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  1. You can make cord from clothing, while this might be something a carpenter level 5 might know, your basic person? Not so much, you also need a specific tool to cut it to length. On top of which you have to use the right kind of bottle, if the shape isn't flat on the side the cord might be cut in the wrong way leaving you without a cord. This could be a useful skill, but in the game it's very easily overshadowed by the renewable resources zombies pose. I'd rather a topic of turning clothing into string, and etc. With this being added only as fluff really.
  2. +1 While I doubt there would be balanced/accurate throwing knives laying about, and even if there were, doubt they'd kill zombies. I do however, believe throwing rocks, spears, hatchets, and etc should be potentially able to kill zombies from a distance. Possibly even set up traps that drop heavy objects on zombies set these up above doors and wam! IMO the drawback should be that throwing weapons are weaker than normal melee, but are just as silent, and without the same risk. Rather carreyweight limits your ammunition stocks. Though TBH I want to have archery in the game already. Stick, string, arrows, etc.
  3. Forcing SteamID would get rid of most griefers. Though I wouldn't be surprised if someone has access to multiple steam accounts. I.E. their friend's
  4. I think they ought to turn into useable scrap, instead of poof. Like you could burn wood, or turn metal into something. Broken knives IMO should still be useful as metal scrap, like if you could melt it down, or just sharpen the blade. For the most part I'd like it if items could be repaired or used to make new ones. Like Axe heads.
  5. Wagons make more sense zombies IMO would make horrible slaves, they also smell bad, if zombies can attract other zombies then they'd be useless also you could shoot them easily. All in all it wouldn't be something I'd see esp if we have cars
  6. Cars = Noise = Zombies Cars + Glass = Low ramming capability Most roads are blocked by hordes so IMO you would only be able to use a car once or twice to go from town to town, unless you manage to wall off the roads, and keep the zed count low. Now I wouldn't mind it if you could increase the durability with welded sheet metal, and such. As well as perform repairs.
  7. There are books that can make this happen in game, but more options in sandbox are always nice. I think the system as is doesn't need that much of a change, though reloading should count every bullet that's loaded doesn't matter if fired or not if reloading doesn't do this already. First aid IMO should be trainable without being hurt up to level 5. Guard seems rather tough to train. Esp since a scratch could kill you.
  8. Very much this. It depends on speed though, we've got cars that get total'd from hitting deers, it doesn't matter if it was a bag of water, or a concrete wall if you move fast enough. Like if you jump from a cruise ship or a bridge into the water you get paste'd from the impact.
  9. I think it should be double blind so you can't see while hiding inside of box, but you can hear things like the door, also I think you should be revealed when a person checks the container.
  10. Honestly I think that hitting zombies ought to damage the car, and lower speed, but the biggest problem would be zombies breaking the windows causing you to bleed, then pulling you out.
  11. Guns are for people. Sneaking is for zombies. (Melee causes noise, so unless you knife or go 1v1 it might take longer than you want) Remember bombs have a huge blast, and cause massive bleeding. And yes they burn everything. Smoke bombs are super effective, and don't cause fires. Generators can be used indoors as an effective key to keep your valuables safe from looters. You can carry over your weight limit if you have lots of empty cans then fill them with gas the only penalty for weight is speed. Nails are rare, sheet rope is plentiful. Make log walls where you can. Zombies can't climb, but you can. Keep sheet rope if you need to make a speedy get away or a safe entrance. Farms can be placed on roofs, and with sheet rope entrances your crops are secured! You can deconstruct stairs with sledges. To deny zombie access, or asset denial for when you log off. Remove stairs, place goods upstairs, remove any sheet rope.
  12. Old Age IMO isn't a bad idea if its only a slow decrease in stats that aren't used over time, without a established time limit. If diseases get placed in the game Old Age will more or less be what kills you, getting an incurable disease and wasting away as it is IRL with old age often times. As for drying food +1 Beef Jerky, and stoof.
  13. Removing powder from bullets is also a bad idea, you're more likely to just get a round stuck forever in the barrel. Especially since most people wouldn't know how to change how much powder you'd need to make rounds subsonic. I also imagine the cotton would be horrible for the gun's accuracy.
  14. I think clothes ought to be more than just heat, but it should reduce your speed, and have a protection factor for both the enviroment and against scratches/zeds I would like more clothing options like wearing jewlery and such. Also more containers you could wear. Having two backpacks one up front and one on your back should be doable. Wagons/luggage bags/etc
  15. The idea that someone could make a suppressor isn't outlandish, but its definitely not going to do much, covering muzzle flash, and lowering noise IMO should be possible, but not substantial. Guns attracting the amount of zombies that they do is far fetched. Though even if there was 1 suppressor in every 10,000 zombies that would justify adding them into the game because with a single gun you can attract that many zombies then kill them, making suppressors present in the game based on the calculation that per person something that ought to be there. I think the game should change how far zombies react to guns, especially when fired from indoors where the distance of zombies who hear and who react should get lowered. IMO gunshots should attract zombies at like 10 times the distance of banging on a door with a sledgehammer. Instead of bringing them from one end of the town to the next. Now if banging on doors or breaking glass, or even tripping house alarms attracted the entire population of the town I'd be cool with that for the sake of consistency. Right now even bombs have less noise than guns. It'd be cool if it were just swapped around where bombs attract everyone, where guns just attract everyone on your screen.
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