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  1. Wouldn't be against the idea of seeing berries become a little more useful How about adding them to a bowl of ceral to increase it's hunger gain and add a little happiness
  2. I personally think this is a great idea. Would make for a really nice 2 point drawback. I have a server I've been playing on for a ferw months that's just for me and my friends, and it's low loot with no respawn, so eventually there would be no smokes left... however, it would be cool to see (much further down the road, i know theres much bigger fish to fry) the ability to grow tobacco, and roll your own cigarettes, as a self generating way of fueling your addiction in late game
  3. Yay! I really should buy the game for my friends when I garner some cash. Skype shenanigans in West Point will abound. In all actuality I should play the game more too! XD multiplayer must be no fun when all that happens is you shank one zombie with a blunt butter knife... PZ is at it's best when played multiplayer imo, especially with friends. I set up a server using Hamachi on my PC, so when my friend comes over I boot it up and we can play in the same room (me on PC him on laptop), so we're able to build and work on our base(s) and characters, and a few other friends who own the game ca
  4. Alright well I stand corrected. Are there any other misc items that have a function? The wiki page apparently doesn't provide any info on any of them, and I've only found maybe 75% of them in the game, which seemingly didnt have a function
  5. Hey guys, So I've been playing this for a while, although I had to make a new account to post this because I have no idea what my old info was, or if I even had a forum account Anyways, after playing recently and being absolutely thrilled with what they've done with the game. Occasionally an idea will come to me, and I tried to write down the ones I remembered but I'll edit it later. Most of them are pretty small things, some without even any real gameplay impact. Hopefully I didnt repost anything, I skimmed the forums to see whats been posted and saw a couple I thought of, so
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