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  1. First of all I like the fallout new vegas picture but no I disagree with you because the game would be so much more appealing the way I said I mean why would traits increase skills when other traits do not increase skills. It just makes way more sense the way I said.
  2. OK so I have an idea to make traits and skill bonuses less complicated and more understanding and the most important reason to make it so you can more easily choose EXACTLY the type of character you want. First of all there should be 3 different windows to choose from on character setup screen and they are occupation, traits, and skills. Occupations should stay the same. Now traits such as like baseball player which increase blunt accuracy should not exist as a trait at all that should be a skill bonus which exists in a different point system. So in other words depending on your occupation the game will give you x amount of points to use for traits and x amount of points for skill bonuses. There should be a increase skill point option for every skill. Because what if you want to play the game and you need a trait that only increases blunt guard? There is no trait like that. There should not be any traits that increase skills at all, traits should only be for things such as decrease hunger and increase thirst and increase or decrease luck, things that dont affect skills. This setup does not make the game easier or harder at all it just lets you create exactly the type of character you want and thats why I think its a good idea.
  3. I dont think thats right because it says disease and I dont think a cold is a disease and it says zombification. I think it has something to do with infection.
  4. But then why does it say faster rate of zombification?
  5. What exactly do the traits resilient and prone to illness do? Do they decrease the chances of you getting infected after being scratched or bitten or what?
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