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  1. I see some items of the game source and i want to make moveable items like chest or something like that but i dont know how works , so the part " fixtures_windows_01_16" how get the textures or where take it ? item TiledWindows { Type = Moveable, Weight = 0.5, WorldObjectSprite = fixtures_windows_01_16, DisplayName = Tiled Windows, Icon = default, }
  2. Hi , this how a i make texture to make tiles like a containers , furniture etc. I make with blender and its to easy to make the render. Im new in the theme but i want to share this way to make the texture , i put the link of download if you want try it https://drive.google.com/file/d/14UVaeJiksYARqUUXAb2VvfCopvuHXeMq/view
  3. Hey hi , is possible make a mod with the settings to up a chest or something like that ? how can i make it ?
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