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  1. Officialadsffm

    Svarog's Small Mods

    Was more edibles removed from the workshop? I hope you're planning to update it, it's very immersive. Glad you're back in the PZ modding community!
  2. Officialadsffm

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    So here is my experience. When I spawned in the fps was normal, but unsurprisingly driving a vehicle has significantly dropped my fps to about 2 - 5 FPS. But this could be caused by the fact that I also played on Six Months After Apocalypse scenario and extreme amount of zombies in conjunction with the car was causing massive fps drops. Also, playing on six months after apocalypse, apparently a lot of zombies can push your car through buildings, as seen on the screenshot, so take a note of that too. In conclusion, very happy with what you are working on. Looking forward to future updates. Thank you for this game. P.S: I'm in love with the physics! The way huge horde just pushes your car over just makes it all the more terrifying!! Edit: Something (Possibly lag) is preventing icons in the car menu to show up.