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  1. The components could also be supplied via trapping.
  2. Zombies occasionally have weapons on them, moreso for Lucky characters, I routinely find more Axes and Pistols than I could ever possibly use while wiping out hordes of Zombies with a character that has the Lucky trait. Zombies with random stuff like nails or paper clips are much rarer, but they happen as well..... take a few seconds to check the bodies when you kill them instead of just passing them by like most people do. If you build a log wall around your garden Zombies can't get to it, I have yet to see a Zombie that can knock down a door let alone a wall. If you're paranoid you don't even need to build a door into it, just build a set of stairs inside leading to an elevated walkway and use a sheet rope to climb up to it from the outside. You're seeing something different than I am, then. My team and I got hit with a horde yesterday that tore through the walls of our fort like tissue paper. We lost half our crops.
  3. [Removed to save space] I disagree with what SliderPro said as well. You can survive indefinitely on a server. We have fishing, foraging, farming to keep us fed and we can now take water from rivers etc. Food and water are essential to survival, nails are not. Just try not to squander your nails and be more selective of when you use them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think its actually possible to fish forever in this build. You will eventually run out of paperclips and fishing line. You can survive off of foraging and farming, but its very easy for a horde to wipe out even a well-defended patch of farmland if they get access to it, and you can't rely on trapping for infinite food, either. Additionally, there's one other area that we cannot rely on indefinitely: weapons. You can in theory survive off of stone axes, but I really wouldn't recommend it.
  4. One of the most common early adhesives developed by human society is "animal glue"--essentially, a glue formed by repeatedly boiling animal connective tissue (joint tissue, skin, teeth, bones, cartilage, etc) until it forms into a sticky morass usable as a glue. Animal glue was typically a little unstable, requiring heat to remain liquid, and susceptible to spoilage. However, it works effectively as a wood bonding agent, and a coating of wood glue effectively water-seals wooden objects treated with it. As a result, animal glue is a great solution for any would-be survivalist who needs to be able to put things (such as axes) back together. It can also be used to water-seal boats (potentially), to seal liquid containers made from wood, to post signs or crayon drawings onto walls, or as a very short-term glue trap for unsuspecting zombies. Animal glue would be a very much "late tier" craftable item, and depends on three components: lime (produced by burning or grinding animal bones), water, and animal hide. These three components would have to be mixed, so that the animal hide in question soaks for at least 24 hours in a lime-water mixture. The result could then be placed on a heat source and boiled for a long period of time (3-5 times as long as cooking normally takes, at least). It should be possible to use a standard pot on this, but a special piece of equipment could also be used. A more complicated version could use vinegar as an additional component, used to wash the lime-water off of the hide before boiling the hide in fresh water. This might also involve shaving and cleaning the hide beforehand, perhaps using scissors or a kitchen knife. Once the glue is made, it has to be used before it cools completely, and within a month of making it. Continuous heating prevents the glue from solidifying, but may not prevent spoilage (which can be a percentage chance or a guarantee). This could mean a "hot plate" requiring electricity, or a fire with a continuous supply of fuel. Both of these are potentially very expensive and/or hard to acquire. The glue itself best functions as a "wood glue substitute"; it is less efficient and produces a weaker bond than modern polymer glues. As such, it could serve as a wood glue that repairs less than wood glue in game, and maybe isn't as efficient in other carpentry uses. This would mean more room for glue within other carpentry mechanics--carpentry could even be changed to require wood or animal glue for all attempts at repairing wooden walls. This is a late-tier production primarily because of the heat requirements and the lime; the trapping and hunting requirements can be met fairly early on, depending on your success with trapping. With dedicated effort (or luck), a group of survivors could produce a batch of glue before they have the means to preserve it; this is beneficial, as it lets a group "catch up" if they suffer from Sudden Axe Breakage or Insufficient Logs Syndrome. The lime and animal hide components are useful in several other areas (tanning, farming [as a fertilizer addition], etc), so adding these could also add options for other craftable creations.
  5. I think the grindstone is a really good idea--or really, anything that allows the axe to be repaired more often. I like the idea of the axe having a set lifespan; its a very useful tool and weapon, and thus is an expensive and in-demand item. However, both wood glue and axes are hard to find, thus making the axe a limited commodity, and requiring exploration in order to make use of it. This works... except it also limits the amount of building the player can conduct, as the axe is the primary method for getting wood. If you're playing on a server without respawning loot, finding axes or woodglue can be a demanding task, and can seriously limit your ability to actually complete construction. The grindstone is a good idea. What might also work is the ability to make woodglue--making axe management slightly more economy-based than luck based, though still forcing the players to rely on exploration in order to find replacement axes fairly regularly. It also can set the axe in as a late-tier weapon, relying on late-tier player production capabilities.
  6. I really don't see what the problem with All Thumbs is. I play on a multiplayer survival server as the team's sneaky city-looting rogue, and I get by just fine with it. Its a little annoying, but you can't grab and go in the presence of zombies whether you have it or not. If a zombie or three get close, you back off and stomp them, or lead them out of the building, circle the place, and head back inside. And if you're concerned about switching weapons or eating/drinking/whatever, you can pack items and walk at the same time, so all it does is interfere with your swinging. I would like to see a comparison between the effects of Graceful, Gymnast, and Inconspicuous, however. I went with Inconspicuous with my current build, but I have no idea if its better than the other two for my sneaky setup, about equal, or what. I imagine that's the intention, but I'm still curious. Also: Deaf is pretty bad on Single Player, but quite survivable on MP if you work with a team. Not being able to hear helicopters hurts a lot, however.
  7. Bears. Speaking of which, I'm rather hoping for a livestock system.
  8. If this is a question that's already answered in an existing post, let me know, and I apologize for the confusion. My friends and I have set up a new private server to run around in, just for fun. However, we've noticed a dramatic increase in the number of zombies--way, way more than expected for the default difficulty on a new server. We hadn't adjusted the respawn rates in the .ini files or anything--both hours for zombie respawn and the increase respawn rate markers were still at 0. This isn't a huge issue, but it was something of a shock. Is there any way to tone those down until the newblets on the team have a better grasp of the game? Does the "increase zombie respawn" section of the .ini accept negatives? Thanks in advance!
  9. So... is that a young adult red dragon? Can we expect to see more varieties of dragons--green, blue, gold, amethyst? What CR range are we talking here? Any chance we'll be able to raid dragon hoards for free stuff? Or we'll get raided by dragons out to steal our treasure and sheep? ...Actually, that is a question. Any chance of livestock?
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