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  1. Alright. So I haven't gotten our OWN server up and running for the time being, you can all login to http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5919-ontario-canada-247-forgotten-dominion-pz-server/ with me. I'll be in TeamSpeak. I'd rather we all logged in almost simultaneously, so I'll be waiting for about 5 people or so.
  2. Accepted. Also, anyone here with Skype should add me. My name is Zamorak789. If no one wants to have Skype I can set up a clan voice chat called C3 its free and if anyone wants that option I can make I so. wait sorry about that dose not work Skype it is Whats your skype? Your all asking my Skype, when one of the quotes is me saying it. Smh.
  3. Can I get a time frame rather than an estimate? And no.
  4. For the To IP? Aye. Seemed a little bizarre at the time, but it was the only way for Rathlord to connect. Hm. The one you use to access the router, so your LAN IP. But you can't set your ports to your LAN IP.. Or at least my Router won't let me.
  5. For the To IP? By the way, if either of you would rather do this over Steam or Skype my name is Zamorak789
  6. I've tried both my Ethernet and my wireless IPV4 addresses (Which I couldn't show for obvious reasons.) I can host Minecraft, and just about anything else.
  7. Correct. Oddly enough, people however could connect over Hamachi when I did my co-op test.
  8. So I tried to port forward (And I've done it with Terraria, Minecraft, Starbound, and a few other indie games) but no one is able to connect. Here's a screenshot of my ports. Can anyone tell me the problem? *Also, there isn't an error. The people just can't connect, as if it can't see the server at all*
  9. Tomorrow I will open the server. Keep in mind We'll still have to build the base and start up, but with 8* people it shouldn't take long. Accepted. Also, anyone here with Skype should add me. My name is Zamorak789.
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    Server will open when we have around 4-5 members.
  11. zamorak789


    Rules: 1. You must be accepted for the clan (http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5778-eternia-organized-military-clan/) 2. PVP is OFF for a reason. 3. Share with fellow clans men 4. Do NOT build on the base without consent from me or another officer rank member. How to join: First, be a part of the clan. Second, post a reply here. Opens: TOMORROW (Unless my router continues to be a douche, in which case I'm working on that best I can.)
  12. Heyo. Not looking to start a server yet, however I do want to try out multiplayer with like 2-3 other people. If your interested, just add me on skype (Zamorak789.) I am hosting, and it is port forwarded. NO MORE SPOTS
  13. Eternia was a private military force before the outbreak, working for various companies. Eternia specialized in tactics. When the outbreak happened, the governments of the world could not keep hold. Eternia has been hired to wipe out the infection. The first goal is Knox county, believed to be one of the starting points for the outbreak. Ranks Just because you're a higher rank doesn't mean you're the God of these people. They have the right to speak up and tell you if they think your idea is retarded. Your fault for not thinking of a better plan. However, show respect to all members, be they Private or Colonel. Enlisted Private Corporal Sargent Sargent First Class First Sargent Officer 2nd Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Jobs Infantry - Front line fighters, melee or in some cases guns. Sharp Shooter - Wields guns near the back, picking off Zed Builder - In charge of building and maintaining the base/outpost Bomb Tech (When/if explosives are added) - In charge of building explosives How to gain rank The best way to rank up is to take charge when a superior officer is not around, and do a good job. The easiest way is to simply be active. I'm not going to keep up entirely, but after a certain amount of time you'll just get promoted. Standard Formations Semi-circle First infantry line, with two lines at 45 degree angles from the first. Sharp shooters in the middle. Box All infantry form a box around sharp shooters Application In-Game Name: Age: Timezone: How active can you be: Why you want to join: Current members and rank: Zamorak789 - Colonel Black Rainbow - Sargent Scottsm - Private King South - Private Brothercroo - Private Green - Private Sirrod99 - Private Joemago - Private Chrono - Private Waldo93 - Private
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