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  1. I love this kind of necro, and also dubstep
  2. Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap
  3. I really don't get the problem here. Maybe is my bad text comprehension. Also I find to be very easy to determinate where a zombie is, even if is out of your line of sight, You just need to look around and you can do almost every single action in the game while turning.
  4. Btw when zombies fade while out of your sight you can see a little shadow circle on ground.
  5. I totally agree with Rathlord. I think fighting the zombies now is too easy atm. But I believe is too early to talk about balance now, considering the fact that a lot of negative moodles aren't really a issue. I'm playing a character with Agoraphobic and Claustrophobic traits, being constantly in Extreme Panic does not give you a disadvantage at all. We need a way to feel constantly under the threat of death. I would like to explain my thoughts better, but english is not my native language so it's somehow hard for me, sorry if sometimes I'm not 100% clear
  6. Bicycles in this game are my dream...
  7. Turn rate now is perfect, i used to move around turning like a crazy idiot seeing everything around me, now is way more balanced. I'm gonna try to fight right now!!! Gj as always
  8. I wonder if the trait "Lucky" could be usefull in MP. But i don't think so, anyone tried?
  9. Just wanna say hi. Logged for the first time ever in a Zomboid server here. Freaking funny. You'll see me more!!! GJ
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