some highschool band clothing spawning at the highschools would be cool.
  12. MrBlue

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    More extensive winter clothes and adding models to the craft-able fur clothes (I think there are some) - Parkas and things like that.
  13. MrBlue

    Compass Item

    I'm all for adding the compass. Although the screen gives cardinal directions there's not really a consensus of what they should be (is the top right north and the bottom left south, is the top north and the bottom south, and moreover does this reflect in the real world Kentucky map this is based on?) and on RP servers allowing navigation with a compass would be great for coordinating with people over the radio and whatnot.
  14. The last time I played Project Zomboid it cost a nail and a hammer to place a sheet rope. (This might have been when the car update first rolled out) If I'm not mistaken it is still this way? What I am asking for is the cost of a nail and hammer requirement be removed, since you could tie a pretty secure knot on your own. I don't need them to be attached to furniture, attaching them to fences and stuff is fine. I just think you shouldn't need to expend a nail on it each time you add the rope.
  15. MrBlue

    Project Zomboid Cursor

    I agree, as a matter of fact I think some more aesthetic UI elements would do the game quite well.